What Time Will The Matrix Resurrections Release on HBO Max

The much-awaited film of the year, The Matrix Resurrections, has come out in theatres today, and fans can’t keep calm. We’re seeing Keanu as the Neo after 18 long years, and you can see that he’s no more the same, yet somehow he’s still asking himself the same questions.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go to the Silver screen and want to enjoy the flick in the comfort of your couch or bed, the good news is that the film is also releasing on HBO Max. Here’s everything you need to know about what date and time The Matrix Resurrections will release on HBO Max, how you can stream it, and more.

Release Date and Time of The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max

The Matrix Resurrections will be released on HBO Max on December 22, 2021, at 3:00 AM EDT. The film will be available on HBO Max for 31 days till January 22, 2022.

This means you can watch and rewatch the film at no extra cost on the platform as many times as you want till January 22. Considering the first trilogy is pretty old, you might want to refresh your memory, and you’ll have enough time to do so. The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions are also available on HBO Max.

What Time Will The Matrix Resurrections Release on HBO Max
The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions

I can already imagine your eyes sparkling with excitement because you can binge on the complete franchise in one go. What better way to watch this epic series, right?

How to Watch The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max?

HBO Max has majorly two subscription plans that are:

  • HBO Max with ads ($9.99 per month)
  • HBO Max ad-free ($14.99 per month)

However, Warner Bros movie premieres are not included in the HBO Max ad-free plan. Thus, The Matrix Resurrections will only be available on HBO Max ad-free plan, which costs $14.99 per month or 149.99 per year.

The Matrix Resurrections – Official Trailer 2
The Matrix Resurrections – Official Trailer 2

If you’re someone outside the US, you can use a VPN to set your region as the US and log in to HBO Max to watch the film.

The Matrix Resurrections Plot Summary

The film is set 20 years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions. Neo is now living with the identity of Thomas Anderson as an ordinary person in San Francisco. However, nothing seems normal as he questions the things around him.

What Time Will The Matrix Resurrections Release on HBO Max

A new version of Morpheus once again gives him the popular choice between the red pill and the blue pill. With this, he opens Neo’s mind to the world of Matrix, which, as it turns out, has become more dangerous than ever before. Neo then joins a group of rebels to fight a new enemy much bigger than Mr. Smith.

Well, I shouldn’t say more and spoil the film, so why don’t you get ready to experience the epic world of Matrix!

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About The Matrix: Resurrections

The Matrix: Resurrections will serve as the fourth instalment to the American cyberpunk franchise The Matrix. It is produced, co-written and co-directed by Lana Wachowski who has written for the previous Matrix movies as well.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss will reprise their roles of Neo and Trinity, respectively. Joining them is Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe, Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian and Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson.

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