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Utau Soccer Panda Mifanda Announced Delay Due to COVID-19

Music Interact Football for All or MIFA organizes events featuring music and football. The company claims that both music and football are great communicating tools and bring people together.

MIFA had announced in May that an anime featuring the company’s mascot ‘Mifanda’ would air in July 2020. It was also stated that Mifanda would feature in an exclusive anime titled ‘Utau Soccer Panda Mifanda.’

Later in June, a promotional video was released for the anime hyping fans about its July 2020 debut. It was released on MIFA’s youtube channel featured Mifanda telling the exhausted teammates that there were 17 minutes of additional time tacked onto the match. The video closes with Mifanda asking, “Is this an anime?”

「歌うサッカーパンダ ミファンダ」PV
Utau Soccer Panda Mifanda

The anime adaptation was due to premiere last month. However, the official Twitter account for Mifanda announced on July 31 that the anime slated to debut in July had been postponed due to the pandemic.

Anime “Singing Soccer Panda Mifanda” Broadcast from July has been postponed! Shobon… But for everyone who is looking forward to it, We will specially broadcast Section 0 “Additional Time”! Please look forward to it a little more~

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The tweet apologized to fans for the delay in broadcast and assured them the staff was working together to ensure regular broadcast.

MIFA released Section 0 Additional Time on its official Youtube Channel for fans who were looking forward to the anime. Section 0 Additional time was previously teased in the PV that had been released in June.

アニメ 『歌うサッカーパンダ ミファンダ』 第0節 アディショナルタイム

Utau Soccer Panda Mifanda stars Kensho Ono and Taichi Ichikawa as Mifanda’s teammates “3-Ban” (No. 3) and “18-Ban” (No. 18), respectively.

About MIFA

MIFA( Music Interact Football for All) is a project that utilizes the profits from music and football for social contribution activities and is centered on Ukasukazy, a unit consisting of Mr. Children ‘s Kazutoshi Sakurai and rapper GAKU-MC.

Source: MIFANDA Official Twitter Account

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