Halo Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 Ending Explained: How is Makee alive?

In Halo season 2, episode 1, we see Master Chief get involved in a tense evacuation on Sanctuary. As the UNSC tries to persuade Sanctuary’s inhabitants to leave the world, Master Chief confronts a group of Elites wielding energy swords.

Notably, Chief also reunites with Talia Perez, a corporal in the Marine communications unit. Talia and Chief together see dozens of energy swords lighting up in the fog in front of them, indicating an attack by the Elites. However, the Elites spare the human soldiers, leaving a lingering impact on the Chief. It is in complete contrast to the way the Covenants destroy the planet.

Meanwhile, back on Reach, John and the rest of the Silver Team meet Dr. Halsey’s replacement, James Ackerson. Ackerson is skeptical of the Chief’s account regarding the Covenant forces on Sanctuary. Therefore, he stops the Silver Team’s efforts.

He claims that he cannot clear the Spartan program unit for combat due to John’s supposedly fragile mental state. The effects of Master Chief and Cortana’s separation remain uncertain. However, one thing is clear: Ackerson has a sinister agenda in mind.

Episode 2 further builds up on John’s frustrations and the interpersonal friction. All of it comes together to put the Fall of Reach plot into motion.

Halo Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

At the end of Halo season 2, episode 1, Soren’s crew reunites with his wife, Laera, and their son, Kessler. However, their reunion is quite uncertain and in doubt, as they deliver a made-up tale of Soren’s misfortune.

Halo Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 Ending Explained: How is Makee alive?
Halo Season 2 Episode 1 | Source: IMDb

This lie heavily affects Kessler, while a strange voiceover reminds viewers that forces exist, lurking in the shadows, ready to disrupt our sense of safety and security.

The speaker behind this revelation is Kwan Ha. Kwanis was previously seen in season 1 as a friend and mentor to Kessler. Her past involvement with her family and the Madrigal community’s quest to locate and safeguard a Forerunner portal adds more to the storyline.

Yet, her absence in the intervening six months remains a mystery, leaving viewers to wonder what compelled her return and how it intersects with Soren’s orbit.

Halo Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Halo season 2 episode 2 ends with the threat of a Covenant attack on Reach. We also see James Ackerson most likely holding the real Dr Helsey captive in an ONI prison. She could also be a simulation, but she was most likely caught, and Ackerson was put in charge of her.

Ackerson also took control of Cortana after she was separated from Master Chief. Cortana regains consciousness in season 2 episode 1. We see that Ackerson has the smaller piece of the Halo Keystone with him.

Master Chief and his Silver Team also leave to learn more about the missing Cobalt Team of SPARTAs, as he figures out, they never made it to Reach.

Seeing how the Covenant can bring down the comms on Sanctuary, he realizes that Cobalt did not return and establish any contact with them, as the Covenant had already had control over Reach by then.

The episode ends with the squid heads heading towards the larger Halo Keystone on Reach with The Blessed One, aka Makee.

How is Makee alive in Halo season 2?

Makee is possibly alive in Halo season 2 as she was revived, cloned, or healed by the Covenant between seasons 1 and 2.

Halo Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 Ending Explained: How is Makee alive?
Makee | Source: IMDb

Master Chief sees Makee on Sanctuary and says that to kai-125, who does not believe him as he himself had shot her. Halo season 1 ended with Makee’s death. Now that Makee is back in season 2, there could be three possible explanations for it.

Firstly, Makee’s wound may not have been as severe as we thought. It could be a dangerous one, but not fatal. Secondly, Makee has a special connection with the Keystone. Makee could be significant to the Covenant for her special connection. Therefore, they could have resurrected her.

Thirdly, clones are quite common in the Halo universe. Makee could have been cloned. The Covenant could have easily found a way to clone Makee. However, it is not clear if the clone would have the same connection with the Keystone as the original Makee.

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