The Flash To Adapt Flashpoint Plot? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The Flash solo movie has been a long time coming. It has been more than five years since The Flash movie was first announced by Warner Bros. and was initially scheduled for a release in 2018. Ezra Miller made his first appearance as the Scarlet Speedster in a cameo in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The project has seen a lot of changes as screenwriters Phil and Chris Lord and director Seth Grahame-Smith were attached to it first, but all three of them left due to creative differences. Then, the film saw another change when director Rick Famuyiwa left. Until finally, director Andy Muschietti and screenwriter Christina Hodson were confirmed.

Filming began just recently as production met with a couple of delays due to the pandemic, which resulted in the release date being pushed back even further. From official account teasers and behind the scenes photos to leaked footage, here’s what we know about The Flash film so far:

1. Release date

The Flash is set for a theatrical release on November 4, 2022.

However, further production delays might play a huge role in deciding if the date shifts again. Warner Bros. has had to delay the dates for its DCEU slate multiple times, including the upcoming The Batman, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Black Adam.

Even films like WW84 that were already completed saw a change in dates due to the pandemic and its impact on theatrical openings. Here’s to hoping the fastest superhero’s film schedule doesn’t slow down any further.

Muschietti teases fans with a first glimpse of the new suit that Ezra Miller will wear

2. Cast and Characters

Ezra Miller is Barry Allen, aka, The Flash with the coolest suit so far. Ron Livingston will be replacing Billy Crudup as Barry’s father, Henry Allen. Whereas Maribel Verdú has been cast as Nora Allen, Barry’s mother.

  • The flash ring suit

Kiersey Clemons will also return to play Iris West, Barry’s love interest. Clemons’ part was cut from 2017’s Justice League, but 2021’s Snyder Cut restored her part (along with our faith). Sasha Calle was recently announced as Supergirl and some behind-the-scenes pictures saw her donning her superhero suit.

  • Supergirl

Ben Affleck will return as Bruce Wayne but wait, there’s another Batman in Gotham City, and it’s Michael Keaton! After having portrayed The Batman in the 1989 film, Keaton will return to his Batmobile, Batarangs, and Wayne manor to help Barry Allen.

3. Characters that might make an appearance

  • CW’s Barry Allen

The Illuminerdi recently reported that Grant Gustin will be making a cameo in the film. Gustin is set to appear as his version of the Flash from the CW series. Last year, Ezra Miller made a cameo alongside Grant Gustin’s Flash on the Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Crisis On Infinite Earths Ezra Miller Cameo

Muschietti has mentioned before that the film will explore the multiverse (might explain Michael Keaton’s Batman).

  • Cyborg

Since Ray Fisher was recently fired from his role as Cyborg aka Victor Stone, when he spoke out about cast members not being treated well onset of Joss Whedon’s JL, chances of him returning seem slim as his solo movie is off the table and supposedly his part in The Flash film was scrapped as well.

Fisher spoke to Empire, and expressed his wish to appear in the film,

Andy seems to have his head on straight and understood these characters by making it about the relationship more than just a display of superpowers. We were on the same page about that, and it’ll be a bummer if there is no way to resolve the issue.

Ray Fisher

4. Plot

The film will be adapting the Flashpoint storyline from the comics, where Barry Allen travels back in time to prevent the murder of his mother, but this causes all kinds of ripple effects and messes up the timeline big time.

Flashpoint was published over a decade ago in 2011, with Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert doing its writing and art, respectively. Muschietti has said that the film would have a different version of the comic story. Flashpoint storyline is an important one in the comics as it launched The New 52 continuity.

The Flash To Adapt Flashpoint Plot? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
The Flash

Barry Allen’s Flash origin story is erased as he wakes up one day without his powers and is now living in a completely different world than the one he knows. His mother Nora is alive, but his father Henry has died from a heart attack a few years prior. In the original Barry Allen story, Nora was killed when he was young, and his father is wrongly convicted of her murder.

One of the major changes that this incident causes is that Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne is Batman instead, and his mother Martha becomes the Joker. In this timeline, Bruce was the one who was murdered instead of his parents.

Cyborg is the most trusted hero in Flashpoint. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war because their worlds, Themyscira and Atlantis, are at war.

An even bigger blow is that Kal-El never becomes Superman. When Kal-El’s ship lands on Earth from Krypton, it is seized by the U.S. government in Metropolis instead of landing in Smallville, Kansas. When he is introduced in Flashpoint, he is very weak and has been imprisoned for much of his life.

The Flash To Adapt Flashpoint Plot? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
Flash and Reverse Flash

In the main timeline, Reverse-Flash is the one who murders Barry’s mother. So Barry goes back in time to stop him but ends up folding the entire Speed Force into himself. So even if the film doesn’t include all these alternate origin stories of the Justice League members, Reverse-Flash might still be the main villain of the story.

5. First Look, Teasers & Trailers

A promo clip for the film leaked online in which Ezra Miller is seen talking about his characters along with stills of the Flash, Supergirl, Batman, etc.

The Flash is unique amongst the Justice League. He’s the first quantum superhero because he follows how pitch, speed, and velocity determine the makeup of reality. What I love about The Flash is that theoretically, it’s just a singular power which is his speed.

Ezra Miller

That one factor, when pushed to extremes, will become a whole bunch of powers; he can make a tornado, run across water, he travels through time. There’s multiple Batmans, Batsmen, there’s more than one Batman. This is like the most hyped beastly DC movie ever. It’s going to blow people’s heads off.”

WB has since taken down the footage.

The Flash To Adapt Flashpoint Plot? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
The Flash

Seeing how The Flash movie was a big focus at the DC FanDome last year, it can be expected that this year’s DC FanDome, on October 16, 2021, will give us at the very least some first-look images (if not a teaser).

Ezra MillerBarry Allen / The Flash
Kiersey ClemonsIris West
Ben AffleckBatman / Bruce Wayne
Michael KeatonBatman / Bruce Wayne
Maribel VerdúNora Allen
Ron LivingstonHenry Allen
Sasha CalleSupergirl
Saoirse-Monica Jackson
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6. About The Flash (2023)

The Flash is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti and a part of the DCEU.

The movie will see Barry Allen travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, which brings unintentional consequences to his timeline.

Miller will be joined by actors Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Kiersey Clemons, Maribel Verdu, and Ron Livingston. The movie is set to release on June 16, 2023.

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