Who died in HBO’s miniseries The White Lotus?

While the rest of the pilot was pretty laid back, The White Lotus began with a mysterious dead body being loaded onto a plane to Honolulu. And that kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the episode.

HBO Max’s latest min-series, The White Lotus, is a slow-burn kinda social satire set at an exclusive Hawaiian resort of the same name. It starts with a few of the protagonists, ‘the VIP vacationers,’ coming to the hotel as guests to relax and rejuvenate at this tropical paradise.

The White Lotus is a contemporary show trying to reflect “the problems people think that they have in comparison to the real problems in the world,” quoting Alexandra Daddario’s Rachel – the crowd puller in the series.

Coming back to the mysterious corpse, there were no hints or references to it throughout the pilot except for the opening scene. But I do have a theory about who it might be.

Who Dies in The White Lotus?

Armond, the gay hotel manager of The White Lotus, dies in the series of the same name. In the series finale, he goes to Shane Patton’s room to sh*t in his the latter’s suitcase and is then caught and killed by Shane.

Now, here’s the long version:

The pilot started with a random couple approaching Shane at an airport and asking him about his stay in Hawaii and if he’s going home now. After Shane’s response that he stayed at The White Lotus, the couple mentions a murder that had happened at the resort recently.

And to my surprise, this is how the rest of that conversation went,

“Shane: Body’s on our plane.

Lady: On our plane…to Honolulu?

Shane: Yeah, they’re about to load the body on our plane.”

While I wanted to know more about the murder, HBO had other plans. Because Shane got frustrated at a couple more questions and asked the couple to “leave him the f*ck alone!” I assume you already know how the rest of that episode went.

who dies in the white lotus
Shane and Rachel

What could happen in The White Lotus episode 2?

HBO’s YouTube channel dropped this exciting teaser for the second episode a couple of days ago, and boy, do I have a lot to cover! Let’s speedrun it.

In episode 2, Paula and Olivia will likely get caught with their drugs which is actually Paula’s medication for panic attacks. The teaser shows Armond “confiscating” the medications and taking them later that night, which explains why he went haywire in the trailer. 

Apparently, Paula has also been sneaking out at night to hook up with that male staff member. On the contrary, Belinda turned down Tanya’s advances for a friendship (or maybe something more). 

Lastly, the much-awaited mother-in-law will finally arrive. She goes as far as calling Rachel, a trophy wife of Shane’s, in the teaser.

The bottom line is that episode 1 was just us getting up to the peak, slowly and steadily. The real roller coaster ride begins now!

Will White Lotus be worth our time?

The show starts off with just another coy easy-breezy episode with all the characters arriving at the resort and us getting slight glimpses of each one’s idiosyncrasies.

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There was nothing very alarming – just simple stuff like Nicole being in charge, keeping her husband calm, making him take their son out to the beach, putting some rules in place for their daughter – with a very motherly vibe from Nashville, Rachel being the girl next door – very level headed wanting to make the most of her honeymoon and her husband Shane just being very petty, super irritating and always making you wonder how did he land drop-dead gorgeous Rachel (again Alexandra Daddario – all of us want to marry her! Period).

The White Lotus | Official Trailer | HBO
The White Lotus Trailer

Tanya wants to get her vacation off the minute she lands and desperately wants a massage accommodated by the spa in charge, Belinda, with quite an interesting Hindu chanting twists.

The show even tries to shed light on the hotel’s entire staff by offering an interesting and minimalistic in-comparison take on the service industry workers and how they literary tolerate the ridiculous whims of their guests.  

The teasers & trailers basically suggest most of the rich white people going crazy – loads of drugs, alcohol, and thrilling events around the corner in this HBO mini-series. Judging by the vibe I’m getting, it would be similar to The Nicole Kidman & Huge Grant starring HBO mini Series – The Undoing, with a dash of Dirty John.

Well, the silver lining is that it’s a mini-series, which means we’ll get all our answers soon enough. Cheers!

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