Who dies in The White Lotus Season 2? Full List Here

The White Lotus is an HBO drama with stellar social commentary about the different guests who stay at the White Lotus resort. But the hook that reels most fans in is the mystery of which guest doesn’t make it out alive at the end of the season, and more importantly, why.

The White Lotus has kept us guessing for seven whole weeks, so now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: Who dies in The White Lotus S2?

Tanya McQuoid is the main character who dies in The White Lotus Season 2. Besides her, supporting characters Quentin and Niccolo also die during the finale.

I’m sure you have a bunch of questions, so let’s look into these deaths as well as what happens to the rest of the characters.

1. Does Tanya die in The White Lotus S2?

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? Full List Here
Tanya McQuoid-Hunt

The main victim of The White Lotus S2 is Tanya McQuoid, the star character who had returned with her husband Greg from Season 1.

In the second season, it is insinuated that Greg conspired to kill Tanya. Quentin, who cozied up to Tanya, turned out to be Greg’s lover and co-conspirator. Although Tanya manages to kill Quentin, she too dies in an accident whilst trying to escape from the ship he held her captive in. The next morning, Daphne finds Tanya’s lifeless body in the ocean.

2. Does Quentin die in The White Lotus S2?

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? Full List Here

Quentin, Niccolo, and their friends also die in The White Lotus S2’s finale. As explained above, Tanya realizes that Quentin is trying to murder her. So, she jumps the gun (quite literally) and shoots almost everyone on the ship in defense.

The ship with all the dead bodies is found approximately at the same time the next morning, as Tanya is.

3. Do Portia, Jack, or Greg die in The White Lotus S2?


The three characters directly connected to Tanya’s storyline are Portia, Jack, and Greg. All three of them make it out alive.

To begin with, Greg never returned to Sicily, and so, there is not much known about his whereabouts during or after Tanya’s death.

Portia, on the other hand, realizes that something is off with Jack. After Tanya confirms he’s not who she thinks he is, Portia confronts Jack about the truth. He doesn’t go into the details but does disclose that if Portia returns to the hotel, she won’t be safe.

Jack ends up driving Portia to the airport, sparing her life. She takes a flight back home, and it is assumed that Jack is alive, too.

4. Do Ethan and Harper die in The White Lotus S2?

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? Full List Here
Harper Spiller

No, Ethan and Harper don’t die in The White Lotus S2. Despite the mounting tension and the violence that Ethan succumbs to, nobody ends up dying in this storyline.

Instead, the show depicts a very dark take on romance and married life, which thrives on jealousy and powerplay. By the end of the finale, fans are left with the sense that Ethan and Harper have forgiven each other by adopting Daphne and Cam’s toxic style of marriage, and themselves turning into people they used to despise.

5. Do Cam and Daphne die in The White Lotus S2?

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? Full List Here
Daphne Sullivan

Cameron and Daphne don’t die in The White Lotus S2, either. From the very beginning, I had never pinned them down as the victims, especially because we see Daphne alive in the opening scene.

Although Ethan does physically lash out at Cameron, the fight does not end in death.

Cam and Daphne’s main role was to stir the pot and prod into Ethan and Harper’s precarious marriage. But is it just me, or did Ethan and Harper look happier than the Sullivans during the ending montage? Maybe Cam and Daphne are just starting to get a taste of their bitter medicine.

6. Does the Di Grasso family die in The White Lotus S2?

None of the Di Grasso men die in The White Lotus S2. Their storyline did not involve any high-stakes danger, so they were also off the victim list from the beginning.

What losses did they suffer? Well, Bert had multiple accidents and leaves the White Lotus resort still thirsty for his womanizing days that he won’t get to fulfill. Dominic hasn’t yet learned his lesson and may go back to cheating as soon as the opportunity arises. Albie gets swindled out of 50K Dollars, and yet, falls back into the same old loop with Portia.

7. Do Mia and Lucia die in The White Lotus S2?

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? Full List Here
Lucia and Mia

Lucia and Mia do not die in The White Lotus S2. These two girls are the true MVP of the lot! Mia ends up making buckets of money, while Lucia gets her dream job as the White Lotus’ new singer!

8. Does Valentina die in The White Lotus S2?


Lastly, the manager of The White Lotus Sicily, Valentina, does not die in Season 2. This was quite obvious from the season’s opening scene, where she is called upon when a death at the resort is discovered.

Apart from this, Valentina has a minor win as she can finally embrace her sexuality and hopefully be true to herself in the future. Fingers crossed, she gets over her crush on Isabella!

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9. About The White Lotus

The White Lotus is an American satire comedy television miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White that premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Season 1 was set in Hawaii, and season 2 in Sicily.

The White Lotus follows the vacations of various hotel guests over a week as they relax and rejuvenate in paradise. But with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees, and the idyllic locale itself.

Jennifer Coolidge and John Gries star in both seasons with a rotating cast in the two seasons. The series was renewed for a third season.

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