WandaVision Episode 3 Ending Explained

If the end Episode 2 of Marvel’s latest series WandaVision was explosive, that of Episode 3 can be safely called volcanic. Despite offering us a soothing Hydra Bath as a break from a tiring life (read, reality), the episode actually set the whole series ablaze with that ending.

By the end of episode 3, Wanda had given birth to twin boys, and Geraldine was revealed as a member of a mystery organization keeping an eye on the couple. Episode 3 ended with a much more explosive blast than Wanda’s pregnancy and her world suddenly going color.

We have a lot of questions. Firstly, what does the whole warped reality trope mean for Wanda’s twins? Will they disappear once Westview goes back to normal?

Secondly, whatever happened to Geraldine and what does it mean for the future of WandaVision? It may be recalled that in the days leading up to WandaVision’s release, ‘Geraldine’ was revealed to be Monica Rambeau. The show did not confirm it officially but, just like Jimmy Woo’s voice on the radio, the character is listed in foreign credits as ‘Monica Rambeau.

Thirdly, the episode has made it more than clear that Westview is a real, physical place under the control of Wanda. It is not an imaginary setting or someplace inside Wanda’s head. It is real. So does that mean its residents have been trapped by Wanda? Why does the doctor say so somberly, “It is very difficult to escape small towns”?

We knew something was wrong with WandaVision’s perfect sitcom world. But the jump back to reality would have been so sudden and so violent, was unexpected. Here’s everything it means for the series and upcoming Episode 4 releasing Friday, January 29.

1. Are Wanda’s twin boys real? Who are they?

This sequence of events in Episode 3 — the destruction, the twins’ birth, and the reveal an alternate reality — only confirms what fans have guessed all along. The WandaVision series is inspired by the 2005 Marvel comic book crossover called House of M.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Esad Ribić, House of M features both the Avengers and the X-Men. It is centered on Wanda while she is in the middle of a nervous breakdown and manipulates reality to give herself a set of twins with Vision. All this lasts until Professor X uses his telepathy to tell Wanda to stop.

WandaVision Episode 3 Ending Explained

But if Wanda has simply created her’s and Vision’s world in her mind, where does that leave the twins who are born? Are they real? Will they disappear once Wanda’s warped reality goes back to normal? Or are they creations of the Scarlet Witch and the show will mark the birth of two new superheroes.

We have some help from Marvel comics here. Wanda and Vision have twin boys Thomas and William in the comics who grow up to become superheroes – Wiccan and Speed, respectively. Given that the series’ names of Wanda’s twins are but shorter versions of the comics’ names – Tommy and Billy, maybe they are for real. That could mean the introduction of Wiccan and Speed in future MCU productions.

2. What happened to Geraldine / Monica?

The second biggest mystery of WandaVision’s latest episode has to be Geraldine’s fate. After that major Ultron slip-up where she reminds Wanda of how her twin brother, Pietro, was killed, Geraldine disappears from Westview. As Wanda tells Vision, Geraldine was in a hurry to be sent back home.

Before throwing Geraldine out of Westview, Wanda also panics about her necklace with a sword pendant, similar to the one she had been seeing in the last two episodes. Why does Wanda get petrified, and eventually irate, after seeing the sword symbol?

WandaVision Episode 3 Ending Explained
Monica Rambeau

What is more confusing is that Westview residents seem to know something is not right with Geraldine. As Wanda continues to grill Geraldine over the Ultron mention, Vision is perplexed by the conversation of his neighbors, Herb and Agnes. Agnes stops Herb just short of telling Vision something. We never find out what it is.

By the time Vision is back inside the house, Geraldine is gone. When he asks Wanda where she went, stating how weird Herb and Agnes were behaving, she just says Geraldine went back home.

In the next scene, we see the screen size expanding from a classic 70s square to a wide-angle view seen in recent Marvel films. Geraldine flies through a hole in what seems like an electronic bubble with a rainbow-colored noise, common to color TVs.

Geraldine is soon surrounded by a group of four-wheelers, all bearing the same sword symbol, rushing in to help her out. Someone is definitely keeping watch over Wanda and Vision’s world. Who are they and what do they want? Are they SWORD and was Geraldine / Monica a SWORD agent? Are these guys manipulating Wanda or protecting her or protecting the world from her? Too many questions and seven long days before any answers.

3. What were Herb and Agnes talking about? What do they know?

Thanks to the subtitles, we could hear a little more of Agnes’ and Herb’s over-the-hedge conversation than Vision. They sure knew of Wanda’s unexpected pregnancy and were on the verge of telling Vision something about Geraldine. But Agnes puts her foot down at the last moment and stops Herb midsentence, leaving Vision quite perplexed.

First things first, Herb’s tool malfunction as he cut through the boundary wall while clipping his hedges was tad disturbing. In fact, it may have been a sign of something untoward coming on. The perfect reality of Westview seemed to be splitting apart just as the fence.

WandaVision 01x03 | Agnes and Herb Hiding Something / Angry Wanda
Agnes and Herb Hiding Something

Later in the episode, after the twins are born, Herb is joined by Agnes at the hedge. They know about Wanda’s big belly. Herb is also on the verge of dropping the ball by revealing a big secret to Vision before Agnes stops him.

Herb stops just short of saying they’re all… something. Could the next word be ‘trapped’ or ‘hostages’? Or could it be we’re all ‘villains’? Or simply that we’re all ‘the product of Wanda’s imagination’? Which was it Herb?

So I know the post was titled Episode 3 Ending Explained and I have more questions that answers for y’all. But guys you have to understand, this series is unlike any other. It is basically a collection of Easter eggs spanning decades of MCU and Marvel comics. So what did you think of Episode 3’s ending? What are your interpretations?

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