Tulsa King E7 Release Date, Recap, and Speculation

Paramount’s latest crime drama, Tulsa King, is slowly gaining traction among the audience. Led by Sylvester Stallone, playing a million-year-old mafia, the show focuses on mafia gangs and has some violent, cut-throat action sequences.

We are already past the halfway line of the first season, and things have started to heat up. New subplots are being introduced every week, and the intensity is just off the charts.

The sixth episode aired this week and focused on the continuation of the events which unfolded in the previous week’s episode. There was a significant character death, along with some unexpected twists.

So, without any further ado, let’s get Sherlocking!

Episode 7 Synopsis/Speculation

Tulsa King E7 Release Date, Recap, and Speculation
Dwight and Stacey

Stacey and the ATF have a mole planted at the Waltrip crew. But our favorite Dwight hook-up might also create many problems later as she is always doubting anyone and everyone and causing issues for Dwight and the ATF.

Last week, Dwight beat the crap out of Nico for molesting his underage daughter. At that time, we wondered whether that was the start of an improvement in the father-daughter dynamic. I think that will not be the case. 

Dwight abandoned Tina for 18 years. A moment’s action won’t be enough to make up for it! Plus, we need to know their backstory!

Episode 6 didn’t touch on this subject, but next week’s installment will show more of Tina. I strongly feel that Tina will become a big part of Dwight’s life as the show progresses.

Bodhi flipped in this week’s episode. He revealed Dwight’s nefarious intentions to the FBI. The next episode can mark the end of Bodhi’s run in the show if Dwight wishes to kill him. 

I speculate that Bodhi will take the help of the FBI and it will become a cat-and-mouse chase between the old man and the police. 

Lastly, Dwight’s son-in-law is brutally attacked by Chickie outside his apartment building. Next week’s episode might turn into a revenge saga where Dwight goes to Chickie to set the records straight. 

Whatever happens, we are going to get some bombastic action for sure!

Episode 7 Release Date

Chapter 7 of the Tulsa King series has been released on Sunday, Dec 25, 2022. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

1. Is the series on a break?

No, the series is not on a break and will continue to air according to the schedule.

Season 2 Schedule

No.Title Directed byWritten byOriginal release date 
1“Go West, Old Man”Allen CoulterTeleplay by : Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter
Story by : Taylor Sheridan
November 13, 2022
2“Center of the Universe”Allen CoulterTerence Winter & Joseph RiccobeneNovember 20, 2022
3“Caprice”Ben RichardsonRegina CorradoNovember 27, 2022
4“Visitation Place”Ben SemanoffDave FlebotteDecember 4, 2022
5“Token Joe”Ben SemanoffJoseph RiccobeneDecember 11, 2022
6“Stable”Guy FerlandDave FlebotteDecember 18, 2022
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Tulsa King, Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 felt like a continuation of last week’s episode. Let’s rewind the major happenings of this week’s episode.

Firstly, Stacey and her partner at the ATF find their mole in Waltrip’s crew. She warned Armand to be careful of the McAdams Bike gang. She also has intel about a new Italian mafia running around the town.

The FBI raids Bodhi’s home and shop. They discover the safe where Dwight hid all the cash but don’t find anything. This is because Stacey informed Dwight about the raid beforehand and Dwight removed everything.

It doesn’t stop Bodhi from ratting him out, though. Bodhi ends up telling the FBI about all the shady businesses of Dwight.

Meanwhile, Dwight’s son-in-law is attacked by Chickie. He beats him up brutally and breaks his arm in the process.

The episode ends with Dwight and Mitch killing Groom after he starts firing inside Mitch’s bar.

About Tulsa King

Tulsa King is an American crime drama television series created by Taylor Sheridan with Terence Winter showrunning for Paramount+. The series stars Sylvester Stallone, marking his first leading role in a scripted television series.

Stallone plays a Mafia capo who just got out of prison and is sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he tries to set up a criminal organization. It premiered on November 13, 2022. In November 2022, the series was renewed for a second season.

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