Here’s How Matt Murdock’s Appearance in No Way Home May Be Linked to Kingpin in Hawkeye

It’s been an excellent year for MCU fans. MCU gave us two back-to-back surprises (was it a surprise, though?) with the appearance of Kingpin in Hawkeye’s latest episode and Daredevil in Spiderman: No Way Home.

Before we go further, this is your disclaimer that there are major spoilers ahead, so you know what to do if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

You all are definitely lying if you’re telling me you did not scream internally when Charlie Cox made his appearance as Matt Murdock in Now Way Home. How many years did MCU fans wait for this and sit through an array of rumors and random hints and statements?

Now that Matt Murdock is finally here (though we do not see him as Daredevil in the movie), I have been thinking how this might actually be related to the recent appearance of Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye.

The appearance of Matt Murdock in No Way Home and Kingpin in Hawkeye may be linked in the MCU as they’ve always been staunch rivals. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have also played rivals in Daredevil earlier, so MCU may have plans to continue their storyline.

How is Murdock’s appearance related to Kingpin’s introduction in Hawkeye?

Charlie Cox, who played the titular character of Daredevil in the series, made his appearance in Spiderman: No Way Home as Spidey’s lawyer. It really cannot be a coincidence that Vincent D’Onofrio, who played Kingpin in the same series, also appeared in Hawkeye as the main villain at the same time.

Here’s how Matt Murdock’s appearance in No Way Home maybe linked to Kingpin in Hawkeye
Matt Murdock

Since the same actors who played Daredevil and Kingpin respectively in the series Daredevil have both made their appearance in MCU, maybe this is the hint that the storyline of the two is connected here as well.

Though Daredevil’s appearance was pretty short in Now Way Home, it meant something for the future of Matt Murdock in the MCU. Kingpin and Daredevil have always been rivals, so we might see some clashes between them in the MCU in the future.

In fact, since it is now confirmed that Kingpin was the big villain who has been guiding Echo, aka Maya Lopez, all along, Kingpin will soon reveal his real intentions. We never know; MCU can even surprise us with an appearance of Charlie Cox as Daredevil in the season finale of Hawkeye.

After all, Kevin Feige has already assured us that if Daredevil is introduced in the MCU, Charlie Cox will play the role.

Daredevil might be related to Kingpin’s evil plan, and he might have been looking for ways to take revenge on him, which will make things even more enjoyable. In an ideal world, I would expect Cox to make his grand entry as Daredevil in the end-credits scene of the Hawkeye finale.

Here’s how Matt Murdock’s appearance in No Way Home maybe linked to Kingpin in Hawkeye
Daredevil and Kingpin

Just MCU things. Is any MCU show or movie complete without an end-credits scene surprise?

What does it mean for Daredevil’s future in the MCU?

Charlie Cox’s appearance as Matt Murdock in No Way Home suggests that Daredevil is officially a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To be honest, Daredevil was always a part of the MCU, directly or indirectly. There was no official declaration, and he did not make his appearance in major MCU movies before. Still, the entire first season of the series Daredevil was set in the aftermath of the battle of Avengers VS Chittauri in 2012.

Here’s how Matt Murdock’s appearance in No Way Home maybe linked to Kingpin in Hawkeye

So, Matt Murdock’s appearance in Daredevil just makes it more official. I guess now we can consider the events shown in Daredevil as part of the MCU. With Kingpin’s entry, the Daredevil-Kingpin rivalry will also come into the picture.

So in the future, I would expect other Marvel heroes to be a part of the Daredevil-Kingpin rivalry. Atleast Spiderman should definitely join his friend Daredevil in the battle! There’s no harm in wishful thinking, is there?

There’s a lot to expect from the MCU in the near future. Here’s hoping we get more surprises.

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