‘The Flash’ S9 Finale Introduced Three New Speedsters. Who are They?

The Flash season 9 finale set the stage for a trio of new speedsters to take over Barry Allen’s legacy. 

In the fourth part of “A New World”, Barry chooses three people to share his Flash abilities. He entrusts them with the mission of building a “better” world.

Fans already know that Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will be the Flash for decades to come in the Arrowverse timeline, thanks to his future kids. So, there was no doubt that he would overcome Cobalt Blue and remain the leader of Team Flash. 

However, the show surprises everyone by introducing three new characters with ties to DC Comics, who gain Barry’s Speed Force powers.

Who Is Jess Chambers In The DC Comics?

Who Is Jess Chambers In The DC Comics?
Jess Chambers (Earth 11)

The final episode introduces a new speedster to the Arrowverse: Jess Chambers, played by Hana Destiny Huggins. 

The character is based on Kid Quick, a non-binary sidekick of Jesse Quick from DC Comics. Kid Quick hails from Earth-11, a different reality in DC’s multiverse, and is part of a superhero team called Teen Justice. The character also teamed up with the Justice League in the “DC Future State” crossover event. 

With white hair like the comic version, Jess Chambers is seen stepping out of a car and looking at the sky right before the lightning strike teased by The Flash finale.

Who Is Max Mercury In The DC Comics & Arrowverse?

Who Is Max Mercury In The DC Comics & Arrowverse?
Max Mercury (disambiguation)

Trevor Carroll plays Max Mercury, who is on his motorcycle when he hears the thunder from Barry Allen. 

Max is one of the oldest speedsters in DC Comics. He first appeared in 1940 as Quicksilver, long before the Marvel hero with the same name. He was brought back in the 1990s as a time-traveling speedster who had been a superhero since the 1800s. He joined the Flash Family and became a mentor to Bart Allen’s Impulse.

Max is not a new character for The Flash. In season 8, episode 15, “Into the Speed Force,” Barry sees glimpses of his past, present, and future while stuck in the Speed Force. He mentioned seeing someone named “Max,” which is a hint to Max Mercury. 

Barry has never met Max Mercury, but the scene suggests that he would meet him later. The Flash waits until the last scene to reveal him.

Who Is Avery Ho In The DC Comics & Arrowverse?

Who Is Avery Ho In The DC Comics & Arrowverse?
Avery Ho

The only speedster already in the Arrowverse is Avery, a brilliant scientist who studies time travel. She meets Barry’s adult kids in 2013 in season 8’s midseason premiere. 

She never encounters Barry himself, but he somehow knows about her and chooses her to share his Speed Force powers. The Flash didn’t hint at her becoming a speedster, but her comic history did. 

Avery Ho was created in 2016 as China’s Flash. A Speed Force storm hit Central City and gave many people speedster powers. Avery was one of them, and she became a successful superhero. She joined a Justice League team from different realities and took part in various DC storylines.

What’s Next for Barry Allen & the Group in the Arrowverse?

The Flash finale leaves the fates of its new speedsters unclear, and purposefully so. 

Barry says he gave them powers to make a “better” world where people like him don’t suffer. It seems that he thinks more speedster heroes can protect Earth-Prime from future villains. 

The episode doesn’t show if they’ll accept their new powers, but Barry has probably picked them carefully. They might also learn from Barry, which could be what The Flash hints at in season 8 with Max Mercury. 

If the Arrowverse continues in any way, even in a Superman & Lois crossover, their stories might be explored in greater detail.

What's Next for Barry Allen & the Group in the Arrowverse?
Grant Gustin in The Flash (2014)

Barry’s future is not over with these speedsters. He doesn’t give them powers to take his place – at least, not yet. Barry still has many years of being a superhero left. 

He wants to work with these heroes so that the Earth has more speedsters to rely on. However, one day, Barry must say goodbye to his suit. That’s far away, but other heroes will be there to fill his shoes when it happens. 

Moreover, they will surely have their own teams and successors, keeping Barry’s legacy alive forever.

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