Andor Episode 9 Ending: A Plausible Prison Heist?

Beau Willimon is delivering a masterpiece in the form of a spy-thriller set in a dystopian sci-fi world that highlights the horrors of an authoritarian regime. The interconnected stories highlighting the underrated characters in the Star Wars universe with fleshed out storylines has been a piece of art. 

We will look at the ending of this week’s episode to see how Cassian Andor is dealing with life in prison and the catastrophic development that has taken place in the prison.

Life in Prison on Narkina 5

The ending of episode 9 points toward a prison heist. Let’s understand why.

Cassian Andor’s prison sentence has been rough. But Andor seems to have made friends and genuinely cares for his inmates, especially Ulaf.

Meanwhile, he has already started planning an impossible escape with his fellow inmate, Birnok. They realize that the platforms used to bring the prisoners down will not be able to electrocute them, and security is at its weakest during that time. 

Meanwhile, a rumor has been spread about a disaster on Level 2. Tensions begin flaring on the sky bridge as Cassian, and the others start their new shift. 

Melshi remarks that the Empire could keep them in prison forever. Kino loses his calm and snaps at Melshi. 

In Episode 8, Kino was shown as an antagonistic figure. But we get to see his other side in today’s episode. Kino’s sentence is almost over, and he is clinging on to the hope that he will be free once he serves his remaining days. 

Cassian eventually confronts him and asks him for help to set up an escape plan. But Kino vehemently refuses to do that. 

The Ending: A Heist Loading?

Andor Episode 9 Ending: A Prison Heist Loading?
Ulaf having a stroke

Ulaf, the eldest inmate in Cassian’s level prison, collapses due to a stroke. Cassian tries to help him as much as he can, but he loses his footing and control of his body. It leads to Kino calling a medic. 

Kino shoos Melshi away and stays with Cassian to help Ulaf and the doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor says that Ulaf will have to be put down because it is a major stroke, and he will not survive.

While administering the fatal drug, the doctor says something that makes their heart stop. He reveals that Ulaf is lucky to be going this way. In a week, others will be wishing they were him. 

He also says that Level 2 was burned down because a man released from level 4 got into level 2. He outed their secret to everyone on the level. They burned it down to kill everyone.

Andor Episode 9 Ending: A Prison Heist Loading?
Dr. Rashiv

Kino realizes he will never get out of prison by being a good boy. The sentences are fake, and the shifts are all made-up. Kino finally changes sides and decides to help Cassian plan the heist. He reveals that there are never more than twelve guards on a floor at any time. 

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