Valorant May Be Getting a Console Release as per New Leaks

Back in 2020, Riot Games claimed that it was “prototyping” a console port of Valorant but made no promises. The studio was not entirely convinced that players would be able to experience this 5v5 first-person tactical shooter the same way on consoles as they do on PC. 

Consequently, fans started to wonder if Valorant would ever expand onto PlayStation and Xbox. While Riot is still tight-lipped and hasn’t made anything official, it looks like Valorant is closer than ever to a console release if two major pieces of evidence are anything to go by. 

As pointed out by Valorleaks, the first proof includes multiple console-focused job listings for Valorant, where Riot is seeking Senior Game Designers and a Software Engineering Manager. 

Given that both of these positions seek to bring the Valorant experience to console players, it’s clearcut that Riot is actively working on developing its competitive FPS beyond just PC.  

But this isn’t where things get interesting. 

In February, Shiina, a Valorant’s data miner, discovered two specific strings within the game’s files that make a reference to PSN and Xbox Live.  

The strings say “Connection to ‘PSN’ has been lost” and “Connection to Xbox LIVE has been lost.” 

While these strings were later explained to be “mainly for backend purposes,” it still shows that Riot has started making progress, albeit rather slowly, towards bringing Valorant to consoles. 

Valorant May Be Getting a Console Release as per New Leaks

Fans have already waited for over a year and a half for devs to take this small step, and we’re sure they can hang around for even longer to get their hands on a captivating Valorant port. 

With that being said, there’s no way to know when Valorant will come to consoles but owing to these leaks, that day doesn’t look to be very far away. 

About Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter developed and published by Riot Games. The game has a competitive player base and currently runs on Unreal Engine 4.

The game is set on a near-future Earth and features a cast of characters known as Agents, each of which have their own unique set of abilities to create tactical opportunities. Ten players are divided into two teams, Attackers and Defenders, with the goal of winning the most rounds. Players have access to a number of in-game weapons, shields and abilities which they can purchase before the start of every game.

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