What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?

Hogwarts Legacy is the ‘game’ now, manifesting our dream of attending Hogwarts and letting us live the life of a fifth-year student filled with adventures and missions. For all you Potterheads like me, you will know that the role-playing game is the best set in the wizarding world.

With so many levels in the game and several quests and side missions, the game is bound to take up a significant part of your time now. The number of levels in the game is, however, limited.  

There are 40 levels in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can reach the last level fast by completing all the main quests, side missions, and mini-adventures and hitting everything along the way.   

1. What happens on reaching the 40th Level of Hogwarts Legacy?

What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?
Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, on reaching the 40th Player Level, you will achieve the ‘A Forte For Achievement’ trophy. Any additional XP collected will not add to your levels, as this is the last level in the game.

A player can remain in the game and play further after reaching Level 40. However, there is no more leveling up or new major quests and adventures. XP can be collected in battles and such after Level 40; however, it does not count anywhere. Level 40 is the last as of yet in the game.

You can reset the game at this point and start all over from Level 1 if you choose to do so. And keep your fingers crossed about a game plus in Hogwarts Legacy soon.

2. How to reach Level 40 in Hogwarts Legacy Faster?

What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?
Dark Arts Battle in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, completing the main and side quests will significantly boost your game level. To reach the maximum level fast, the player must also participate in other challenges and adventures, including collecting Field Guide pages and participating in duels.

To reach Level 40 in Hogwarts Legacy fast, other than completing the list of quests, you can do the following:

  1. Collecting Field Guide Pages
  2. Participating in Digital Deluxe’s Dark Arts Battle Arena
  3. Finding Demiguise Statues
  4. Completing Merlin Trials
  5. Solving hedge mazes
  6. Cleaning out camps
  7. Completing minor challenges in the game

The Dark Arts Battle Arena is a house of experience points to make you level up in the game fastest. However, for peace lovers-Field Guide Pages, Merlin trials, and side quests are your keys.

3. How to check my Player Level in Hogwarts Legacy?

What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?
Hogwarts Legacy Main Menu

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Player Level can be checked by viewing the Field Guide. It is displayed at the top middle of the page. The Field Guide shows the current Level of the player in the game.

To view Levels in Hogwarts Legacy and their details, you can check the Main Menu in the game. The Level Tree can be accessed from there.

4. What is the benefit of reaching Higher Levels in Hogwarts Legacy?

What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?
Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, reaching Level 40 will unlock a trophy of achievement. A higher level in the game means better abilities, gear, knowledge of spells, and appearances. Bonuses are gained at each new level, and leveling up in the game is thus essential.

Each new level unlocks bonuses such as Health Gain, Talent Points, and higher-level gear items. It also unlocks several side quests and activities, which make the game all the more enjoyable and are necessary to keep upping levels.

Higher levels indicate the powerfulness of your character and the experience they have in the wizarding world. You will have defeated more Infamous Foes, Trolls, wild beasts, and Dark Wizards on reaching higher levels.

Fancy yourself a powerful wizard like Dumbledore? Leveling up is the aim. Or is it more to the Dark Side like Voldemort? Dark Arts Battles will help you level up!

5. How many hours will it take to finish Hogwarts Legacy?

What is Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get it Faster?
Hogwarts Legacy

Though the game Hogwarts Legacy does not ever end, players can reach the maximum attainable level, Level 40. On average, 40-45 hours of playing will be required to reach this level.

To move through levels faster in Hogwarts Legacy, you must simultaneously complete main quests, side missions, and challenges. The average time required to reach each set of levels is:

  • Level 10: 10 hours of playing
  • Level 20: 20 hours of playing
  • Level 30: 30-40 hours of playing
  • Level 40: 45-50 hours of playing

The difficulty of attaining each level increases slightly upon reaching the higher levels. On average, about one hour of playing is increased when you reach the next level for the first two sets of levels, while the last two sets need a little more.

6. About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG from Avalanche Studio. The game places the player in the wizarding school of Hogwarts, allowing them to witness the iconic locations as a character other than Harry Potter. 

The game has an expansive map that makes the game very immersive, even for people who are yet to read the books or watched the movie.

The mysterious, gripping storyline, with the vast areas to explored, either on foot or broomstick, makes it even more real life.

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