Valheim’s 0.146.8 Patch Notes to Make Killing Bosses a Tough Affair

Valheim’s new patch notes have brought “major changes” to the game. The most notable is that boss fights will now pose a greater challenge than ever. There are a total of five bosses in Valheim. Out of five, three bosses are being strengthened to make life difficult for players.

Besides fixing glitches and improving the game, Valheim’s 0.146.8 patch notes will make Bosses 3, 4, and 5 stronger. Therefore, killing Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth will require twice the effort players previously put in.

Explaining this move, the developer Iron Gate said,

“u guys are killing them too fast,”

Developer Iron Gate

As a result: 

  • Bonemass will now have a faster cooldown on his melee attacks.
  • Moder’s hit points are drastically rocketed by 2,500
  • Yagulth will now have double the HP and “resistance tweaks.”

The new update has also fixed the world bug that is “caused by logging out and pressing ALT+F4 at the same time.” Moreover, the updated socket backend will also improve the connection problems that a lot of players faced.

If you face server issues or witness a black screen whenever you try to connect, your server needs to be updated.

Here is a complete list of changes that Valheim will pack:

  • Crafting item-dupe bug fix
  • Harpooned player & ship bug fix
  • Fixed player ragdoll
  • Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth difficulty tweaks
  • Moder music updated
  • Tombstone bugfix (probably won’t fix disappearing tombstones, though)
  • Fixed world corruption caused by pressing ALT+F4 while logging out.
  • Deathsquitos have a slightly longer audio range
  • Tweaked audio on blast-furnace & spinning wheel
  • Shared map position setting is saved per world
  • Updated network stats (F2)
  • Building destruction drop-fix
  • Vulkan support in windows builds
  • Network disconnection bugfix
  • Updated socket-backend
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About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.

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