When Does Finn Die in The 100?

One of the saddest deaths in the sci-fi series The 100 had to be Finn Collins’ death. Killed at the altar of love is truly the most tragic thing to happen to any lover. But to be killed by one’s lover is a still more profound agony.

In the second season’s episode titled Spacewalker, Finn is stabbed to death by Clarke. However, the stabbing is not an act of murder but mercy killing.

Finn is sentenced to death for massacring the Grounders who, he suspected, had captured Clarke. Not only is Clarke responsible for the bloodshed, which turns her lover into a monster, she also ends up killing him.

1. How Does Finn Die in The 100?

Finn is ordered to be executed by the Grounders after he massacres their folks. Finn is strung to a pole and is ready to be executed. Clarke offers herself up for one last time, arguing that he killed all those Grounders for her safety.

When Does Finn Die in The 100?
Finn Collins | Source: Fandom

So she is as soaked in Grounder’s blood as he is. But the Grounders are adamant on Finn’s head. With no way left to win over the situation, Clarke snatches one last goodbye.

The two kiss. Clarke tells him that she loves him and whispers to him that he’ll be okay. Finn mumbles, “Thank you, Princess,” in response.

Within minutes, Finn’s body goes limp in Clarke’s arms from a stab wound.

2. Who Killed Finn in The 100?

Instead of suffering a slow, excruciatingly painful, and humiliating death, Finn Collins is stabbed in Clarke Griffin’s heart. Finn’s end comes off as a surprise mainly because Finn is supposed to be in love with Clarke, and vice versa. 

The 100: Finns Full Death
Finns Full Death

3. Why Does Clarke Kill Finn in The 100?

Finn’s death is not outright murder at the hands of Clarke, his lover. It is an act of mercy killing instead. After Finn is sentenced to execution for murdering many Grounders, Clarke ends up killing Finn to avoid Grounders from having their way with him.

There was no hatred between the two. Clarke even confesses her love for Finn moments before killing him.

Finn and Clarke were good friends and had romantic feelings for each other from season 1. Finn has been flirting with Clarke right from the trip to Mount Weather and during their search for evidence of Jasper’s whereabouts.

Throughout the rest of the season, Finn seems to have more feelings for Clarke than his then-girlfriend, Raven.

He holds Clarke’s hand during the meeting with the Grounders and catches her when she falls, despite knowing the illness she was carrying was both fatal and highly contagious. Raven breaks up with him because she believes he loves Clarke more than he loves her.

When Does Finn Die in The 100?
Clarke Griffin | Source: Fandom

However, due to a lousy incident earlier in the season, Clarke refuses to accept Finn’s love. While carrying out their task of protecting Wells’ murderer, Charlotte, the duo takes cover in a buried bunker.

When Charlotte commits suicide and the duo witness it all, Finn and Clarke return to the buried bunker and have sex. However, the next day Finn cannot stop himself from showing affection to his girlfriend Raven the next day. Clarke is left feeling stupid.

Separated from Clarke and all his friends, Finn takes extreme measures to locate her. He ends up gunning down many of the Grounders after mistakenly assuming that they had captured Clarke.

However, Finn’s massacre ends abruptly when Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia follow his gunshots’ sounds into the village. But instead of running into his arms, Clarke feels all the more distanced from Finn after what he has done. Finn has changed, and for the worse.

While Finn maintains that he had done this for Clarke, he recognizes the gravity of the situation as well.

During truce negotiations, Lexa demands that Finn be handed over to the Grounders and executed. When Clarke and the others are ready to defend him, Finn gives himself up, afraid that his friends will be captured and tortured.

Unable to bear the thought of Finn dying a slow, excruciatingly painful, and humiliating death at the hands of the Grounders, Clarke decides to kill him instead. She ensures that one single stab kills him instantly, and he knows as little suffering as possible.

4. Is Finn Alive in the 100? Does Finn Come Back?

No, Finn was killed off for good by the writers of The 100. Speaking about Finn’s death, The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg had told Entertainment Tonight:

“We were trying to figure out the most emotionally impactful way to do it… You come into a season and you know certain things, and I knew this season that I wanted to explore a dark place with Finn. The massacre was something I knew [was going to happen] going into the season, that he was going to have to die.”

Jason Rothenberg

Although Finn was very much dead and gone in the show, the character made some brief comebacks in season six as a memory. So Finn does come back in The 100 but only as a memory.

When Does Finn Die in The 100?
Finn Collins | Source: Fandom

We also see Finn in the episodes right after Skywalker when he dies. Finn’s death has shaken Clarke. He appears as a grief-induced hallucination several times in the episode Remember Me.

Clarke soon detaches herself from her friends, convinced that love was a weakness. She says a final goodbye to Finn, causing his hallucination to walk out of sight.

5. About The 100

Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war destroyed all civilization, The 100 kicks off when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors leave behind 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth. They are expected to repopulate the planet.

The 100 is based on a series of eponymous novels. The books are a series of young adult science fiction novels by author Kass Morgan. However, it may be noted that despite starting the same as the book, the series has diverged quite a lot from the novels.

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