Who is Cat? What happened to her? —The Last of Us Part 2 

Cat is a character in The Last of Us, who doesn’t appear in the game but is mentioned in conversations and can be seen in images. She’s described as an Asian woman covered in tattoos.  

She’s Ellie’s ex-girlfriend who lives with her family in Jackson and she’s the person who gave Ellie her iconic moth tattoo to cover up her bite mark.  

Who is Cat? What happened to her? —The Last of Us Part 2
Ellie’s Tattoo

Since Cat doesn’t appear in the game, it’s never explicitly stated what happened to her. But we get some information about her via Ellie’s conversations with Dina. Their conversations make it seem like Cat is alive and well and is living in Jackson with her family, after breaking up with Ellie.  

When did Ellie fall in love with Cat?  

Who is Cat? What happened to her? —The Last of Us Part 2
Ellie and Cat

Cat was an artist so she covered up Ellie’s bite mark to hide it and the two grew close. After covering it, Cat kissed Ellie but she pushed her away fearing that she may have infected her. But to her relief, Cat wasn’t infected. Soon after, they both fell in love with each other. 

They officially became a couple when Cat kissed Ellie in front of her friends and she was very open about her relationship with Ellie to people in Jackson. But soon after, Ellie broke up with her and fell in love with Dina.  

Why did Ellie break up with Cat?  

Who is Cat? What happened to her? —The Last of Us Part 2
Ellie Break up with Cat

Cat was very open about her relationship with Ellie, even telling her own mother and others in Jackson. But through Ellie’s journal, we know that her relationship with Cat negatively affected her friendship with Dina, who avoided hanging out with Ellie when she was dating Cat. 

They then broke up with each other but they broke up on good terms as there are still pictures of Cat pinned on Ellie’s wall at her house, alongside pictures of Dina and Jessie. Later in the game, Dina also admitted that she never thought Cat was the right person for Ellie. 

Why was Cat’s appearance cut from the game?  

The reason why Cat’s appearance was cut from the game was because writer Halley Gross thought she wasn’t really progressing the story or anything. So, only mentions and references to her remain in the game which provide some exposition on Ellie’s previous lover.  

Who is Cat? What happened to her? —The Last of Us Part 2
Ellie and Dina

Originally, Cat would have appeared in the dance scene, where Ellie would share a ‘sassy’ conversation with Cat before going on to kiss Dina in front of her. But that cutscene did not make it into the final game. 

About The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II is a an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game is set 5 years after the events of the first game.

Players control Ellie on her journey for revenge against The Wolves, a faction which has set up in Seattle. On her journey, Ellie fights against survivors of the Cordyceps apocalypse and new variants of the infected. The game mixes elements of stealth and gun-play in vast areas, allowing players to approach the situation as they see fit. The Last of Us Part 2 received an overall positive reception and has gone on to win several Game of the Year awards.

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