Everything You Need to Know about Faction Reputation Cap in New World

New World has players engrossed in PvP with the concept of factions in-game. While playing, beginners have to choose between the honorable Mauraders, the cunning Syndicate, and the righteous Covenant. These factions all have the same objective, to take control of their region and rise to the top. 

Regardless, gamers have to grind in New World to rise above the five ranks of their faction. However, watch out for the faction reputation cap before completing faction missions. 

Faction reputation cap is the highest number of points players can get by completing faction missions in New World. Once someone has reached the cap, all reputation points earned further on will be removed. You have to gain a higher rank to increase the cap. 

Therefore, make sure to rank up before attempting to be the best warrior in your faction. 

How to raise faction rank in New World?

To raise your faction rank in New World, players first need to reach the max amount of reputation they can earn. For instance, beginners need 3,000 reputation points to cap out the first tier. After that, complete a trial quest given by the faction representative to obtain a higher status. 

In New World, each faction has five ranks to represent the work players have done for their squad. Reaching these ranks will give you access to the best items in the game. Also, players can purchase them from the faction reward store. 

These are the five ranks from each faction in New World: 


Note: Alchemist is the highest tier for both Syndicate and Covenant factions. 

How much faction reputation cap does each rank have in New World?

Players need to collect the following faction XP to reach a faction tier in New World. Once you gather this amount of XP, you can begin the trial to get the promotion:

RankXP RequiredLevel Recommended

Players don’t need any reputation points to join a faction in New World. The only requirement is to complete ‘Commitment to the Cause’ a main story quest in the game. After that, choose a faction and begin the grind to rise to the guild’s top. 

However, there are certain conditions, like player level, before being able to rank up. Therefore, grind quests and reach the recommended level before approaching the reputation cap. 

How to get faction XP in New World? 

Players can earn faction experience by completing faction quests at their settlement in New World. For this, the character needs to be level 40 or higher to have the ability to accept these missions. Also, they have the option of choosing between PvP and PvE quests. 

While PvE quest rewards are good, the PvP missions give players the highest amount of Faction XP. It’ll help players rank up their reputation while also contributing to leveling up the faction. 

Gaining these points requires a lot of grinding, but it’s perfect for those that love a challenge. To help those players out, here’s how to get faction XP quickly in New World. 

How to farm faction XP quickly in New World? 

To farm faction XP quickly in New World, I recommend going to the settlement of Eastburn, located in the region’s snowy wastelands. The tasks and quests from the area are straightforward, and gamers can complete them within a few minutes. 

I. Quests Recommended to Gain More Faction XP

Everything You Need to Know about Faction Reputation Cap in New World
Gain More Faction XP

Firstly, the premier faction quest requires players to explore The Bite and survive within the area for one and a half minutes. It won’t take too long and since players can pick up multiple faction quests, take more that require you to visit The Hide. 

For instance, there’s a mission that requires the character to slay some monsters in the area, specifically wolves. Remember that it’s compulsory to kill these beasts inside The Hide. Otherwise, it won’t count towards the quest goal. 

Lastly, take up the third Eastburn faction quest, where you must deliver a drop from one location to another. The trip shouldn’t take long, but watch out for other players within the area looking to hunt you down. After completing these quests, players can return to the settlements to take their hard-earned rewards. 

Repeating them several times will give players a bunch of Faction XP, allowing them to reach their desired fraction reputation cap quickly. 

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