Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them

Hogwarts Legacy has 16 House Token Locations, also known as Daedalian Keys. Finding all House Tokens is required to complete Side Quest: The Daedalian Keys and to open the House Chest in your Dorm. This will unlock a unique outfit for your house, one of the best in the game.

First, the players must start the Daedalian keys side quest in the game period. you will have to talk to student, Nelli Oggsspire. You can find and interact with her by locating her in the Transfiguration Courtyard Area. You will find her standing behind a tree and must interact with her to start the quest.

Let’s get into further details regarding the location of the various tokens.

Daedalian Key 1: Astronomy Tower

The first Token found during this quest will allow you to get the ability to see all the other house tokens. You will need the Token to start the quest, and it can be found in the Astronomy Wing. It is a freebie and will allow you to start the quest.

Key Location: To obtain the first house token or key, use the Astronomy Tower Floo. Go to the top of the Astronomy Tower, turn left, and go straight into one of the classrooms. Here you can obtain your very first house token in a cabinet.

Cabinet Location: The cabinet will be in the room’s left corner. You must cover some steps down the room before reaching the cabinet.

Note: You must return to Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard and then drop off the first House Token into the House Chest before the other Daedalian Keys appears.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
1st Token

Daedalian Key 2: Grand Staircase

Key Location: You must go to the Grand Staircase in Hogwarts Legacy for the second key. For this purpose, you must use the Grand Staircase Floo and go to the top of the staircase. Here you can obtain the second house token and Daedalian key.

The key can be found at the dead end of the staircase, and an animal will be painted beside it. Now you need to return to the middle of the stairs and take an immediate right.

Cabinet Location: Keep running down the stairs and only get off when you face the puzzle door next to the House of Hourglasses (near the Great Hall). The cabinet is right around the corner from the puzzle door, a floor above the Grand Staircase Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
2nd Token

Daedalian Key 3: Great Hall

Key Location: For the third Token, you must head toward the Great Hall. There are two keys and cabinets in this area for you to obtain. You must use the Great Hall floo flame for the third house token and enter the dining room.

As soon as you enter through the dining room doors, you must head towards the left side, where you can spot a fireplace. There you will be able to collect the 3rd house key.

Cabinet Location: For the relevant house token cabinet, you must head toward the corner of the room on the right side. You need to go up some steps to find the cabinet with the house token. The cabinet will be at the dead end of the room.

To obtain the 3rd house token, complete a puzzle in the corridor.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 3

Daedalian Key 4: North of Great Hall.

Key Location: The fourth Token can also be found in the Great Hall area. So, collect it while collecting the third Token to avoid wasting time. For the 4th house token, you must retake the Great Hall Floo and enter the entrance hall.

You must exit the two big doors at the back and enter the reception. Then make your way into the main entrance hallway towards the Hogwarts Crest. There you will be able to reach the entrance of the castle.

The fourth house key will be located outside some doors. You will be able to obtain it on the overhanging.

Cabinet Location: You need to go down the stairs where you found the key for the relevant cabinet. It will be on your right side.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 4

Daedalian Key 5: Quad Courtyard

Key Location: You must take the Quad Courtyard Floo for the fifth house token. From there, you need to take a right, and you will see a set of stairs in that area. Go straight up the stairs, and you will see a Serpent Fountain.

So, you need to go to the Slytherin Dragons for the fifth Token. You can obtain the house token at the end of the Grand Staircase. You must walk some flights of stairs from the serpent fountain and take a left.

There you will be able to obtain the fifth house token.

Cabinet Location: To unlock the cabinet, you need to go back down the stairs from where you found the key to the serpent fountain. You will see a Mermaid Carving there. Take a left from here and return to the castle from a small door. You will spot the 5th cabinet on the right side of the door.

Daedalian Key 6: Defense against the Dark Arts Classroom.

Key Location: Go to the Astronomy Wing and head towards The Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom. Go down the stairs and see this Daedalian Key next to the rhinoceros skeleton.

Cabinet Location: Run back up the stairs and go above where the rhinoceros skeleton was to find the cabinet.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 6

Daedalian Key 7: Transfiguration Courtyard

Key Location: Go to the Astronomy Wing, the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. Turn around and go through the small door on the left. Head up the small flight of stairs and then down the next several flights of stairs.

When you see a horse in armor, make one last turn and head toward the sleeping dragon statue to find this Daedalian Key.

Cabinet Location: Find the cabinet one floor above the sleeping dragon statue.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 7

Daedalian Key 8: Dungeon

Key Location: You must use the Map Chamber Floo for the Token in the lower dungeon. To find the 8th key, go to the dragon’s skeleton you saw in the upper dungeons.

Now you will need to look for a hall nearby. That hall will be full of cauldrons. There you will be able to find the key to the relevant cabinet.

Cabinet Location: Go down the hall from where you found the key, turn a sharp left before the stairs, and cross the room. The cabinet is next to the owl torch near the barrels.

Daedalian Key 9: Potions Classroom

Key Location: For the ninth Token, the players must go to the Potions Classroom. To do that, the players must use the Potions Classroom Floo and keep moving forward until they see a set of wooden doors.

Make your way through the wooden doors, and you can spot the key outside the potions classroom.

Cabinet Location: To find the relevant cabinet, follow the key, which will lead you down the stairs. Keep an eye on your left side; you will soon see a nearby cabinet for the relevant key.

Daedalian Key 10: Central Hall #1

Key Location: For the tenth Token, the players must use the Central Hall Floo again and head down towards the Unicorn Fountain. For that, players must descend a series of steps and go to the left of the Unicorn fountain.

After taking a left, the players will reach the Greenhouse. Open the greenhouse doors and make your way inside and go straight ahead. Now you need to take a left, and you will see an archway. You need to go straight ahead from the archway, and you will see the key nearby.

Keep following the key; it will lead you toward the Unicorn Fountain you saw before.

Cabinet Location: Run back across the Central Hall until you are on the opposite side of where you found the key. It will be on the opposite wall from a puzzle door.

Daedalian Key 11: Central Hall #2

Key Location: Head to The Library Annex using the Central Hall Floo Flame. Go up three flights of stairs from the Floo Flame location and turn right before you get to the large double door. The Daedalian Key is flying above the orange and yellow flooring beneath the stairs.

Cabinet Location: Turn around and head back down one flight of stairs, then look to your right to see the cabinet.

Daedalian Key 12: Library

Key Location: Go to the Library Annex and take the Library Floo. The Daedalian Key is in the west part of the library (opposite the restricted section). You will find it floating between shelves.

Cabinet Location: Return to the Library Floo Flame and continue right to get to the cabinet.

Daedalian Key 13: Bell Tower Courtyard

Key Location: You must head toward the Bell Tower Courtyard area for the house token. Take the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo and explore the region a bit. You will spot a staircase on the left side of the bell tower courtyard. Go up the stairs until the end, when you reach the music room.

After reaching this point, you must go right and look for a wooden door. Through this door, you will be able to access the cabinet. Look for a storage area and enter it to get the house cabinet.

For the key, go straight to the cabinet and descend the stairs. Here you will reach the History of Magic Classroom. Enter the room and look around for the thirteenth house token.

Daedalian Key 14: Faculty Tower #1

Key Location: The players must use the Faculty Tower Floo for the fourteenth Token. After using the faculty tower floo, you must use a spell to access the actual tower. The spell is called Alohomora, and after using it, the players will find themselves in the Faculty Tower.

You will see a set of stairs you need to ascend from here. Keep moving up until you reach the key.

Cabinet Location: To find the relevant cabinet, follow the key. It will lead you back down the stairs, and you will soon see a cabinet that will be located under the stairs.

Daedalian Key 15: Faculty Tower #2

Key Location: For the fifteenth house token, the players will need to go to the hospital area of the South Wing. Keep moving down the stairs, and you will soon enter a hallway. The hallway will be full of paintings. To get the key, you must reach the hallway’s dead end. The key will be located there.

Cabinet Location: The Key will return toward the spiral stairs, and you will find the cabinet across the room from them.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 15

Daedalian Key 16: Clock Tower

Conditions: You must unlock Alohomora Level 1 to get this Daedalian Key.

Key Location: Go to the South Wing and head towards the clock tower using the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo. Head through the gated opening under the enormous pendulum and go to the Level 1 Locked door on the left of the exit.

Unlock this door with Alohomora and head up the stairs until you can see the pendulum swinging again. The Daedalian Key is floating around here.

Cabinet Location: Head upstairs two flights above where you found the key, and the cabinet will be on your left when you once more see the pendulum.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: All the House Tokens and where to find them.
Daedalian Key 16

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The mysterious, gripping storyline, with the vast areas to explored, either on foot or broomstick, makes it even more real life.

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