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Music Anime Visual Prison Reveals Trailer That Mixes J-Rock with Vampires!?

Visual Prison is the upcoming anime by A-1 Pictures that delves into a relatively unknown Japanese music genre known as Visual Kei.

For those who don’t know about Visual Kei, it’s a music movement characterized by varying levels of makeup, elaborate hairstyles, and dazzling costumes coupled with gothic aesthetics.

However, Visual prison goes one step ahead as it turns every musician into a vampire and features three major music bands: Oz, Los†Eden, and Eclipse.

The official website for Visual Prison started streaming the full trailer for the anime, set to release in October 2021. The trailer is fully voiced by the cast and features the insert song “Guilty†Cross” by in-anime rock band Eclipse. 

TVアニメーション『ヴィジュアルプリズン』第1弾PV /2021年10月放送開始!
TV animation “Visual Prison” 1st PV / October 2021 broadcast start!

Guilty†Cross is now available for digital purchase on various music platforms.

The trailer starts with a long shot of a city skyline, but weirdly there are two moons in the sky, one blood-red and the other white. Throughout the rest of the trailer, various characters flow in and out of the frame while hinting at relationships between many of them.

True to the visual kei genre, the characters have an eerie beauty, from pale skins to flamboyant hairstyles. The trailer ends with the insert song, Guilty†Cross, playing in the background. 

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#Visual Prison

#Visual Prison

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Staff members and the cast of the anime have already been announced!

The series follows Ange Yuki, who wrestles with deep-seated loneliness and can’t fit in. However, he soon encounters a live battle between visual kei bands that changes his perspective.

Entrapped between vampires and their schemes, Ange Yuki tries to unravel the mystery of the music and the blood moon. Don’t miss out on this enthralling vampire and music series coming out this fall! 

About Visual Prison

Visual Prison is an original anime by Noriyasu Agematsu and A-1 Pictures. The anime heavily depends on the visual kei subgenre of Japanese rock.

Visual Prison is an annual event in Harajuku where vampires perform the visual kei type of music. Ange Yuki, an orphan, stumbles across the Event one day and encounters his favorite artist.

The bands and music strike a chord deep within him.

Source: Official Website

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