WWE Watch Order Guide: Chronologically or any other way? 

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has entertained fans for a long time now- Firstly as WWF, now as WWE. WWE has had a wide history and was greatly revolutionized thanks to the efforts of Vince McMahon. It can be confusing for the new ones to be confused regarding where to start watching WWE since there are so many divisions now.  

For people planning to start watching WWE, here is a guide to help you out.  

1. Chronological Order 

Watch the events chronologically based on when they occurred, starting from the earliest and working your way up to the most recent ones. This will give you a sense of the evolution of WWE over the years.  

I. Premium Live Events  

  • Wrestle Mania (1985) 
  • Survivor Series (1987) 
  • Royal Rumble (1988) 
  • Summer Slam (1988) 
  • NXT in Your House (1995) 
  • Backlash (1999) 
  • NXT Vengeance Day (2001)  
  • Hell in a Cell (2009) 
  • Extreme Rules (2009) 
  • Elimination Chamber (2010) 
  • Money in the Bank (2010) 
  • WWE in Saudi Arabia (2018) 
  • NXT Halloween Havoc (2020) 
  • NXT Stand & Deliver (2021) 
  • NXT Deadline (2022)  

II. In Ring Live Shows 

i. Raw (1993-present) 

WWE Raw, also referred to as Monday Night Raw, is WWE’s main weekly Monday Night wrestling program. It currently airs on the USA Network in the United States. 

ii. SmackDown (1999-present) 

WWE SmackDown, a Friday Night SmackDown, is a weekly program that debuted in 1999. It currently airs on the Fox network in the US. 

iii. Tribute to the Troops (2003-present) 

WWE Tribute to the Troops is an annual event and television series produced by WWE. 

iv. WWE NXT (2010-present) 

This is WWE’s developmental brand and a great place to get familiar with the roster of wrestlers. You can start with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn (2015) or any other NXT TakeOver event. 

v. Main Event (2012-present) 

WWE Main Event is a weekly television show produced by WWE. 

vi. NXT Level Up (2022-present)  

III. Studio Shows  

  • Free for All (1996-present) 
  • Bottom Line (2002-present) 
  • Afterburn (2002-present)  
  • Vintage (2008-present)  
  • This Week in WWE (2009-present) 
  • Wal3ooha (2017-present)  
  • Sunday Dhamaal (2017-present)  
  • Blockbusters (2020-present)  
  • Dhamaal League (2020-present)  
WWE Watch Order Guide: Chronologically or any other way?
John Cena in WWE Raw | Source: IMDb

IV. Some other shows 

  • Miz & Mrs. (2018-present) 
  • Biography: WWE Legends (2021-present)  
  • WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures (2021-present)  
  • Corey and Carmella (2022-present)  
  • Evil (2022-present)  
  • Rivals (2022-present)  
  • Smack Talk (2022-present)  

V. Former Television Programming 

i. In-ring shows  

  • Heavyweight Wrestling (1956-1971) 
  • All-Star Wrestling (1971-1986) 
  • Championship Wrestling (1971-1986) 
  • WWF on MSG Network (1976–1997) 
  • All-American Wrestling (1983–1994) 
  • World Championship Wrestling (1984–1985) 
  • Maple Leaf Wrestling (1984–1986) 
  • Saturday Night’s Main Event (1985–1992; 2006–2008) 
  • Saturday Night’s Main Event (1985–1992; 2006–2008) 
  • Wrestling Challenge (1986–1995) 
  • Superstars of Wrestling (1986–2001) 
  • The Main Event (1988–1991) 
  • Survivor Series Showdown (1989–1993) 
  • SummerSlam Spectacular (1991–1993) 
  • March to WrestleMania (1992–1994) 
  • Mania (1993–1996) 
  • Action Zone (1994–1996) 
  • Sunday Night Slam (1994–1995) 
  • Friday Night’s Main Event (1997)\ 
  • Shotgun Saturday Night (1997–1999) 
  • Super Astros (1998–1999) 
  • Heat (1998–2008) 
  • Jakked and Metal (1999–2002) 
  • Velocity (2002–2006)  
  • A.M. Raw (2005–2014)  
  • ECW (2006–2010] 
  • FCW (2008–2012) 
  • Superstars (2009–2016 
  • Saturday Morning Slam (2012–2013) 
  • 205 Live (2016–2022) 
  • Mixed Match Challenge (2018)
  • NXT UK (2018–2022 
WWE Watch Order Guide: Chronologically or any other way?
WWE | Source: IMDb

ii. Other shows 

  • Tuesday Night Titans (1984–1986) 
  • Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling (1985–1987 
  • Wrestling Spotlight (1986–1995 
  • LiveWire (1996–2001) 
  • Excess (2001–2002) 
  • Tough Enough (2001–2015 
  • Attitude (2001–2002) 
  • Confidential (2002–2004) 
  • Diva Search (2003–2007) 
  • Experience (2004–2020) 
  • MSG Classics (2006–2009)  
  • Legends of Wrestling (2006–2012)
  • 24X7 (2007)  
  • Total Divas (2013–2019) 
  • Slam City (2014) \Raw Sunday Dhamaal (2015–2017)  
  • Action Mania (2015–2017) \ 
  • Camp WWE (2016–2018)  
  • Total Bellas (2016–2021) 
  • Backstage (2019–2020, 2021)  
  • The Big Show Show (2020)  
  • Fight Like A Girl (2020)  

2. Alternative Watch order 

If you’re interested in watching WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), here’s a recommended watch order: 

  1. Start with WWE NXT: This is WWE’s developmental brand and a great place to get familiar with the roster of wrestlers. You can start with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn (2015) or any other NXT TakeOver event. 
  1. Watch WrestleMania: This is WWE’s biggest event of the year and is a good starting point for newcomers. You can start with any recent WrestleMania event and work your way back. 
  1. Follow the pay-per-view events: WWE’s major events occur monthly and can be watched in any order. These events include Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and Money in the Bank. 
  1. Watch the weekly TV shows: WWE has two weekly TV shows – Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. You can watch these shows to stay up-to-date with the storylines and ongoing rivalries. 
  1. Check out the WWE Network: The WWE Network is a streaming service that offers access to WWE’s entire library of events and shows. You can watch classic matches and events from the past, as well as exclusive content. 
  1. Explore other promotions: There are many other wrestling promotions out there, such as AEW (All Elite Wrestling), NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), and ROH (Ring of Honor). You can check them out to broaden your wrestling knowledge and find new favorites. 

Remember, you can watch WWE in any order that you like. Just start with what interests you the most and enjoy the show! 

3. About WWE Raw

WWE Raw is an American professional wrestling television program produced by WWE which airs live every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on USA Network in the United States. It features characters from the WWE Raw brand, where WWE employees are assigned to perform.

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