Valheim Creative Mode -The Best Valheim Buildings You Can Create!

The crafting aspect of Valheim has made every player a talented architect and Valheim’s subreddit is the place to show off their marvelous creations. Each player has made their own rendition of a castle, a boathouse or even their own city in this beautiful game. If you’re looking for inspirations to make your own little wonderland in Valheim, I’ve gathered some of the best builds you can make in the game.

But wait! Before you get into your game and start to gather materials, just know that instead of investing hours and hours trying to gather materials, you can use a mod or some cheat codes to make the process a little easier.

Don’t know how? Let’s get right into how to use cheats and mods in Valheim before you start all the fabulous Valheim Builds!

1. How to Use Console Command for Cheats in Valheim?

To open console commands, press F5 on keyboard and type the command or cheat to use in the dialogue box. To enable cheats in game type imacheater and press enter. The same code needs to be typed again to disable cheater mode.

Reminder- Cheat mode and using cheat code in console command works for single player and not for multiplayer servers.

With the cheat mode enabled, the best cheat code you can use for materials is:

Command – spawn [item] [amount] [level]

Example: spawn FineWood 100 – This spawns 100 finewood planks on the ground so that you can have an easier time building your fortress.

Although the cheat codes are nice and fairly easy to use, it can get quite tiresome trying to spawn each item. One thing you can do is use mods.

2. How to Use Build Mods in Valheim?

To use the Builder Mod in Valheim, players have to extract the mod zip file and the manual, and paste the contents into Valheim’s local folder.

The BuildShare Mod is one of the best mods to use if you want to create beautiful and some of the most amazing bases in Valheim. You can also use other players’ beautiful builds and import them to your own game.

You can also use Valheim Plus to tweak even the minimal parts of your house design to make the perfect base. Note that Valheim Plus offers more than just the building part, but its advanced build option is the perfect mod to let your creative side shine.

3. Best Build Ideas

Now that you know how to create your builds, time for some inspirations. Here are some of the build structures and bases you can create in Valheim:

i. The Valheim Castle

Valheim Creative Mode -The Best Valheim Buildings You Can Create!
The Valheim Castle

Imagine being the King of your own little Kingdom and building the perfect castle. Now with Valheim’s build mods and cheat codes up your sleeve, you can also achieve this classic European wonder.

ii. Valheim Port

If you love rafting everywhere in Valheim, how about making yourself a nice little house attached to a port? This not only makes it easier to escape when enemies are near, but also looks really cool when finished.

iii. Valheim Tree House

Valheim: Swamp Tree House

If you love being amidst the trees and nature, make yourself a classy looking tree house near the swamp biome and watch as the night unfold and stars light up the sky in the eerie biome. Just don’t forget to put a few torches up so that you can always find your way!

iv. Valheim Wizard’s Tower

Feel like touching the sky? Why don’t try and make this tower and observe Valheim’s beauty from the very top. Reddit user Khrynn recommends to using the 2m long reinforced iron beams to get the structure up to that height.

v. Valheim Lighthouse

This Valheim lighthouse is perfect for the players who like to live by the ocean but not really keen on sailing. Just watch out for the tidal waves and lightning strikes to fully enjoy the sweet breeze in Valheim.

vi. Valheim Blacksmith House

Valheim: How To Build A Blacksmith House

Going the more traditional route, Valheim’s concept is perfect for a rustic Blacksmith house to immerse in the whole medieval dynasty. Just add a cellar to your house and don’t forget your smelters, furnaces, and worktables for the full Blacksmith aesthetic.

vii. Valheim Cottage

Valheim Creative Mode -The Best Valheim Buildings You Can Create!
Valheim Cottage

This European Cottage theme house is as cozy as it looks. With a stone fireplace and chimney near the dining room, the cottage is definitely a must try if you’re aiming to make some simple builds in the game.

viii. Valheim Japanese Pagoda

Who says you can’t build a structure inspired by other cultures? Have a look at this beautiful pagoda and marvel at the simple yet mesmerizing design. Also, for the height, make sure to use Core Wood to make taller support beams for your structure.

ix. Valheim Pyramid

Valheim Creative Mode -The Best Valheim Buildings You Can Create!
Valheim Pyramid

Valheim’s unique craft mode even lets you make the most obscure structure that don’t need to follow the laws of gravity. Hence you get the Valheim upside down pyramid. If you’re looking for some fun and want a few good chuckle from your peers, do try this structure out.

Now that you’ve been inspired by some of the greatest player builds in Valheim, go ahead, open your game and let your inner creative self shine!

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2. About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.

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