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Osamu Tezuka Award Winning Mangaka of “Land” Returns with New Work in June

Kazumi Yamashita is one of the most influential mangakas of our generation. Her drama manga “The Life of Genius Professor Yanagizawa” has been praised worldwide for its excellent plotline and relatable characters.

The award-winning author is back, this time with a family comedy!

After the success of her earlier manga “Land,” Yamashita has been working on the new project titled “Twisted Sisters.” Fans have been eagerly waiting for the manga’s release, and now, there is an excellent piece of news for them!

Kazumi Yamashita has announced that her upcoming manga titled “Twisted Sisters” will debut on June 17.

The manuscript is up. We apologize for the inconvenience.So, the new series will start in the Morning Magazine. Thank you in advance!

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The manga will debut in Kodansha’s Morning Magazine. Like most of Yamashita’s previous works, the series will be targeted towards the seinen audience. Fans expect the author to provide more details later on.

According to Yamashita, she has been working hard on this manga and expects readers to like it. And we don’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it finally!

Earlier in the year, Land was considered the best work of the year and was awarded the prestigious Grand Prize at the 25th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prizes.

Back in 2003, Yamashita had won the Kodansha Manga Award in the general category for “The Life of Genius Professor Yanagizawa.” Fans are excited about her upcoming manga and expect it to win several accolades too!

There have been several speculations about the theme and plot of the upcoming manga. We cannot completely rule out that it could be either a spin-off or sequel of Yamashita’s previous works. It is also possible that the manga has an entirely fresh storyline!

Fans are hyped up for the upcoming manga! We hope that it lives up to everyone’s expectations!

About Land

Land is a Japanese seinen, horror manga written by Yamashita Kazumi. It won the Osamu Tezuka Grand Award in 2021.

In a particular village, death claims those who reach the age of 50. After someone becomes 50 years old, they are carried to the other side of the mountain, from where they never return.

The village is governed by officials who wear animal skin, and four Gods watch over the villagers. Why is there such a custom? Why do humans have to be sacrificed to please the Gods?

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