Is Vincent D’Onforio Kingpin in Hawkeye Episode 5?

Hawkeye Episode 5 came out, and while it isn’t packed with action, it is indeed packed with a lot of drama and reveals. While Marvel confirmed the existence of Kingpin in Hawkeye episode 3, fans were eager to see the face and yearning for his appearance.

At the end of episode 4, the show revealed Yelena (Natasha’s sister) trying to kill Hawkeye in a confused four-way face-off between Hawkeye, Kate, Yelena, and Echo. This episode picks up from there, and as the fans had speculated, Yelena and Kate have a one-on-one, not a duel but a chat.

While Yelena asks Kate to question Hawkeye and how good of a person he is, Kate cross-questions Yelena by telling her that someone who hired her has something against Hawkeye.

So who hired her? Is it the Kingpin? If so, is Vincent D’Onforio playing the part?

Vincent D’Onforio appears as Kingpin in Hawkeye episode 5. Yelena sends Kate a picture of the Kingpin standing alongside Eleanor Bishop, who had ordered the hit against Hawkeye. This confirms that Vincent D’Onforio will be playing the infamous gangster, and we might see more of him in episode 6 and even in the MCU.

This episode was perhaps the best in this terrific miniseries. I was particularly hanging between extreme excitement and anxiety, and the show’s events unfolded before me. Guess that’s what happens when in just 40 minutes, there is one colossal reveal after another. God, I wonder what episode 6 has in store for all of us.

Is Vincent D’Onforio Kingpin in Hawkeye Episode 5?

First, we see the one-on-one chat between Kate and Yelena. While Kate tries to defend Hawkeye, Yelena is convinced he killed her sister Natasha. Kate also asks her to find out who ordered the hit to understand the motive for framing Clint.

Being the perfect spy, Yelena wastes no time and snoops around Eleanor Bishop. On a side note, Eleanor always seemed a little too elusive every time Kate confronted her about Jack. In episode 1, when Jack’s father threatens Eleanor, I did feel quite suspicious about her.

There were other hints dropped throughout the series as well. Every time Kate tried talking to her about Jack, she listened but had a completely still face devoid of expressions. It was almost like an attempt not to give anything away after knowing everything about Jack.

All these suspicions were confirmed at the end of episode 5. Kate receives a message from Yelena, who states that Eleanor Bishop ordered the hit on Clint Barton. Yelena also shared a photo of Eleanor Bishop standing with a man none other than Vincent D’Onforio as the Kingpin.

Hawkeye immediately affirms that this was the higher-up guy he was worried about. With the episode ending and we’re left on yet another cliffhanger.

So two main things that I want to talk about here. The first one is about the Kingpin. Is he merely obliging to Eleanor’s request and providing a hitman service, or does he have something against the Hawkeye, too, considering he was the Ronin? Another question popped into my mind: Will he be crossing paths with Hawkeye in episode 6?

Is Vincent D’Onforio Kingpin in Hawkeye Episode 5?
Eleanor Bishop and Jack

Hang in there; I‘ve got a couple more speculative questions about the second thing – Eleanor’s involvement. Were Jack and Eleanor always in together when it came to Jack’s illegal activities? After all, Eleanor’s front as a security company trying to protect Jack is quite convenient. Another question I have in mind is if Eleanor killed Derek. I know that’s a wild one, but let me break it down.

In the comics, Kate’s father, Derek, was a criminal who had killed Eleanor Bishop. However, in the MCU, Eleanor is still alive, and Derek’s dead. So there’s a chance that Eleanor had some role to play in killing Derek in 2012. The motive could be hidden in the argument the two were having at the beginning of episode 1 of the series.

Furthermore, there’s an even greater chance that Eleanor was the one behind killing Jack’s Father. He threatened her at the beginning of the episode and later on was found murdered in his house. I guess the coincidence is quite uncanny. Eleanor must be even more powerful with Jack on her side, making it way too easy for her to kill Jack’s father. After all, he wasn’t fond of him either.

I know, right! That’s an overwhelming amount of theories and speculations. Hopefully, all of these are answered in episode 6, which is releasing next week and will be the season finale. I guess until then, I have no other business other than digging deeper to find more answers.

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Cast members include Jeremy Renner who will be reprising his role as Barton, and Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop. Additional cast includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Florence Pugh, who too will reprise her role from the unreleased “Black Widow”. Hawkeye is scheduled to be released in November 2021.

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