The Boys S4 Video Reveals Vought’s Ongoing Search for New Supes

A new video from The Boys season 4 highlights Vought’s search for new members to join The Seven and updates us about Black Noir’s absence.

The popular Prime Video series follows the titular group of vigilantes as they work to bring down the corrupt Vought International and their team of superheroes called The Seven who use their powers for unfair purposes.

The Boys is all set to return with a fourth season after a successful run of three seasons. It is based on Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis’ graphic novel series of the same name.

The official Youtube Channel for The Boys, handled by Amazon Prime, titled “Vought International” has released a new video for the upcoming season 4 of the series. The video features Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) updating the viewers about the recent activities and current situation of Vought International. Check out the video here –

Ashley Barrett | Q1 Earnings Recap
Ashley Barrett | Q1 Earnings Recap

In the video, Ashley mentions that Vought International is looking for new members to join The Seven, after the supposed death of Queen Maeve and Starlight’s betrayal in season 3. However, she also makes it clear that Vought is at a very good place with improved statistics to prove the same. The video also hints that The Boys season 4 will address the mystery behind Black Noir’s death, as Ashley explains he is on a secret “critical” mission abroad.

The Boys S4 Video Reveals Vought’s Ongoing Search for New Supes
Black Noir

Moreover, Ashley also indicates that the reconstruction of Vought HQ is almost complete now. Though the video does not reveal who the new members of The Seven could be, previous marketing campaigns for The Boys season 4 strongly hint at Sister Sage and Firecracker.

These two characters are created specifically for the series, though the showrunners are keeping their story under wraps as of now. Previously, showrunner Eric Kripke hinted that the two new Supes joining The Seven will be “just who Homelander needs”, as he will begin to embrace a more violent and dangerous side of his character in season 4.

Another question that The Boys season 4 must address is that who will be the next Black Noir following Earving’s death at the hands of Homelander in season 3. We already know that season 4 will include a new version of Black Noir, and the new video only confirms it.

Fan theories suggest that the show could follow the route of the comics, where Black Noir is actually a clone of Homelander. The Supe was created in the comics as a backup for Homelander to replace him in case he becomes a liability and needs to be killed.

The Boys S4 Video Reveals Vought’s Ongoing Search for New Supes

In fact, this idea was loosely explored in The Boys prequel, titled “The Boys Presents: Diabolical’s “One Plus One Equals Two.” Now that the new video confirms that Black Noir is still around albeit on a “secret mission”, it seems like Vought has a plan in place to bring back Black Noir in some way or the other.

No official release date for The Boys season 4 has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated as and when it is announced! Meanwhile, you can watch The Boys seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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About The Boys

The Boys is an American satirical superhero streaming television series developed by Eric Kripke for Prime Video. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which was originally published by DC Comics under their Wildstorm imprint before moving to Dynamite Entertainment, it follows the eponymous team of vigilantes as they combat superpowered individuals who abuse their abilities.

The show is a satirical take on the superhero genre and showcases a world where superheroes are corporatized and controlled by companies. What happens when these superheroes step out of line and rub some boys the wrong way, is the story. 

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