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Upcoming Horror Masterpiece Anime ‘Uzumaki’ Disappoints Fans with Another Delay

Uzumaki, the masterpiece series from Junji Ito, has been keeping us on our toes for quite a while now. The series’ anime got greenlit in 2020, but we are yet to see any updates on the adaptation.

What’s worse is that the only updates we get are regarding the anime getting delayed further and further back.

The official Twitter account for the Uzumaki anime reported on Monday that the project has been delayed once again. The anime was initially set to premiere in October 2022 and has been indefinitely postponed.

In the message, the production committee has informed that the delay is due to the fact that they want to replicate the intricate designs and detailed work of Junji Ito. We can all admit that, apart from the plot, Uzumaki’s linework is what made the manga so unique and eerie.

The team has further written that they don’t want to deliver a ‘mediocre final product’ or compromise its quality. A confirmed premiere date will be revealed at a later time.

This marks the third time that the anime adaptation has been delayed, and although fans have been very supportive of the staff, a bit of restlessness is understandable.

Uzumaki is one of those series that can scare you with its atmosphere way before any ghost arrives. The story begins in a small town where a strange phenomenon occurs due to spiral shapes.

Upcoming Horror Masterpiece Anime, Uzumaki, Alarms Fans with Another Delay
Uzumaki (COVER) | Source: IMDb

Horrible deaths follow these spirals, and the protagonist realizes that escaping the town is the only way to survive. Yet, the question is, will fleeing actually work?

About Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror manga series by Junji Itou. It was serialized in the Big Comic Spirits manga 1998-1999. An anime production is scheduled for fall 2022.

The story starts in a small town, Kurouzu-cho. This eerie town gives birth to a spiral curse that makes people paranoid about spirals and gradually leads them to their deaths.

Kirie and Shuichi plan their escape from the town and its curse, but it is tougher than they expected.


Source: Official Twitter Account

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