All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring 

As players venture through the deadly wilderness of Lands Between, they’ll come across a plethora of enemies hungry for their blood. These ferocious opponents can vary from the mundane-looking Wandering Nobles to the aesthetically magnificent dragons that claim each region as their own. 

However, at times, you’ve no idea about the foes you’ll be battling until you come face to face with them on the turf. That’s especially true for the ten Evergaols scattered across the Elden Ring map. 

You can find Evergaols located in various regions, including Limgrave, Liurnia of the Lakes, Liurnia Quest Area, Caelid, Altus Plateau, Mountaintops of the Giants, and Weeping Peninsula. Besides, you’ll face a unique enemy in these locations, ranging from the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil to the Ancient Hero of Zamor. 

In this article, you’ll learn the locations of each Evergaol and the identity of the enemy present there.  

1. All Evergaols in Limgrave  

1. Evergaol – Forlorn Hound

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Forlorn Hound Location

The first Evergaol is found south of Limgrave Lake, precisely prior to the Bridge of Sacrifice guiding to the Weeping Peninsula.  

  • Bloodhound Knight Darriwil – A swift and agile knight, probably the first Bloodhound Knight you’ll come across in Elden Ring. 

2. Evergaol – Stormhill

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Crucible Knight

Progress in the direction of the foremost Legacy Dungeon located around the Stormveil Castle, and head towards the open grassy region on the left.  

  • Crucible Knight – This Elden Ring enemy has a reputation for possessing an outstanding attack range and hit damage. Also, he rewards players with a potent incantation. 

2. All Evergaols in Weeping Peninsula  

1. Evergaol – Weeping

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Weeping Location

If you possess a Stonesword Key, travel to the western region of the Weeping Peninsula. You’ll find the Evergaol north of the massive Walking Mausoleum.  

  • Ancient Hero of Zamor – Unlike most Elden Ring bosses, this foe inflicts Frostbite damage and drops Radagon’s Scarseal. He’s slow and can be easily dodged, and his weaknesses consist of Magic, Fire, and Lightning. 

3. All Evergaols in Liurnia of the Lakes 

1. Evergaol – Malefactor’s

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Thief of Fire, Adan

By staying close to the Cliffside on the lake’s western side, find a Spiritspring and jump on top of the cliff. The Evergaol is adjacent to the location via which you entered the area. 

  • Thief of Fire, Adan – He wields a mace and utilizes fire magic. This opponent is a short weakling whose only trump card is the Flame of the Fell God incantation. 

2. Evergaol – Cuckoo’s

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Cuckoo’s Location

Head north from the Malefactor’s Evergaol, and you’ll soon come across this magical prison.  

  • Carian Knight, Bols – Bols is an enormous troll adorned in a knight’s armor. Since he’s huge, his attacks are strong, but his movements slow. He’ll drop the Greatblade Phalanx Sorcery after you target his legs alternatively to shake him down for an acute attack. 

3. Evergaol – Royal Grave

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Royal Grave Location

While navigating the north, players need to head past Caria Manor and progress east upon exiting the boss room and arriving at Three Sisters. 

  • Alabaster Lord – This lord uses gravity magic against players who enter the Evergaol. Besides, be cautious of the area of effect attack and manipulate it to orchestrate a counterattack. He looks like the Ancient Hero of Zamor and drops the Meteorite sorcery.  

4. All Evergaols in the Liurnia Quest Area 

1. Evergaol – Ringleader’s

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Black Knife Ringleader

Upon unlocking the Moonlight Alter Plateau, progress in the north-western direction until there’s no land left to venture. Moreover, you can either avoid or kill the dragon you come across on the way. You’ll find this Evergaol at the edge of this area. 

  • Black Knife Ringleader, Alecto – The Elden Ring bosses start becoming powerful from this point onwards. Alecto is highly agile and fast, boasting an AoE attack challenging to dodge. 

5. All Evergaols in Caelid  

1. Evergaol – Sellia

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Sellia Location

Caelid is home to only a single Evergaol. It’s located on the top of a cliff, south of the region where players get their hands on Caelid’s map fragment.  

  • Battlemage Hugues – Although he’s capable of bludgeoning you with his Gravel, he mainly indulges in magical attacks. Furthermore, the biggest weapon of his arsenal is Cannon of Haima, a block that deals double the damage if it hits you directly. Finishing him will get you his Spirit Ashes.  

6. All Evergaols in Altus Plateau  

1. Evergaol – Golden Lineage

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Golden Lineage Location

After you leave the Grand Lift of Dectus, take a stroll across the natural bridge and dropdown. Then, travel east to reach this Evergaol. Additionally, you’ll require a Stonesword Key to access this magical prison. 

  • Godefroy the Grafted – This enemy replicates the moves of his Demi-God counterpart, Godrick the Grafted. Godefroy drops the iconic Godfrey Icon talisman upon being defeated. 

7. All Evergaols in Mountaintops of the Giants  

1. Evergaol – Lord Contender’s

All Evergaol Locations and Respective Bosses – Easy Guide – Elden Ring
Roundtable Knight Vyke

You can end the search for this prison at the southwestern bank of the frozen lake.  

  • Roundtable Knight Vyke – He’s the most human opponent in the game. According to the ancient tales, he was about to become an Elden Lord until craziness led him astray. Lastly, he uses lightning attacks and drops Vyke’s Dragonbolt incantation and a Fingerprint Set.  

8. About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the next major title to be released by FromSoftware, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls franchise. Elden Ring is set to release on the February 25th, 2022.

The game is set in a world known as The Lands Between. Players will take control of a Tarnished to explore these lands and uncover the secrets it holds. The game is an open-world style title with emphasis on combat and traversal. There is also a multiplayer component, along players to summon others for co-operative play, or to be invaded for PvP encounters. 

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