Valheim: Here’s a Quick & Easy Guide to Crafting Progression!

The only thing that determines whether you see the light of another day in Valheim is crafting. From basic survival to fighting bosses, crafting is what gets you through in the game. 

The game starts with you being all alone and naked. Therefore, you have to pave your own path of success by exploring this Norse realm to the fullest. Valheim’s vast map has an abundant supply of resources that you can utilize. All these resources will help you craft powerful weapons and armor.

1. Collecting Wood and Stone

Items Made With Wood:

Item Material Required
Workbench  Wood x10
Club  Wood x6
Hammer  Wood x3
(Stone x2)
Chests  Wood x10
Valheim Crafting Progression Guide

Items Made With Stone:

ItemMaterial Required
Stone axe  Wood x5
Stone x4
Stone pickaxe  Wood x3
Stone x10

Players start the game empty-handed in Valheim. Therefore, one should begin by gathering primary resources:

  • Wood: You can get wood by picking up branches or punching small trees.
  • Stone: Collect small rocks that are lying on the ground.

2. Making a Stone Axe

Using Wood and Stone, craft a stone axe (5 wood and 4 stone). A stone axe is a handy tool as it will help you chop trees and defend against greylings and boars.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Crafting Stone Axe

Now, your next move should be to find the right spot for your camp. After setting up a camp, craft a hammer. 

3. Making a Workbench

ItemMaterial Required
WorkbenchWood x10

Now, the hammer will help you craft an essential component of Valheim: a Workbench. To build a Workbench in Valheim, you need to gather ten pieces of wood and craft it by equipping your hammer and the build menu. 

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Making of Workbench

A Workbench in Valheim allows you to craft, repair, and upgrade new and more complex tools and items. A Workbench is one of the most critical tools you will craft when starting the co-op game. 

Your understanding of Valheim would’ve been better by now, so it’s time to kick it up a notch.

4. Acquiring Flint

Items Made With Flint:

ItemMaterial Required
Flint spear  Wood x5
Flint x10
Leather Scraps x2
Flinthead arrows  Wood x8
Flint x2
Feathers x2
Flint axe  Wood x4
Flint x6
Flint KnifeWood x2
Flint x4
Leather Scraps x2

Go to the beach to pick up flint and craft a flint axe using your workbench. The Flint axe (4 Wood and 6 Flint) can be utilized to hunt boars and acquire leather scraps from them. 

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Crafting Flint axe

When it comes to arrows, it is better to use flint arrows rather than regular wood arrows. Flinthead arrows are made in the Workbench using 8 wood, 2 flints, and 2 feathers.

Rather than opting for the regular wood arrows, flinthead arrows are much more of an economical choice. They do 27 damage as compared to the wood arrow’s mere 7-14 damage rate.

5. Upgrading Your Workbench

Place the following nearby your Workbench to level it up:

ItemMaterial Required
Chopping blockWood x10
Flint x10
Adze  Finewood x10
Bronze x3
Tool Shelf  Iron x4 Fine
Wood x10
Obsidian x4
Tanning rack  Wood x10
Flint x15
Leather Scraps x20
Deer hide x20

As you advance further, it is necessary to upgrade your workbench. This will allow you to craft more and better items.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Upgrade your Workbench

To upgrade the Workbench in Valheim, you need to place specific items near it. The things that can elevate a nearby Workbench will be marked with a golden star in the build menu’s crafting section.

6. Acquiring Deer Hide

Items Made With Deer Hide:

ItemMaterial Required
Deer Hide CapeDeer Hide x4
Bone Fragments x5
Leather HelmetDeer Hide x6
Leather PantsDeer Hide x6
Leather TunicDeer Hide x6
Crude BowsWood x10
Leather Scraps x8
Finewood bow  Fine Wood x10
Core Wood x10
Deer Hide x2
Huntsman bow  Fine wood x10
Iron x20
Feathers x10
Deer hide x2  

Using your bow and arrows, hunt deer. The hide of a deer can be crafted into leather armor.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Crafting Deer Hide Cape

Moreover, deer hide along with Bone Fragments can also be used to craft the Deer hide cape.

Note: Bone Fragment is dropped from Skeleton and Rancid Remains found in Black Forest and Burial Chambers.

7. Obtaining Feather

Items Made With Feather:

ItemMaterial required
Fire ArrowsWood x8
Resin x8
Feathers x2

To obtain feathers, kill birds using your arrows. This will enable you to create fire arrows(8 Wood, 8 Resin, and 2 feathers), a tremendous weapon for ranged combat.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Fire Arrow in Valheim

Note – Resins can be acquired as a drop from Beech trees and Saplings. You also get resin as a Greydwarf drop.

8. Building a Pen to Tame Boars & Wolves

Animals that can be tamed in Valheim are:

  • Boars
  • Wolves
Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Building a pen to tame Wolves

To tame a boar in Valheim, build a pen and lure a boar into it. Thus, the materials required to tame boars are:

  • Hoe
  • Wood (30 should be enough)
  • Vegetables (berries, shrooms, etc. preferable 20+)

Just drop in food for the boar and wait for it to eat it and follow you.

9. Building a Smelter to Smelt Metal

Some Items Made With Smelter:

ItemMaterial Required
Iron axeWood x 4
Iron x 20
Leather Scraps x 2  
Iron longsword  Wood x2
Iron x20
Leather scrap x20  
Iron scale mail  Iron x 20
Deer hide x2
Bronze weaponsBronze armor  Bronze
Leather scraps
Cultivator  Core wood x5
Bronze x5
Silver sword  Wood x2
Silver x40
Leather Scraps x3
Iron x5  
Black Metal sword  Fine Wood x2
Black Metal bar x20
Linen Thread x5  
Black Metal axeFine Woodx6
Black metal bar x20
Linen thread x5  
Black Metal shield  Fine Wood x10
Black Metal Bar x8
Chain x5  
Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Smelter in Valheim

Valheim’s vast map has an abundant supply of Iron, Tin, and even Copper deposits that you can mine. All these precious resources can be utilized to make weapons and armour that can help you kill monsters with ease.

Crafting Smelter needs 20 Stones and 5 Surtling Cores. Smelter requires coal to work.

Bronze, Iron, Tin, and Copper weapons and armor can be crafted using the Smelter.

10.  Making Fermenter to Make Meads and Potions

Mead/Potion Base Made With Fermenter:

Mead/ Potion BaseIngredients
Minor Healing10x Honey
5x Blueberries
10x Raspberries
1x Dandelion
Medium Healing10x Honey
4x Blood Bags
10x Raspberries
1x Dandelion
Minor Stamina10x Honey
10x Raspberries
10x Yellow Mushroom
Medium Stamina10x Honey
10x Cloudberries
10x Yellow Mushroom
Frost Resistance10x Honey
5x Thistle
2x Blood Bags
1x Grey Dwarf Eye
Poison Resistance10x Honey
5x Thistle
10x Coal
1x Neck Tail
Tasty (Stamina)10x Honey
10x Raspberries
5x Blueberries

To make a potion in Valheim, players will need to build a FermenterIn Valheim, you can create a Fermenter using a Wood Hammer and the following items:

ItemMaterials Required
FermenterFine Wood x30
Bronze x5
Resin x10
Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Using Fermenter

At this stage, you’ll be facing challenging monsters. Therefore, you will need umpteen potions to back you up.

11.  Building a Farm in Valheim

Following are the seeds that you can farm in Valheim:

  • Carrot seed: Available in the Black Forest
  • Turnip seed: Available in the Swamp biome off Turnip flowers
  • Beech seed: Available as a drop of Beech trees

To farm in Valheim, players have to make a Smelter, then a Forge, and eventually a Cultivator. The players also need to gather some seeds to sow in the farmlands. Then the players can simply select the Cultivator and add some seeds to plant in the tilled areas.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Farming In Valheim

In order to make the Cultivator, players need to use the Smelter and make bronze bars out of tin and copper. Then the bronze bars and a couple of Core Wood logs can be used to make the Cultivator.

12. Crafting a Raft

ItemMaterials required
CraftWood x20
Leather Scraps x6
Resin x6  

A vast map of Valheim will make you venture out in the waterways. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to build a raft.

Valheim Crafting Progression Guide
Crafting Raft in Valheim

Equip your hammer and select the raft option. A raft is a must if you have to reach the swamps. It will shorten the time taken to found the scary, muddy place.

How to Find the Swamp Biome in Valheim?
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13. About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.

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