VIZMedia Set to Release English Version of One Piece: HEROINES in 2025

We all are excited about Egghead Island’s finale, slowly revealing all the secrets and proving every theory. While One Piece is about pirates, fans feel that the female characters in the story were less focused on.

Oda heard them, and he’s back with a spin-off featuring the most beloved women of the One Piece universe. 

VIZMedia announced the English version of Oda’s spin-off novel One Piece: HEROINES, which will be released in Spring 2025. The spin-off will follow the adventures of Nami, Robin, Vivi, and Perona.

Oda is credited as the CREATOR of One Piece: HEROINES, but Jun Esaka will write the script, and Sayaka Suwa will create the art. 

It’s unclear how Oda will be involved, but his name will be prominently featured on Heroines. He will likely at least provide guidance in the creative process so fans can be confident that the original creator of One Piece will oversee the spin-off.

Volume 1 of the Japanese version was released in June 2021, and volume 2 was released in March 2024. Each chapter featured different heroines and their adventures. You can check the details from the list below. 

ChapterHeroineMagazine Volume
1NamiOne Piece Magazine Vol.8
2Nico RobinOne Piece Magazine Vol.9
3Nefertari ViviOne Piece Magazine Vol.10
4PeronaOne Piece Magazine Vol.11
Vol. ExtraNamiOne Piece novel HEROINES Volume 1
5Boa HancockOne Piece Magazine Vol.12
6TashigiOne Piece Magazine Vol.13
IllustrationsOne Piece Magazine Vol.14
7UtaOne Piece Magazine Vol.15
8Vinsmoke ReijuOne Piece Magazine Vol.17
Vol. ExtraNami & RobinOne Piece novel HEROINES Volume 2

The English version will primarily translate the preceding chapters while preserving the original storyline. This release will make the novel available to a wider fan base.

About One Piece Heroines

‘One Piece Novel Heroines’ is a novel consisting of eight main chapters (and an Illustrations extra) released in the One Piece Magazines, from volumes eight to seventeen, and two tankōbon-exclusive extra chapters. The novel was released on March 4, 2024. An English version will be released in 2025.

The novel centers around six key heroines, giving readers a deeper insight into their stories.

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