When does the mid-season hiatus of Quantum Leap S1 end? All Details Here

In September, a revival of the 1990s Quantum Leap aired on NBC. Rather than starting from scratch, the revival not only paid tribute to the original show but also wove in legacy characters—seemingly continuing the chapter of the time-traveling tale.

Instead of Sam, we have Dr. Ben Song as the protagonist and primary leaper. Following his predecessor, his first leap seemed to have been purely accidental. But the more we dive into it, the more we realize that Ben could’ve had plans of his own.

Eight episodes down, Quantum Leap has now paused for its mid-season hiatus. Episode 8 aired on November 7, 2022, while Episode 9 will air on January 2, 2023.

It’s common for most shows that air on cable TV to take a break for the holiday season unless they have a holiday-themed episode. So, the hiatus is nothing to worry about. In fact, the season is resuming earlier than previously expected!

There’s another good news: Instead of a total of 13 episodes, NBC has extended the order for Quantum Leap S1 to 19 episodes! 

So you can look forward to 11 new episodes when Quantum Leap returns in Jan!

What will Quantum Leap S1 Part 2 be about?

When does Quantum Leap S1’s mid-season hiatus end? All Details Here
Ben and Addison in Quantum Leap

Just like the first half of the season, we’ll be following Ben as he leaps through time and temporarily takes the place of a new character in each episode.

While these stories are usually independent of each other, the overarching plot is about bringing Ben back home safely. The other query that continues into the second half of the season is why did Ben make the jump and what were his secretive plans all about.

As Ben is slowly recovering from his time travel-induced amnesia, he realizes that his mission has something to do with saving his fiancé, Addison. We shall explore this in more detail in the remainder of Quantum Leap Season 1.

Has Quantum Leap been renewed for S2?

When does Quantum Leap S1’s mid-season hiatus end? All Details Here
Dr Ben Song

Quantum Leap has not been renewed for Season 2 yet. There’s no official announcement, but NBC extending the episode order for Season 1 can only mean good things.

While the critic reviews have not been all great, the show has been enjoying good viewership, even making its way to the number one spot on NBC and Peacock. If this continues, there’s a good chance that Quantum Leap will get renewed for Season 2.

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About Quantum Leap

Based on the 80s science fiction series of the same name, Quantum Leap is a revival series created by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt.

The series follows the events thirty years after Dr. Sam Beckett disappeared into the Quantum Leap accelerator. The project has been revived and a new team has been tasked with solving the mystery of the machine.

The show premiered on September 19, 2022 on NBC.

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