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Uzumaki Gets Eerie New Teaser but Production Hurdles Delay Anime to 2022

Junji Ito’s Uzumaki is the latest in the ordeal that gives anime fans nightmares. The specific ordeal being the long production cycles.

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The anime adaptation of “Uzumaki,” one of the best horror manga, was announced way back in 2019. However, even after more than a year of waiting, the anime did not come out. The production has been advancing slowly as well.

Additionally, the studio has constantly been updating about various milestones.

Recently, Uzumaki anime director Hiroshi Nagahama announced that the anime debut would be delayed to October 2022 and will only be available on Toonami, the Adult Swim program block. Additionally, a 45-sec teaser was also released. 

Uzumaki Update & Teaser | Toonami | adult swim

Teaser gives us a hill eye view of the small town of Kurouzu-Cho; standing upon the hill, the narrator, high-school teenager Kirie Goshima, tells us that she will tell us the story of her eerie town.

The manga-esque animation is like nothing we have seen before, with art that looks straight from the manga chapters. It truly captures mangaka Junji Ito’s eerie atmospheric themes. 

Even in this short clip, the eerie atmosphere shines through the unique monotone artstyle and the fantastic sound design by Colin Stetson. Mr. Stetson is known for his work in the award-winning horror film Hereditary.

Mr. Nagahama, the anime’s director, has also stated that the animation process used is very time-intensive, which is the leading cause of the delay, and COVID-19 is another factor. 

The anime will consist of four-part episodes which will adapt to Uzumaki manga’s three-volume series.

The cast of Uzumaki includes:

CharactersCastNotable work
Kirie GoshimaUki SatakeTsubomi Takane (Mob Psycho 100) 
Shuichi SaitoShin-ichiro MikiSir Nighteye (My Hero Academia 4) 
Kirie’s fatherToshio FurukawaPiccolo (Dragon Ball) 
Shuichi’s fatherTakashi MatsuyamaDu Feld (One Piece)

Even though many fans are distraught, the sincere appeal by the director has lifted the damp moods, and the short teaser has given hope that the quality of Uzumaki anime is top-notch.

With fans celebrating that the series is not canceled, the hype for the anime in 2022 is through the roof!

Uzumaki marks a milestone as the entire horror genre is very thin and needs rejuvenation. Fans are hoping that the success of this anime will lead to more projects down the line. 

About Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror manga series by Junji Itou. It was serialized in the Big Comic Spirits manga 1998-1999. An anime production is scheduled for fall 2022.

The story starts in a small town, Kurouzu-cho. This eerie town gives birth to a spiral curse that makes people paranoid about spirals and gradually leads them to their deaths.

Kirie and Shuichi plan their escape from the town and its curse, but it is tougher than they expected.


Source: Adult Swim Youtube

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