Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Pokemon has 18 types in total, which come with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. While we all have our favorites, it’s undeniable that there are some types that stand out from the rest.

Pokemon can be either purely of a single type, or have secondary typings. These combinations can often make and break the Pokemon’s stats.

But which types are overall winners? Which wield the most power in terms of offence and defence? Let’s run through a list of the top 15 strongest Pokemon types ever.

15. Normal

Normal types are usually disregarded because they are so basic. They have some of the lowest stats in the series and lack any sort of advantage, be it attack-wise or defense, over the other types.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Ursaring, Null, Slaking, Blissey, Porygon2, Snorlax, Regigigas, Arceus | Source: Fandom

The only positive is that they are immune to the Ghost type. Otherwise, Normal type Pokemon have very … normal effects on the other types – they’re not statistically strong against any particular type.

That being said, Arceus, one of the strongest Pokemon ever, is a Ground type – albeit it has a multitype ability to change itself into the other types.

14. Ground

Ground type Pokemon are super effective against 5 types, including Steel. They’re also immune to the Electric type. But they’re still weaker than the others on the list. These guys unfortunately became quite redundant with the advent of the Rock type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Flygon, Rhyperior, Donphan, Garchomp, Excadrill, Groudon | Source: Fandom

There are a lot of strong Ground type Pokemon. Look at Primal Groudon. Unfortunately, though, Primal Groudon is considered strong not because of its primary Ground typing, but due to its secondary Fire typing. 

13. Fighting

The Fighting type is weak against a whopping 6 types. But these kinds of Pokemon are great attackers that depend entirely on their physical might.

Fighting makes for an excellent secondary typing, especially paired with the Pokemon type exactly opposite to them, like Ghost, Dark, and Psychic.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mienshao, Lucario, Keldeo, Hawlucha, Buzzwole, Urshifu | Source: Fandom

We can’t talk about Fighting and not mention Mewtwo. Yes, I know Mewtwo is Psychic, but what most people forget is that Mewtwo has an alternate form called Mega Mewtwo X, that has a secondary Fighting typing.

It has the highest Attack stat among all Pokemon and it makes Mewtwo the second strongest Pokemon of all time.

12. Tie: Grass & Rock

Grass is the weakest of the 3 Starter type Pokemon and are also not very effective against 7 types, including Bug. But what gives it a higher position is the fact that it can be paired with almost any other type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Tangrowth, Sceptile, Zarude, Tapu bulu (GRASS TYPE) | Source: Fandom

A Grass type Pokemon with a strong secondary type can be an invaluable asset to any trainer. Roserade is a Grass and Poison type and has pretty high stats. The famous Generation I Venasaur can also be pretty toxic with it its Poison pairing.

Rock type was first made famous by Brock. They are vulnerable to five out of the 18 types – which is a lot. But at the same time, it is also strong against 4 – Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug types.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Tyrantrum, Rampardos, Gigalith, Coalossal (ROCK TYPE) | Source: Fandom

They are effective with physical moves like Smack Down as seen with Mega Tyranitar, who, let’s admit it, is pretty darn scary when it wants to be.

11. Tie: Poison & Bug

The real reason Poison is not lower on the list is that Poison type Pokemon are resistant to and strong against Fairy, the strongest type of Pokemon. Poison type has some pretty badass Pokemon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mega Beedrill, Mega venusaur, Roserade, Vileplume (POISON TYPE) | Source: Fandom

Take Eternatus for example. Its secondary type is Dragon, so obviously it’s pretty strong. It has the highest base stat total of any other Pokemon.

Bugs are also super effective against stronger types like Psychic and Dark. ButBugs are not very effective against a whole 7 types. Some Bug-type Pokemon (Scyther and Scizor) are really amazing.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Araquanid, Ribombee, Escavalier, Heracross (BUG TYPE) | Source: Fandom

The problem is, the strongest attacking Bug types are so because they have strong secondary typings like Steel and Fairy.

10. Flying

Flying Pokemon have the highest average speed out of all other types. As for their other stats, they are super balanced – they are equally effective and not effective against 3 types of Pokemon. They’re also obviously immune to Ground types.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Noivern, Togekiss, Talonflame, Staraptor | Source: Fandom

The majority of this type appear as a secondary typing in other Pokemon types, the most common pairing being with Normal.


The infamous Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying type, and everybody knows how overpowered its Dragon Ascent move can be.

9. Ghost

Most other type of Pokemon (and trainers) are scared of ghosts and this gives Ghost types an added advantage. Their opponents are already afraid before the fight begins. Ghost types make for great special attackers.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Mismagius, Banette, Decidueye, Aegislash | Source: Fandom

But what makes Ghost types really effective is the fact that they are completely immune to Fighting and Normal types of Pokemon. Those are the most common and abundantly encountered Pokemon, so just bringing out Gengar or Giratina is an easy win.

8. Electric

On number 8 we have Electric, with Pikachu repping the face of Pokemon itself. Known for its speed and special attacks, the Electric type can be paired with the majority of other Pokemon types to give rise to incredibly strong dual type Pokemon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Jolteon, Ampharos, Electivire, Xurkitree | Source: Fandom

An example of a true beast is Zekrom, a Dragon and Electric type, who is also a Legendary Pokemon. If an Electric type is also a Ground type (like Stunfisk) it can get rid of the one weakness it has.

Additionally, if combined with a Water type or Steel type, they become twice as effective, since they’re both good conductors of electricity.

7. Psychic

The Psychic type was an overpowered type in Generation 1, soon to be replaced by Dark in the next generation. Psychic has been a fan favorite since the very beginning, when Alakazam first shows off its telekinesis on the spoon.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Victini, Tapu lele, Galarian, Wobbuffet | Source: Fandom

Psychic has the most Legendary Pokemon, including Mewtwo, the Eon Duo, and Lugia, as well as the Lake Guardians, Necrozma, and Cresselia, who are pure Psychic without secondary typing.

Wobbuffet Village! | Pokémon: Johto League Champions | Official Clip
Wobbuffet Village! | Pokémon: Johto League Champions | Official Clip

But they have no effect on Dark Pokemon, and are also vulnerable to Steel and other Psychic Pokemon.

6. Steel

Nothing can beat Steel when it comes to defense. Even with a pure Steel typing, it can resist 10 of the 18 types, the highest number among all other Pokemon types. If paired with Electric, this number increases to 11. Steel types are also immune to Poison types.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Metagross, Jirachi, Dialga, Empoleon | Source: Fandom

But Steel type Pokemon can be slow due to their size, and are weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting. If Steel types are paired with Fighting and Fairy combination types, like Zamazenta and Zacian, they can be really quite strong.

5. Tie: Water & Ice

Water types are often agreed to be the most versatile and adaptable Pokemon, considered a kind of Jack of all trades, with balanced stats.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Vaporeon, Feraligatr, Samurott, Inteleon (WATER TYPE) | Source: Fandom

They’re a Starter type along with Fire and Grass, and are one of the most abundantly available types, found throughout all stages and generations of the anime.

Ice is strong against, resistant to, and vulnerable to 4 different types. While this seems balanced, it puts Ice type Pokemon in somewhat of a slippery position during battle.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Alolan sandslash, Alolan Ninetales, Aurorus, Articuno (ICE TYPE) | Source: Fandom

Water types have only 2 weaknesses and can also use Ice moves to resist the Grass and Dragon types. They have huge variety too, and very rarely will you find a team without at least one Water type Pokemon.

4. Fire

Awesome at offence and special attacks, Fire type Pokemon are actually resistant against 6 types, including, Fairy and Steel. Yes. They are in fact super effective against Steel, since fire can melt metal.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Simisear, Flareon, Ninetales, Cinderace | Source: Fandom

Fire Pokemon are hella cute (see: Charmander) and quite stunning to look at (Ninetales, Ponyta). But they can be quite terrifying too.

Ninetales' Lifespan- Just Waiting on a Friend (Excerpt)
Ninetales’ Lifespan- Just Waiting on a Friend (Excerpt)

Charizard’s Fire type alternate forms consist of Mega Charizard X and Y, who are Dragon and Flying dual types respectively. It also boasts of a Gigantimax form.

3. Dark

These bad boys were added in Gen II to apparently balance out the Psychic type. They are immune to and super effective against Psychics and they are mainly used by the villains and antagonists. They are rare and cannot be easily tamed.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Incineroar, Greninja, Morpeko, Zoroark | Source: Fandom

Surprisingly Dark is weak against one of the weakest types – Bug. They can also be overpowered by the Fairy type, which can be said is the antithesis of Dark. Dark Pokemon are known for their attacks and cleverness.

The best combination for Dark types would be with Ghost, like Mega Sableye, who had no weakness until Fairy was introduced.

2. Dragon

Long considered the most powerful Pokemon type (well, until the end of Generation V), the Dragon type boasts of high scores in offensive and defensive moves, attack and special attack. It also has the most Legendary Pokemon, after the Psychic type.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Dragonite, kingdra, Rayquaza, Haxorus | Source: Fandom

A lot of the best Pokemon are of the Dragon type – look at Mega Rayquaza, Mega Charizard X, Dragonite, and Dragapult.

The Dragon typing instantly upgrades a weaker type, like Ground (Mega Garchomp), and Ice (Black and White Kyurem).

Since Steel types resist them, a Dragon and Steel dual type Pokemon like Gigantamax Duraludon is formidable.

1. Fairy

The strongest Pokemon type of all time is the Fairy type, which was introduced in Generation VI. Fairy types are immune to the Dragon type, which was previously considered the strongest Pokemon type.

They are also super effective against Dark types. Fairy is definitely OP.

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!
Dazzling gleam, Strange Steam, Moonblast, Misty Explosion | Source: Fandom

The Fairy type is the representation of Light and Goodness. And Light always triumphs. Arceus can turn into a Fairy type, and is considered the “the God of all Pokemon”. What’s interesting is Fairy types don’t particularly look like Dragon-type-slayers.

They’re pink, pretty, and cute most of the times, but don’t let that deceive you. Fairy type Pokemon deal with supernatural attacks that can be psychic as well as physical. They’re definitely not to be messed with.

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