Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Hints at a Release Date

Now that the actors’ strike, along with the writers’ strike, has finally ended, there is much to anticipate. One highly anticipated production is Deadpool 3, which holds great potential as the charismatic Merc with a Mouth has proven himself in his previous two films and could revitalize the stagnant state of the MCU.

Additionally, Hugh Jackman has been indulging in a hearty diet to bulk up for his iconic role as Wolverine once again. And let’s not forget that Emma Corrin, known for her role in The Crown, will showcase her versatility as a villain in the upcoming film.

As the Multiverse Saga unfolds in the MCU, it’s become almost expected to see familiar faces and beloved characters from different timelines and universes.

However, the recent reveal from Ryan Reynolds on his YouTube Channel about Deadpool 3 caused a significant stir as he dropped a bombshell announcement – a specific clawed hero will be making an unexpected comeback.

1. When and Where Is ‘Deadpool 3’ Premiering?

In a surprising turn of events, Disney announced that the highly anticipated film’s release date has been moved to May 4, 2024.

That’s a whole four months earlier than its original debut. This comes after multiple release date changes for Deadpool 3, with the initial date set for September 6, 2024, only to be pushed back to November 8, 2024, and now again to the current date.

The film has not moved (unlike Venom 3, which was pushed back from summer to November 2024) from its projected May 4, 2024 release date. This could still happen, perhaps to push back to a mid-summer release, and Deadline has details on how the Ryan Reynolds-led film’s production is about to come roaring back, fast.

When will Deadpool 3 come out? Has it been Postponed again?
Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Shawn Levy in Deadpool 3 (2024) | Source: IMDb

2. Ryan Reynolds hints at the possible release of Deadpool 3

In a recent Instagram update, Ryan Reynolds delighted fans by confirming that Dogpool will be joining the wacky cast of Deadpool 3. This highly-anticipated addition to the franchise is no ordinary pup – Dogpool is a member of the renowned Deadpool Corps, a group of diverse versions of the titular character from various dimensions.

Naturally, this announcement has caused quite a stir in the Marvel community. While sharing a first look at Dogpool, Reynolds also hinted at the possible release timeframe for the third installment. The star playfully joked that the mischievous puppy has already started giving the Disney Plus merch department nightmares. Along with the caption, “Did @Dogpool save the day? Not a chance in hell,”

Reynolds announced that the film is slated for a summer 2024 release. Deadpool fans count the days until they can witness this unlikely and entertaining addition to the MCU.

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3. About Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It will be the third installment in the Deadpool franchise films. The threequel will be a part of the MCU.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux are currently working on the script, with Ryan overseeing the process.


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