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What Is the True Nature of Grey’s Magic? Is It Wish Magic?

With the recent chapter release, Tabata once again showed us his amazing storytelling skills.

The Black Bull’s reactions, especially Vanessa and Finral’s, and the whole sequence of Asta waking up and realizing his helplessness felt emotionally heavy.

What Is the True Nature of Grey's Magic?
Black Clover | Source: Fandom

After the great battle against Dante of the Dark Triad, Yami was taken captive by Zenon, and Asta could do nothing to help.

With really tragic results, chapter 261 of Black Clover gave us a peek into the dire situation and widespread destruction caused by it.

We saw the Black Bulls still coping after Yami was taken captive, while the doctor looked at Asta’s injuries.

When Grey asked him to look at Gauche’s wound as well, we were in for another shocking reveal.

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After looking at Gauche, who was without a wound, the doctor said that his entire tissue had been reassembled and that the true nature of Grey’s magic was something entirely different than transformation magic.

1. What Is the True Nature of Grey’s Magic?

Till now, we have seen Grey use transformation magic to take on the appearance of other human beings or objects.

Furthermore, she could also transform things other than herself, such as inanimate objects or enemy spells.

However, according to the doctor in the recent chapter, Grey did not heal Gauche but entirely rearranged his tissues.

It has been speculated that the true nature of Grey’s magic is not transformation, but something entirely different. Her magic’s true form is either wish magic or an advanced version of the transformation magic itself.

There are already a few theories about Grey’s magic.

2. Will Grey Have Time Magic?

There have been many fans assuming that Grey might have time magic. This is because, when Gauche was fatally wounded, she basically used her magic to close up his wounds.

It almost looked like Grey was reversing time altogether to a point before those wounds occurred. This event forms a parallel to Julius using his own time magic to heal other’s wounds.

However, despite those factors, Grey does not have time magic.

Since the beginning, she has shown to transform into others, or even do the same to inanimate objects or spells. This does not have any correlation to time.

The only way it might be related is if she can change the “past” of an object and turn into something completely different; however, Tabata probably won’t do something that complicated.

3. Will Grey Have Wish Magic?

As Owen suggested, Grey’s magic is not simply transformation magic.

So far, we’ve seen her transform herself, change a magic’s element, create clones, change rocks to meat, and basically rearrange Gauche’s tissues when healing him.

What Is the True Nature of Grey's Magic?
Gauche Adlai | Source: Fandom

While all of this is related to transformation in some way, looking at all of them together, the result was Grey creating what she wanted.

In the beginning, she transformed herself into a giant man, unlike herself, because she was shy.

Next, she wanted to save her friends, which prompted in her healing Gauche. All of this makes us think that Grey’s true magic nature might be wish magic.

What backs this theory up is the resemblance of Grey’s childhood to Cinderella.

However, unlike in the fairytale, instead of asking a fairy godmother to fulfill her wishes, she got the power to do it herself. This basically means that she can do anything she desires.

However, the wish magic nature is extremely overpowered, which means that it might come with many limitations and rules.

This also explains why we haven’t seen her use it properly until someone she loved was wounded. While the previous theory is most probably not true, this one makes a lot of sense.

4. How Strong Is Grey?

Grey’s power was not of much use initially; however, as the series progressed, her abilities were more fleshed out.

Despite being a supportive mage, her abilities allow her allies to attack and take advantage of the opponent.

What Is the True Nature of Grey's Magic?
Grey | Source: Fandom

In the fight against Sally, Grey transformed the Gel Magic into Crystal Magic, which finally enabled Gauche to land a strike and destroy the salamander with Reflect Refrain.

Furthermore, in the battle against elves, she used her magic to transform the mobile base into a mirror one, which basically allowed them to bring Gauche and his sister back to their senses.

With the recent revelation of Grey’s magic property being something else entirely, it will be exciting to watch how it increases her strength.

5. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump from February 2015 and currently has 23 volumes in tankōbon format.

Black Clover follows the life of Asta, a young boy without magic powers within a World of Magic.

His circumstance does not hinder his dream of becoming the next Wizard King. Along with his frenemy, Yuno, Asta sets into the world of Magic Knights and Squads in hopes of making his dream a reality.

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