Vin Diesel Shares Riddick 4: Furya Concept Art from Film’s Storyboard

Vin Diesel has big plans with Fast X coming soon in theaters in May 2023, but the actor has another big ongoing franchise, and we’re sure you already know what we’re talking about! The Chronicles of Riddick is getting a fourth instalment, currently in development, and Diesel’s taken it up to keep us up to date with his upcoming projects.

The actor took to Instagram to share new concept art from the upcoming Riddick 4: Furya, showing off his titular character in a frame from the film’s storyboard. You can view Diesel’s original post below:

The 2024 film was revived after almost a decade in 2013, and after its better performance at the box office and DVD sales, the creators churned out a third film. The fourth instalment, whose title was announced by Diesel as Furya first in 2016, has been stuck in development for a while.

The concept art gives the film series’ fans some sneak peak, though we can expect some concrete news only after casting and filming begins. But what do we know about Riddick 4: Furya so far?

The working title Furya suggests Riddick will unearth new surprising truths about his home planet, which Lord Marshall supposedly destroyed. Audiences might get a chance to visit Riddick’s origin with the antihero himself, either with Diesel’s character finding other Furyans on Earth or unearthing more secrets about his lineage. 

Of course, this is purely speculative at this point since not many revealing updates for the film have followed in the last nine years since the previous movie.

Vin Diesel Shares Riddick 4: Furya Concept Art from Film's Storyboard
Vin Diesel as Riddick

We don’t have any news on the potential returns of other characters, but we can confirm franchise writer David Twohy will be returning for Riddick 4. We’ll keep you posted on Diesel’s sneak peeks into Furya’s development process.

About Riddick 4: Furya

Riddick 4: Furya is the fourth movie installation in The Chronicles of Riddick franchise. The movie is developed by Vin Diesel (also starring as the film’s Richard B. Riddick) and writer-director David Twohy. Riddick 4’s release date is yet TBA.

The Chronicles of Riddick is set on a deserted planet plagued by monsters that hunt at night. Riddick, who crashes onto the planet during transit between prisons, joins the crew attempting to kill the monsters and escape to his home planet Furya.

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