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Servamp: Watch it or Skip it?

Servamp is an anime from the supernatural genre which aired in the year 2016. It does not do anything extraordinary with its story or the characters.

However, even after all these years of this release, people are still divided about this show. While some have loved the show, others have absolutely trashed it, calling it mediocre at best.

So, let’s find out if this anime is truly worth watching or not!

Servamp is quite an average anime that did not do anything extraordinary with its story or the characters. The story is quite difficult to follow and introduces new characters in every episode. The show is also quite cliché and it is not worth watching.

1. What kind of anime is Servamp?

Servamp is a typical shounen type of anime with a supernatural element to it. It focuses on the life of our protagonist, Shirota Mahiru, a high-schooler who was orphaned pretty early in his life and was taken in by his uncle.

He takes up a street cat and names it Kuro. Turns out the cat isn’t as ordinary as it looks and is in fact a ‘Servamp’- A Servant Vampire. He quickly becomes the eve/master of the cat and this starts the journey of our protagonist as he faces off against another Servamp.

2. Is the story of Servamp good?

Servamp is quite ordinary when it comes to the story. It does a boring job and adds a new character every episode. Some of the characters add to the story while others really don’t. If only they could have introduced fewer characters and focused on them it would have been a lot better.

Secondly, the intentions and motives of the characters don’t translate well throughout the story. The motives of the antagonist do not seem justified and somehow we fail to relate o their backstories.

Another major flaw comes with the flow of the story. It does not go smoothly and it’s kind of abrupt. The way the story suddenly breaks into flashbacks is not well done at all.

The only good part is the random comedy elements which seem to break the dark and gloomy atmosphere. All in all, the story could have been developed much better than what was done.

3. Characters and Character Development!

The main protagonist of the story, Mahiru likes to live a simple life and doesn’t like to deal with anything that is “bothersome”. However, his definition of bothersome seems to be a little different from the general definition as he takes on the jobs that everyone typically wants to avoid.

Despite the minor tweaks, Mahiru feels like a typical protagonist who wants to protect everyone, a concept that we have been seeing for quite some time now.

The antagonist does not seem to have a direction and seems to want to destroy things because he has an existential crisis. Neither his motives nor his actions are justified.

The only redeeming character seems to be Kuro, who is constantly lazy and doesn’t want to do anything other than play video games and eat potato chips which resonates with most of us on a molecular level. However, he does step in when the situation calls and is somewhat cool.

The character development of most of the characters seems a little rushed and could have been a lot better.

Servamp: Watch it or Skip it?
Shirota Mahiru | Source: Fandom

4. The Art!

The animation of Servamp is kind of interesting. It has bright colors and distinctive character designs. Kuro’s feline hoodie is super cute.

All in all, there is nothing to complain about the art or the animation as it is very well done.

Servamp: Watch it or Skip it?
Kuro | Source: Fandom

5. The Final Verdict!

Even though everybody’s opinion can differ based on their preferences, this anime is a little difficult to follow. It kind of frustrates you and you cannot connect with the characters most of the time.

The ending is also quite disappointing. But considering that the anime has a total of 12 episodes and has only one season, the time we would be spending here is on the lower side.

If you are looking for a mindless watch, you can go for it. However, if you want something exciting, it is going to disappoint you!

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6. About Servamp

Servamp is a manga series by Strike Tanaka. It has been serialized in Monthly Comic Gene, a shoujo manga magazine, since 2011. The anime TV adaptation of the series consists of 12 episodes.

Mahiru Shirota, a 15-year-old boy, picks up a stray cat on his way home from school and names it Kuro. He soon discovers that Kuro is a lazy shut-in vampire who transforms when exposed to sunlight.

Through a series of events, Mahiru forms a contract with Kuro and is drawn into a dangerous battle between supernatural servants and bloodthirsty beings.

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