Where Does The Bad Batch Fit In The Star Wars Timeline?

Planning on watching the new animated Star Wars show The Bad Batch? You’re in the right place.

You might be wondering where exactly in the timeline does it take place, because let’s admit, it can get pretty confusing with all the First Orders, ABYs and BBYs. Also, everyone might not be able to keep up with all the shows in the Star Wars Universe.

But TBH, the answer is pretty easy. We just need to brush up on some facts and then it will be quite simple to place it.

For starters, The Bad Batch is something you would be familiar with if you’ve watched The Clone Wars, as the titular group of mutated soldiers were introduced in the last season of The Clone Wars. The show focuses on Clone Force 99 (popularly known as the Bad Batch) consisting of genetically mutated soldiers with above average intelligence.

It’s a sequel as well as a spin-off to The Clone Wars, and we are here to explain how it fits into the massive timeline of the Star Wars Universe.

1. Where Does It Fit In The Timeline?

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the animated series that takes place between the events of Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith), we already meet the Bad Batch aka Clone Force 99.

Where Does The Bad Batch Fit In The Star Wars Timeline?
Clone Force 99

They appeared a handful of times over the course of the series’ run. Tech, Hunter, Crosshair, Echo and Wrecker are the members of the Clone Force 99.

They have been greatly modified genetically, which enables them to have strength and brains higher than the average trooper.

In The Clone Wars, there are only a few times that we get to see Clone Force 99. They finally get their own show with The Bad Batch, which begins with a pretty important day in the galaxy.

This day is when the clone troopers get the command to “Execute Order 66”, while following the fighting orders against Planet Kaller. This should make things more clear with regard to exactly where The Bad Batch fits into the timeline.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch ORDER 66 Scene (SPOILERS)

Since The Bad Batch begins with Order 66, it takes place together with The Clone Wars ending and immediately at the end of Revenge of the Sith. That means it takes place around the year 19BBY i.e before the Battle of Yavin.

The Battle of Yavin was the battle where the Rebels won against the Empires, right at the end of A New Hope. This fits The Bad Batch perfectly between the end of the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the beginning of the original trilogy.

We can say it is in the period of the dark years, which means when the Empire has its peak power and potential and Rebels were not as relevant in the picture considering they were just a group of people escaping the Sith’s clone soldiers.

2. Does It Follow The Clone Wars?

The Bad Batch takes place right after The Clone Wars, which means it follows it quite closely. The group of clone soldiers were introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, so naturally, whatever follows takes place after it.

Where Does The Bad Batch Fit In The Star Wars Timeline?
Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The new animated series in the Star Wars Universe centers around a troop of “defective” yet unique clone soldiers aka the members of Clone Force 99 and how they handle things after the Clone Wars, as the Galactic Empire led by Emperor Palpatine is taking over.

This brings us to an important question: Which one should we watch first? Do we need to watch one to make sense of the other?

Actually, if you’re a pro fan of Star Wars or any of its branches, you will know these questions are pretty common and simple. First of all, no, you do not have to watch The Clone Wars or any other relate show to enjoy The Bad Batch.

If the concept interests you and you are up for some good animation and action, then go for it without worrying about connecting it to prequels. It is absolutely fine to watch it as a standalone show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | "The Bad Batch" Clip | Disney+
Star Wars: The Clone Wars | “The Bad Batch” Clip

Having said that, yes, if you’re interested in knowing more about The Bad Batch and its history, you could check out the last season of the The Clone Wars. They do have a bit of a part to play there.

3. Does It Follow Order 66?

Order 66 refers to one of a series of orders that these mutated clone troopers were expected to obey without any questions. It marked all members of the Jedi order as traitors of the republic and instructed their immediate execution.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch begins with the activation of Order 66, so one would expect the troop to follow the order. But it was quite evident from The Bad Batch trailer that the troop did not obey or follow Order 66.

The clone troopers does have some free will and a strong faith in democracy and altruism, but their main purpose was to help wipe out their Jedi allies.

When the clones were embryos, they were all given a brain implant that said when Order 66 is going to be activated, it will erase their free will and compel them to mercilessly kill Jedi for the benefit of the Galactic Empire.

But it seems the members of Clone Force 99 may have been able to retain (or retrive?) their free will via several different means. The troop displays various sorts of personalities and also a proper independent working mind.

If they’re indeed being controlled by the chip implanted in their brains, then it is difficult to demonstrate such independent behavior. A lot of things could be probable.

Where Does The Bad Batch Fit In The Star Wars Timeline?
Bad Batch

The mutation they went through could have made their bodies incapable of any sort of chip-dominated control. Or maybe they removed the chips before Order 66 was activated!

The Bad Batch could have learned about the late ARC Trooper Fives’ discovery of the chips through Captain Rex. Considering they’re rebels, they could easily have removed the chips. As far as Echo is concerned, his chip may have been removed or disabled during his time as a prisoner of the Techno Union.

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4. About Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an American animated show created by Dave Filoni for Disney+. It is both a sequel and a spin-off of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The series’ renewal was announced right before season 1’s two-part finale.

Dee Bradley Baker reprises his role as voice actor for all the clone troopers from the previous Star Wars animated projects. Additionally joining him are Ming-Na Wen, Stephen Stanton, Andrew Kishino and Michelle Ang.

The Bad Batch follows the elite and experimental troopers of Clone Force 99 as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars. Choosing to become an independent group of mercenaries the show will see them undertake dangerous missions.

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