Who are the Twins in WandaVision?

WandaVision is the first title in the fourth phase of MCU and Marvel’s first MCU project on Disney+ Hotstar. The show was off to an impressive start last week, with the 2nd episode teasing Grim Reaper and Swarm. But that wasn’t the only highlight of the premiere episodes.

At the end of episode 2, we saw Wanda with a baby bump (which was astonishing, honestly. I mean, she wasn’t preggo just a few minutes ago), which brought up a number of questions.

Wanda Maximoff

In episode 3, however, Wanda went through an entire pregnancy and childbirth process within a matter of 24 hours (no kidding) and gave birth to twin boys named Tommy and Billy, after which the future of MCU seems.. somewhat unpredictable.

I will talk more about the twins in a bit, but before that, let us look at Wanda’s pregnancy.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from WandaVision.

1. Wanda’s Miracle Pregnancy

Wanda was first shown pregnant at the end of Episode 2 when a bump suddenly appears on her belly. The pregnancy continued in Episode 3, which eventually led to Wanda giving birth to twin boys named Tommy and Billy.

The pregnancy was far from normal. Wanda went through the three trimesters and childbirth in less than 24 hours, leaving us baffled.

Wanda and Vision

Even its origins were peculiar. The Episode 2 did make a joke about Wanda and Vision having a little fun on their joint beds (which didn’t imply if they had done it or not). So, it came as a shock (especially to Vision) when the doctor confirmed Wanda’s pregnancy.

It is also entirely possible that the pregnancy is an illusion created by Wanda (subconsciously), much like her life in Westview. Some say that Vision having a hard time believing the doctor was another one of the clues about what was going on in this pseudo-reality created by Wanda.

She created this reality most likely to get a chance at a normal life with Vision. Her appearances in other MCU films didn’t reveal her desire for a family (and kids), but then her character wasn’t less explored by them anyway.

That is obviously changing with WandaVision. The pregnancy closely mirrors the one that Wanda had experienced in the comics, especially The House of M, which had also given the couple a pair of twin boys. However, it is unclear how much control Wanda has over the reality in WandaVision.

2. Who are Tommy and Billy?

Tommy and Billy first appeared in Vision and The Scarlet Witch. Wanda had created them after accumulating a lot of power during a skirmish with the descendants of her mentor witch, Agatha Harkness.

The pregnancy in the comics wasn’t as quick-paced as in the show. This was because Tommy and Billy weren’t born until the twelfth issue. But it was later brought to light that Wanda had “borrowed” life force from the devil, Mephisto’s, to bring her twins to life.

Wanda and Vision with their twins

However, the devil ends up taking his life force back, which wipes the twins out of existence and reality. But to save Wanda from the trauma, Agatha Harkness wipes her memories of having children at all.

In a twist, Marvel had revealed that the twins’ souls didn’t die. Thus, Tommy and Billy make a comeback into the MCU, but as Billy (William) Kaplan and Tommy (Thomas) Shepherd. Billy was reborn as the first child of Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, whereas Tommy was the only child to Frank and Mary Shepherd.

Wanda doesn’t realize that her children are still alive, not until they become teenagers at least. But by then, Tommy and Billy had both developed superpowers of their own, who soon became known as Wiccan and Speed (they eventually join the younger generation of Avengers).

Billy had become a mage just like Wanda and had similar reality-warping powers. While Tommy had developed a knack for speed like his uncle Pietro.

About how Marvel will incorporate Tommy and Billy into the MCU is another question to be answered by the next episode. But, inevitably, the twins are here to change the course of the future of MCU, for good.

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