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Shouji Anime Entices Us with Stunning Visuals of Even So, Ayumu Approaches

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? is yet another anime that can only fit in the newly discovered genre called “Teasing-Senpai”.

However, the twist being the recipient of the teasing will be the female senpai, a deviation from the trope we see in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, and Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!.  

Additionally, it’s giving me the mad “March Comes In Like a Lion” vibe with its shogi-centric setting.

The official website for When Will Ayumu Make His Move? recently unveiled the first visual teaser for the anime scheduled for 2022. The series will air in Japan on the TBS network.

🎉 TV anime “#Still Ayumu Make” teaser visual release & official Twitter open 🎉

Broadcasting will start on TBS and others from July 2022! !!

Furthermore, the official website is also open! !! ✨
Stay tuned for more 🙌

#Sore Ayu

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The character design is quite similar to Teasing Master Takagi-san as both share the same mangaka, Sōichirō Yamamoto. We can expect quite a dynamic relation between the leads if the polar opposite expressions on their faces are anything to go by.

The staff of When will Ayumu Make his Move includes:

PositionStaffNotable work
DirectorMirai MinatoFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
ScriptwriterDeko AkaoNoragami
Character DesignKazuya HirataBOFURI

As for the story, Ayumu Tanaka, a first-year, vows to confess his feelings for Urushi, his senpai, after he manages to defeat her in Shogi, but he is a beginner at the game and Urushi always beats him. 

Meanwhile, Urushi tries to make Ayumu admit his feelings, but our dense MC will never let his poker face slip.

The series is only made funnier with Ayumu’s apparent stoic nature, where he openly reveals his attraction for her senpai but will never admit those feelings, adding even more frustration. 

But is there hope for Urushi senpai? And will Ayumu beat her in shogi and admit his feelings? We can only know when the anime comes out in 2022. But till then, check out these Teasing-senpai shows.

About When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sōichirō Yamamoto and has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2019.

Ayumu Tanaka, a first-year high school student, and Urushi Yaotome, a second-year student, are members of the shogi club.

Ayumu vows to confess his feelings to Urushi, his senpai, after he manages to defeat her in a game of shogi, but he is a beginner at the game and Urushi always beats him. Meanwhile, Urushi keeps trying to get Ayumu to admit that he likes her, but Ayumu never allows his poker face to slip

Source: When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Official website

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