Sex Education Season 4 Ending: Did Sex Education Get a Happy Ending?

Netflix’s Sex Education concludes after four seasons, wrapping up the coming-of-age journeys of the students at Moordale Secondary. This final installment resolves unfinished romantic arcs, and the character searches for identity and purpose.

Though an era ends for the show, the finale feels like a beginning for the core characters embarking on new chapters. It all began with Otis and Maeve founding a sex therapy clinic at school to guide their peers. Their stories reach a fitting endpoint, with the characters forever changed by their experiences.

1. Who Wins the Student Elections?

The student elections at Moordale Secondary School sparks intense rivalry this season. Aimee, Ruby, and new student Viv compete for Head Girl. Meanwhile, Otis and Ola’s clinic has a shakeup when Ola’s new love interest, Olive, becomes Otis’s partner.

Otis struggles to share the spotlight with Olive, who connects well with students seeking advice. When Olive proposes to expand the clinic, Otis resists, wanting to cling to his identity as the sex therapy expert. The conflict strains Otis and Ola’s relationship as both are too stubborn to compromise.

With tensions high over the clinic, Ruby offers to help Otis’ election campaign, hoping to defeat her longtime nemesis, Ola. Working closely ignites the chemistry between Ruby and Otis. After an intimate moment together, guilt-ridden Otis cuts things off, especially once Maeve returns unexpectedly. A spurned Ruby quits the campaign.

To sabotage Ola’s chances, Ruby convinces another student, Connor, to run. She also leaks an old video of Ola bullying Ruby. Ultimately, neither Ola nor Otis wins – Connor is elected Head Boy instead. But the damage is done, with friendships splintered amidst the bitter election.

The elections capture the fractious mood at Moordale. Though the winner is ultimately inconsequential, the divisive race takes a toll on relationships. This captures the shifting dynamics between the students as they outgrow past versions of themselves.

After winning the election, Connor shockingly reveals he only ran to get on a radio show with Otis’s mom, who he finds attractive. Realizing the clinic matters more than his superficial motives, Connor forgoes running it and offers Otis the chance instead.

However, humbled by recent events, Otis declines and recommends Ola for the role. He recognizes his insecurities drove much of the conflict and that Ola has a natural talent for helping students. Otis matures by putting aside ego for the greater good.

Ultimately, Ola proposes restarting the clinic together – combining their strengths as partners. Otis agrees, appreciating what they can achieve cooperatively versus competitively. The resolution mends fences and allows them to serve the student body as a team.

The election fallout brings growth for Otis and Ola. They transcend petty differences and reconnect over their shared passion for supporting others. Their joint leadership of the new clinic signals regained wisdom, maturity, and friendship.

The Bittersweet Breakup of Otis and Ruby

This season saw the unexpected pairing of Otis and Ruby continuing to deepen, even as it faced ongoing questions and obstacles. After they broke up last season when Otis admitted he still had feelings for Maeve, Ruby wanted to keep their revived relationship casual.

But it became clear there were real emotions involved as jealousy and miscommunications abounded. When Ruby’s father was arrested, Otis was there for her in a vulnerable moment, leading to them having sex for the first time.

However, Ottis’ residual feelings for Maeve lingered, causing friction over his lingering connection to her. Tensions escalated when he couldn’t reciprocate by saying “I love you” after Ruby confessed, she loved him. In the finale, Otis finally admits he isn’t over Maeve, prompting an emotional Ruby to end things for good.

While heartbreaking, it was a painfully honest and realistic conclusion to this complex relationship. As Ruby said, she deserves someone who can love her wholeheartedly, not half. And Otis still has some personal growth and self-discovery before becoming a reliable partner.

That said, there is poignancy in Ruby being the one to finally walk away, demonstrating her maturation and growth of self-worth. The scene where she sobs in her father’s arms afterward also hints that for all her prickliness, rejection hits her hard. Otis is left saddened at losing someone he cares for deeply, even if he isn’t in love. So, there is bittersweetness in this ending of their arc this season, with both parties realizing what they genuinely need even as it hurts to say goodbye.

2. Does Maeve go back to America?

Yes, Maeve returns to America for the writing program after resolving things with Elsie in the finale.

When Maeve returns, she stands up to her overly critical professor, Thomas Molloy. She tells him his harsh teaching methods nearly made her abandon the program entirely. But Maeve asserts she won’t let him be the “gatekeeper of her dreams” and that he doesn’t get to determine her self-worth.

This moment shows Maeve reclaiming her confidence and voice. After putting Elsie first and making sacrifices, Maeve prioritizes pursuing her passion on her terms.

Show creator Laurie Nunn said Maeve’s journey this season is about believing in herself and knowing she deserves good things. Her return to America and standing up to Molloy captures this evolution in her character’s growth and maturity.

In the end, Maeve returns to the writing program, but now with the self-assurance she previously lacked. She returns empowered, no longer doubting her potential or letting others undermine her aspirations.

What happened at the end of Sex Education Season 4?
Emma Mackey in Sex Education (2023) | Source: IMDb

3. What is the Fund Raising Money Used For?

Aside from the elections, a significant event is the charity fundraiser organized by Eric, Abbi, Roman, and Aisha. Eric suggests donating proceeds to his struggling church’s soup kitchen, hoping to build a bridge between the LGBTQ+ students and the church.

However, the pastor later reveals the church researched the student organizers and doesn’t condone their advocacy. Despite the good cause, the church won’t accept funds from the queer students.

Meanwhile, Cal goes missing, sparking a search effort. Jackson and Eric find Cal and provide support during their emotional distress over gender identity struggles.

With the church no longer an option, Aisha proposes giving the money to help fund Cal’s long-awaited top surgery. This act of solidarity and care from their community could tremendously aid Cal. Eric and others agree.

The fundraiser pivots from bridging divides to uplifting their own. Donating towards Cal’s surgery becomes a powerful way to show meaningful allyship and it let Cal know they are cared for. Though the initial idea falls through, the students find an even better cause – helping lift a struggling friend in need.

4. Why Does Eric Decide to Become a Pastor?

Amidst romantic tensions, Eric’s personal growth into self-acceptance shines this season. At liberal Cavendish, Eric freely expresses his queer identity, no longer stifling himself. However, reconciling his faith and sexuality remains fraught.

Eager for baptism, Eric grapples with pretending to be someone he’s not to find acceptance in church. He considers abandoning his faith to live openly as his true gay self.

But cryptic dreams make Eric ponder if he can integrate both halves of himself. Through deep introspection, Eric realizes he need not compartmentalize – he can honor his Christianity and queerness in harmony.

Eric’s journey represents Making inner peace and shedding limiting expectations. He learns to embrace all facets of himself, finding purpose in building bridges between communities. Eric’s hard-won self-actualization models profound acceptance of one’s whole identity.

Eric attempts to bridge divides by donating fundraiser money to his church. But when they refuse support from queer students, Eric rethinks his baptism plans.

On the day of the ceremony, Eric decides not to go through with it, as suppressing himself feels wrong. He comes out to the congregation, unable to pretend anymore.

After leaving, Eric feels liberated from being his true self. A vision of God reveals her plan – for Eric to speak out, not hide. By advocating within the church as an openly gay man, he can catalyze reform.

When the pastor later offers an olive branch, Eric realizes he can help bring positive change from inside the institution. There’s an opportunity for dialogue and evolution.

Eric finds purpose in advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance within religion rather than abandoning his faith. He decides to become a pastor himself to transform attitudes. Eric embraces his identity to change hearts and minds.

What happened at the end of Sex Education Season 4?
Ncuti Gatwa in Sex Education (2023) | Source: IMDb

5. What happens to Cal?

Cal struggles with severe depression this season, unable to access the gender affirmation surgery they desperately need. When Cal goes missing, the students unite to search for them.

Cal is found safe, but the ordeal highlights the mental health toll of being denied essential, identity-confirming healthcare. The fundraiser money is donated to Cal’s surgery, providing vital support.

Show creator Laurie Nunn notes that Cal’s story insightfully highlights the healthcare barriers facing many young transgender people in the UK. Though Cal continues facing challenges, the community rallying behind them provides hope that they will persevere and thrive as their authentic selves.

Portraying Cal’s healthcare struggles and mental health crisis due to lack of access sensitively illuminates the urgent need for gender-affirming care. Donating to Cal’s surgery conveys deep empathy while capturing how vitally this support is needed. Cal’s journey represents persisting through adversity with the aid of a compassionate community.

6. How does Sex Education end for the rest of the cast?

Adam (Connor Swindells): After getting a job as a farmhand, Adam realizes he’s great with animals — and his father (Alistair Petrie) discovers his son’s talent too. Finally, they can communicate, and Mr. and Mrs. Groff (Samantha Spiro) end the series together as a happy family.

Ruby (Mimi Keene): Ruby didn’t always have such a steely exterior — it turns out that as kids, O was responsible for Ruby getting bullied about wetting the bed. But once Ruby outs O’s bullying past and apologizes, she realizes that outing O didn’t feel good at all, and her positive new school is rubbing off on her and making her a better person.


Two loving mothers raised Jackson, but he longs to know his biological origins. When his moms refuse to reveal who his father is, Jackson investigates and learns he’s the product of an affair between his mom and a married former co-worker. Though deeply hurt by his dad’s rejection, Jackson finds comfort in his mom’s love and their reason for secrecy – to shield him from pain. His journey represents navigating complex family dynamics and finding identity amidst revelations.


With new boyfriend Isaac’s support, Aimee discovers a talent for art and photography this season. She also achieves meaningful healing from her assault, learning to trust and be vulnerable in a relationship again. Aimee’s arc shows the power of healthy partnerships to help us better understand ourselves. Her reclaiming intimacy and creative passions model recovering from trauma through uplifting self-expression and care from loved ones.


Otis initially feels threatened by O’s natural talent as a student therapist. But he eventually recognizes her merit in helping classmates and believes she should continue the work. Otis realizes his insecurity blinded him to O’s gifts. He evolves by proposing they cooperate as partners in the clinic to benefit all students. Otis’ arc shows growing beyond ego to acknowledge others’ strengths.

The Coven:

Abbi learns excess positivity has downsides and venting is healthy. After confessing her frustrations, her relationship with Roman improves. Aisha’s feedback helps Abbi embrace a balanced mindset. Meanwhile, Aisha shares feeling isolated, given her disability. In response, the Coven learns sign language, showing a willingness to accommodate Aisha. The friends evolve through open communication, compromise, and committing to meaningful inclusion.

7. Will there be a Sex Education Season 5?

Sex Education Season 4 is the final installment of the series. Show creator Laurie Nunn has said this conclusion was planned, and she will be taking a break before considering potential spinoffs or revisiting the world of Moordale.

While no Season 5 is confirmed, Nunn has left the door open, noting the show’s rich world and fun teenage stories offer opportunities to explore more in that universe.

For now, Season 4 provides a fitting end cap to the journey of these beloved characters. Fans can reminisce by rewatching from the start. One day, we may return to Moordale again for a new chapter with the next generation of students. But the core story audiences have followed over four seasons has reached its narrative conclusion at the end of this chapter.

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8. About Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama streaming television series created by Laurie Nunn for Netflix. It premiered on January 11, 2019 and has an ongoing manga adaptation that began serialization on July 15, 2022.

It follows the story of Otis Milburn, an awkward teenager who is trying to navigate his life through high school. He is trying to find his own sexuality while helping others in his school with their pressing sexual problems in his makeshift sex clinic. His source of advice? His mother, Dr. Jean Milburn, a real sex therapist and his biggest source of embarrassment.

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