All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin’s Creed Games 

The Assassin’s Creed series features games taking place in different pantheons. So, you’d expect some Gods to show up or be mentioned at least.  

Some of the Gods were also members of the Isu. The Isu are a highly developed civilization responsible for creating the Pieces of Eden and for creating humanity, so in the Assassin’s Creed Universe, Gods and Isu are the same thing. 

The Isu are recognized and worshipped as Gods throughout different pantheons. So, we’re gonna list the Isu/Gods appearing in different pantheons through various games or just being mentioned through lore, side quests or simply exposition: 

Greek, Roman and Etruscan Pantheon (Multiple Games)  

All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin's Creed Games
Gods in Assassin’s Creed

Gods of Roman, Etruscan and Greek pantheon are referenced and mentioned in multiple Assassin’s Creed games. Also, note that some Gods from a pantheon also appeared in different pantheons with different names.  

But other Gods also play large roles in some of the games like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag etc. Although not all Gods appear, some of them are mentioned through lore and exposition.  

Here are a list of the Gods of Greek, Roman and Etruscan pantheons appearing or being mentioned in the games: 

  1. Aita 
  1. Aphrodite/Venus 
  1. Athenia 
  1. Ares 
  1. Artemis 
  1. Asklepios 
  1. Charon 
  1. Consus/Prometheus 
  1. Demeter 
  1. Dionysus 
  1. Eris 
  1. Hestia 
  1. Hebe 
  1. Hades 
  1. Hephaestus 
  1. Hekate 
  1. Hermes Trismegistus/Mercury 
  1. Hera 
  1. Persephone 
  1. Poseidon 
  1. Phanes 
  1. Iris 
  1. Jupiter/Tinia/Zeus 
  1. Juno/Hera/Uni 
  1. Minerva/Athena/Mera/Merva 
  1. Kybele 
  1. Saturn 
  1. Tunguska Entity 

Egyptian Pantheon (Assassin’s Creed: Origins)  

All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin's Creed Games
Egyptian Pantheon

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is filled with references and mentions to Egyptian Gods. It’s one of the richest mythologies in the Assassin’s Creed Universe alongside the Greek, Roman and Norse mythologies. Even Greek influence can be found in Egyptian mythology.  

Here are a list of the Gods of Egyptian Pantheon that appear or are mentioned in the game: 

  1. Amun 
  1. Amunet 
  1. Anat 
  1. Anubis 
  1. Apep 
  1. Apis 
  1. Aten 
  1. Baba 
  1. Bastet 
  1. Hapi 
  1. Hathor 
  1. Hequet 
  1. Horus 
  1. Imhotep 
  1. Isis 
  1. Khepri 
  1. Khnum 
  1. Khonsu 
  1. Ma’at 
  1. Mut 
  1. Neith 
  1. Nut 
  1. Osiris 
  1. Ptah 
  1. Ra 
  1. Sekhmet 
  1. Serapis 
  1. Serqet 
  1. Seth 
  1. Sheshat 
  1. Sobek 
  1. Taweret 
  1. Thoth 
  2. Wadjet 

Norse Pantheon (Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla)  

All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin's Creed Games

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has a ton of mentions of Norse Gods and also appearances from them. Odin plays a major role in the story and is even playable in some parts of the story. Valhalla features possibly the most number of Isu members, or Gods. 

Here is a list of all the Gods of the Norse Pantheon that are either mentioned or appear in the game: 

  1. Andhrímnir 
  1. Angrboða 
  1. Baldr 
  1. Búri 
  1. Einar 
  1. Eysa 
  1. Fenrir 
  1. Freyja 
  1. Freyr 
  1. Frigg 
  1. Fritjof 
  1. Glöð 
  1. Gunlöð/Vör 
  1. Gunborg 
  1. Heimdall 
  1. Hel 
  1. Hyrrokin 
  1. Iðunn 
  1. Ivaldi 
  1. Jörmungandr 
  1. Loki 
  1. Mimir 
  1. Njorðr 
  1. Odin 
  1. Sif 
  1. Sigyn 
  1. Sinmara 
  1. Skulð 
  1. Surtr 
  1. Suttungr 
  1. Thor 
  1. Tyra 
  1. Tyr 
  1. Ullr 
  1. Urðr 
  1. Verðandi 
  1. Vili 
  1. Völund 

Atlantean Pantheon (Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey)  

All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin's Creed Games
Atlantean Pantheon

In The Fate of Atlantis DLC, we get a look at the Isu society of Atlantis and some of the Gods that appear and are mentioned in it. In the DLC, you’ll also come face-to-face with some of the deities.  

Here is a list of the Gods in the Atlantean Pantheon that appear or are mentioned in the game: 

  1. Atlas 
  1. Ampheres 
  1. Autochthonos 
  1. Azaes 
  1. Diaprepes 
  1. Elasippos 
  1. Evaimon 
  1. Gadiros 
  1. Mestor 
  1. Melitta 
  1. Mneseas 
  1. Neptune 
  1. Neokles 
  1. The Foreman 
  1. The Harbormaster 
  1. Xarios 

Other Pantheons 

All Gods That Appear or Are Mentioned in Assassin's Creed Games
Other Pantheons

There have been many spin-off Assassin’s Creed games and books too consisting of different pantheons. These Gods are associated with various religions and pantheons like the Indian pantheon which consists of religions like Buddhism, Hinduism etc.  

There are some Gods mentioned in the Indian pantheon in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India. They are: 

  1. Buddha/Siddhārtha Gautama/Shakyamuni 
  1. Durga 
  1. Kali 
  1. Samael 
  1. Saklas 
  1. Yaldabaoth 

There’s also a DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla called Wrath of the Druids which included details about Celtic Gods of Celtic Pantheon, although they’re not enough and there isn’t much to go on. But here are some of the Celtic Gods that were mentioned: 

  1. Lug 
  1. Mórrígan 
  1. Nodens 
  1. Sulis Minerva 
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