What Happens to Joel & Ellie After the Massacre in the Final Episode of The Last of Us S1?

As a fan, watching the season 1 finale of The Last of Us was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

Joel and Ellie’s journey finally leads them to the Fireflies, and their mission to create a cure for Cordyceps is about to be accomplished. 

But then, Marlene drops a bombshell and says that Ellie will have to die for the cure to be created, leaving viewers morally conflicted. 

The finale leaves fans with the burning question of what will happen to Joel and Ellie. 

In the end, Joel makes the difficult decision to save Ellie’s life by killing the Fireflies. 

After losing his daughter and then bonding with Ellie as if she were his own, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing another child. So, although his decision may seem selfish, it’s completely understandable, given the circumstances. 

The Last of Us finale leaves us wondering what will happen next as Joel lies to Ellie about what happened, and the two return to Jackson to start a new chapter with Joel’s brother Tommy.

Joel and Ellie Return to Jackson in the Finale

What Happens to Joel & Ellie After The Last of Us S1 Finale’s Massacre?
Joel and Ellie Return to Jackson

Now, the fans are eagerly anticipating season 2, and we hope it closely follows the events of The Last of Us Part II. 

Based on the game’s storyline, the new season is expected to begin with Joel finally telling Tommy the truth about what happened at the hospital.

This will be a challenging conversation, especially given all that Joel has been through. 

However, Tommy understands Joel better than anyone and will surely support him. The fans can’t wait to see how that dynamic unfolds!

In the end, viewers are treated to a heartwarming moment as Joel plays a soulful tune on his guitar for Ellie. 

The scene poignantly depicts the bond between Joel and Ellie, particularly after the traumatic events at the hospital, which leave Ellie feeling distant. It also sets the stage for the emotional journey to follow in season 2. 

The story then takes a five-year leap, and we find Joel and Ellie living peacefully in Jackson.

Joel and Ellie’s Relationship Becomes Tarnished 

What Happens to Joel & Ellie After The Last of Us S1 Finale’s Massacre?
The Last of Us

The Last of Us season 2 will probably stick to the plot mentioned earlier, including the time jump of five years that affects the relationship between Joel and Ellie. 

As the story progresses, their relationship becomes strained, despite still living together in Jackson. 

Ellie becomes extremely detached, and her relationship with Joel can be described as estranged at best. 

The reason behind Ellie’s behavior is only disclosed later in The Last of Us Part II’s storyline. She learned the truth about Joel’s lie at the end of the previous season, leading her to mistrust him.

Ellie’s resentment towards Joel intensifies after he robs her of the opportunity to make a cure, coupled with the burden of survivor’s guilt. 

This emotional turmoil is depicted in the initial hours of The Last of Us Part II and is expected to form the foundation of the first episode of The Last of Us’ second season. 

Joel Dies Five Years After The Last of Us Season 1

What Happens to Joel & Ellie After The Last of Us S1 Finale’s Massacre?
Abby Beats Joel to Death

As they patrol the area following the time jump in The Last of Us Part II, Joel and Tommy come across a group of survivors headed by a woman named Abby. 

It is revealed that Abby is the daughter of the surgeon Joel had killed in the previous game’s climax, and she is out for revenge. The team accompanying Abby comprises ex-Fireflies whose lives have been shattered by Joel’s hospital spree. 

Ellie watches in terror as Abby questions, tortures, and ultimately kills Joel with a golf club.

Ellie Vows to Avenge Joel’s Death

What Happens to Joel & Ellie After The Last of Us S1 Finale’s Massacre?
Ellie Kills Abby

The Last of Us Part II’s story is set in motion by Joel’s death. 

Ellie and Tommy embark on a mission to avenge Joel’s death, joined by Ellie’s girlfriend, Dina, who takes them to Seattle to search for the murderers. 

The journey is fraught with danger and leads Ellie to darker places than ever before. 

The game’s central theme explores the destructive nature of revenge and how it can spread like a disease among people, much like the Cordyceps infection did. 

This theme will surely be further explored in The Last of Us season 2.

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About The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is an HBO TV series adaptation of the award-winning video game of the same name originally developed by Naughty Dog.

It is set in 2033, as a fungal infestation plagues humans, turning them feral and blind before finally finishing them off. The series follows Joel’s journey to escort an immune 14-year-old Ellie to the Fireflies, who hope to study her to procure a vaccine.

The cast comprises Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, both famed for their roles in Games of Thrones, along with Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, and Nico Parker. The show was renewed for season 2.

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