Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat

She-Hulk premiered today, and as everyone anticipated, we got to see a She-Hulk V/S Hulk face-off. However, it felt more like a comical sparring session, where no severe damage was done to either of the characters.

The show also depicted She-Hulk as more adept at everything that Hulk does, and fans wondered if she’s stronger than him. Hulk is far superior in Marvel comics, but the MCU might take a different route.

This also makes me think how many MCU superheroes could She-Hulk defeat in a face-off. Since there are too many characters who the character can easily overpower, I’ve made a list of top 10 superheroes.

She-Hulk from the MCU can defeat Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Starlord, Drax, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Captain America.

1. Black Widow

Black Widow is a mere mortal with no superpowers. Even with all her athletic abilities and hand-to-hand combat skills, she will not be able to defeat She-Hulk. In fact, the green giant might simply swat her away in a fight, just like Hulk did in The Avengers.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat
Black Widow

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye’s various trick arrows might not be able to do the trick either. After all, his arrows are limited, and She-Hulk is most likely invulnerable to any damage they cause. If the two went toe-to-toe, Hawkeye might last slightly longer than Black Widow.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat

3. Spider-Man

Spider-Man, with his Iron Spider Suit, is capable of stalling She-Hulk longer than anyone else on this list would. However, he can be knocked off without the suit within seconds, and She-Hulk wouldn’t even break a sweat.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat

4. Falcon

Like the previous two characters, Falcon is a character without any superpowers. However, he had his EXO-7 Falcon suit. The suit also consisted of Red Wing, the combat and reconnaissance suit we saw in Captain America: Civil War.


This would come in handy to stall She-Hulk in a battle but won’t be nearly enough to take her down or immobilize her. There’s also a good chance that just as Falcon tries to fly, She-Hulk would clap and send waves of wind that disrupt Falcon’s efforts.

5. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier V/S She-Hulk in a knife fight would be an incredible spectacle. After all, the latter is pretty agile, flexible, and fast, unlike Hulk. Unfortunately, Bucky Barnes isn’t as quick or strong despite having a vibranium arm.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat
Winter Soldier

While She-Hulk might not be able to damage the Vibranium arm, considering it’s the strongest metal on the planet, she might detach it from Bucky’s shoulder with a single blow, rendering him powerless. Ultimately, like many others, even Winter Soldier will not stand a chance against She-Hulk.

6. Starlord

Starlord has faced off with some of the strongest characters in the comics and even fought the likes of Ronan in the MCU. However, he always had help from the rest of the Guardians, and as a standalone character, it’s difficult to say how strong he is.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat

Before Ego died, Starlord would’ve been one of the strongest characters in the MCU. He possessed the DNA of ego and hence had the power to manipulate cosmic energy and matter. With these powers, he might be able to defeat She-Hulk.

However, Starlord’s powers remained untapped before he met Ego, and when the two were at his core, he harnessed the power to defeat his father. After Ego died, his power died too. So, if there was a battle between She-Hulk and Starlord now, there’s a good chance she’ll simply toss him away and call it the end.

7. Captain America

Captain America is known for his super strength, agility, and endurance. But beyond all this, his most important characteristic is that he could do it all day. We’ve seen him take on Red Skull, Iron Man, Thanos’ children, Bucky Barnes, and even Black Panther.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat
Captain America

His combat tactics seem far superior to She-Hulk because he’s a seasoned fighter. This would help him start off well and even survive for the longest time in a battle. However, She-Hulk will be able to withstand all his blows, and in turn, she’ll need only a few to immobilize Cap.

8. Drax

Drax the Destroyer is perhaps one of the few characters who is an equal matchup for She-Hulk. Most other characters are either less powerful or more powerful than the attorney.

Drax has superhuman strength, agility, durability, and even regenerative healing. He is an expert marksman and knife fighter and managed to make a slight cut on Thanos’ leg in Infinity War.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat

He would be a great opponent for She-Hulk, considering she has all these abilities, and either of them could overpower the other.  However, She-Hulk’s endurance levels are much better than that of Drax.

Considering she’s got Bruce Banner’s blood, it is likely that she can withstand a higher degree of pain than Drax. It would come down to this factor in a hypothetical battle between the two, and She-Hulk would come out on top.

9. Black Panther

Black Panther is another character who would rely heavily on his suit to fight She-Hulk. One of his biggest pros is that he can absorb kinetic energy and convert it into energy blasts.

So, defeating Black Panther by sheer brute strength would be extremely challenging. However, She-Hulk has other abilities such as agility and seems to be a natural get hand-to-hand combat.

Top 9 MCU Superheroes She-Hulk can Defeat
Black Panther

These are two traits of the character that supersede Hulk’s abilities and would become incredibly necessary in a battle with a gifted combatant such as Black Panther. The character can overpower Black Panther with these powers, but it would be a long, drawn-out battle.

So, these are the top 9 superheroes that She-Hulk can defeat. The Disney+ series premiered today, and there are 5 more episodes to go. Perhaps by the show’s end, we’ll know how powerful the character is and which other heroes and villains she can defeat in a hypothetical battle.

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