Who does Hajime Nagumo end up with – Yue or someone else?

Taking the isekai anime world by storm since its debut in 2019, Arifureta has won hearts with its uniquely ruthless protagonist Hajime Nagumo and his ever-growing entourage of beauties.

As its second season premiered on the 13th of this month, fandom couldn’t be more thrilled to see their favorite anti-hero and his leading ladies heading into battle once again.

While the plot and visuals never fail to satiate its audience, it’s Hajime’s love life that’s always taken the spotlight.

With an ever-expanding harem of exceptionally talented and drop-dead gorgeous women who constantly claw at each other and him for attention, fans have been wondering – Who would be the lucky girl that wins him over?

In the ‘After Story’ web novel, it is confirmed that Hajime Nagumo marries 8 women after his final battle with Ehit. He ends up marrying Yue, Shea, Tio, Kaori, Aiko, Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Shizuku, and Remia.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Arifureta.

How exactly does Hajime end up with 8 girls?!

Who knew that a humble and soft-spoken otaku could transform into a cynical and seemingly unfeeling heartthrob that women swoon over? While Nagumo’s power and skill trump that of a god (literally!), he had to go through hell to get them.

What does Hajime Nagumo’s love life look like?
Hajime Nagumo | Source: Fandom

Betrayed and left for dead in the Orcus Labyrinth that was crawling with monstrosities, he endured constant suffering that melted away his once kind-hearted and naïve personality, making way for a brutal killing machine who was downright demonic.

Although this rough exterior was a farce to protect him from future backstabbing, it did not deter these ladies from getting close and coaxing his compassionate and loving side as the story progressed.

1. Relationship with his 8 Loves.

Kicking off the list is his first wife and Vampire Princess (turned Queen), Yue. While she may appear chilly and sadistic at times, she secretly craved affection.

Finding common ground on being betrayed by those closest to them, both she and Hajime vowed to protect each other and return to his home in Japan.

Despite a marked age difference, they were instantly drawn to one another, even synchronizing their fighting styles to beat the monsters of the Labyrinth.

What does Hajime Nagumo’s love life look like?
Yue, Shea, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku, Aiko, Remia, Lilian | Source: Fandom

Over time, Hajime grew very fond and protective of her and slowly opened up to the emotional support she offered. He even considered their relationship serious and turned down Kaori when she initially confessed.

Even after meeting Shea, the rabbit-beast girl, and Tio, the princess of the Dragonmen, he had eyes only for Yue. Shea is bubbly and bright, has no filter when she speaks, and often breaks up fights between the girls.

While her high-spirited personality annoyed Hajime, he came to miss it as she gradually changed throughout the story. On the other hand, Tio is masochistic and fearless, who would often enjoy his berating’s and coldness (much to his chagrin).

Over time, he came to realize his genuine love for both of them. While Shea craved for Hajime’s love from the get-go, Tio only came to realize her true feelings for him later in the series.

While Yue, Tio, and Shea expressed their infatuation with him right off the bat, his classmate Kaori had a crush on him for years. Even though she was turned down, she continued to try and win his heart.

However, her attempts would result in fights between her and Yue.

While Hajime doesn’t explicitly confess his love for Kaori, he still cares greatly about her, as evidenced by his rage when Hiyama temporarily killed her.

Shizuku (another classmate) wasn’t smitten with Hajime at first but gradually developed feelings after the events at the Haltina Labyrinth. However, she chose to ignore them for the sake of her friend Kaori. But she couldn’t keep them bottled up for long as she confessed her love to Hajime in Volume 10.

When Hajime returned her sentiments, fans were ecstatic, finally setting those Hajime x Shizuku ships sail. Aiko’s relationship certainly set those steamy teacher-student ships on fire.

But she was embarrassed by her feelings and actions, seeing as a grown woman who fell for a 17-year-old.

Remia’s love started as a pretense for the sake of her daughter Myu. However, she came to truly love Hajime when she realized just how much Myu meant to him.

Hajime being a Papa

Lilian was instantly taken by Hajime when he won against the Demon Army and rescued her from being raped. But she was unsuccessful in winning him over in the ‘Main Story,’ despite her attempts. Finally, she got him to love her in the ‘After Story.’

In the end, he wed and bed all 8 of his wives when he returned home to Japan following his final battle with Ehit, showing us that he had a lot of love to give despite the brutal persona he chose to portray.

2. Why does Yuka remain a mistress?

This question has been plaguing the minds of everyone in the fandom.

Branded as top-tier waifu material, coupled with the teasingly sensual interactions that Yuka has with Hajime, it’s clear that the entire universe is pushing for the addition of a 9th wife. Still, Yuka seems to hold herself back.

What sets her apart from the rest of the girls is her assertiveness and leadership. Plus, having a voice of reason and logic that isn’t swayed by lust or love would be a great addition to the group.

What does Hajime Nagumo’s love life look like?
Yuka | Source: Fandom

While it is heavily portrayed that she has feelings for him through teasing’s of her being a mistress and her conversations with him, she denies this and even states that she wouldn’t join his group.

But her reasons for not joining his harem remain unclear. She may be taking a page out of Shizuku’s book, refusing to accept her feelings as she thinks it wouldn’t be fair for his friends, or she still needs more time for her character to develop a bond with Hajime.

Seeing that she has a stark difference in personality compared to the other girls, Shirakome may be teasing an upcoming arc where we can see her love for Hajime blossom.

Does Nagumo take all his wives to Japan?

One of the most distinguishing highlights of Hajime’s character is his goal of returning home to Japan.

Instead of going the overused and clichéd route of staying and defending the world he was transported to, he decides to abandon it along with his party regardless of the humans, demons, or gods that needed to be killed or the atrocities that had to be committed.

What does Hajime Nagumo’s love life look like?
Hajime Nagumo | Source: IMDb

His longing to return home was his only motivation to survive the abyss he was cast into and the dangers of Tortus. Even after meeting his future wives, he did not deter from his objective, even promising to take them with him.

Since the anime has a lot to catch up on the ‘Main Story’ of the web novel, some fans are left in the dark on whether he made good on his promise or not. Thankfully, the ‘After Story’ shows us that he did make it to Japan with all his lovers.

However, he was hesitant and fearful if his parents would accept him after everything he’s done. But luckily for Hajime, he had the most supportive parents anyone could ever ask for.

Not only did they accept him despite the horrific crimes he committed in Tortus, they even welcomed all of his future wives, impressed and pleased that he managed to bag so many women.

Does Nagumo have a Daughter?

You would think that after marrying 8 women who were comfortable with motherhood and have even demanded they be knocked up, Hajime would have had a child by now. But alas, he’s yet to have one of his own.

What does Hajime Nagumo’s love life look like?
Myu | Source: Fandom

Following the battle between the traffickers’ who suffered the wrath of Hajime, which resulted in their deaths and destruction of their hideouts, Myu was taken into the group.

While Hajime was reluctant at first and was even dismayed when she promoted him from “Big Brother” to “Papa” (hilariously upon his correction), she slowly began to grow on him, garnering his extremely protective nature and care.

He would later lash out against his former classmate Kousuke Endou for yelling and scaring Myu, and in the process, even call her his daughter, prompting the girls to comment how much of a father he had become to Myu.

After finally reuniting Myu with her mother, Remia, we see through her excellent sense of perception how disheartened Hajime was to leave Myu as he saw her as his daughter.

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