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Sports Anime Tribe Nine Unveils MVs for its Cool and Catchy Theme Songs

The three things that truly define an anime are the story, animation, and theme songs.

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There have been many instances where an anime got super popular just by its opening or ending theme, and Tribe Nine is on the way to do the same.

I cannot say anything about Tribe Nine’s plot or animation yet, but the songs are definitely on fire and have already started building a solid fanbase.

Sports Anime Tribe Nine Unveils MVs for its Cool and Catchy Theme Songs
Tribe Nine | Source: Crunchyroll

You’ve got to have one of these on your anime playlists, or you’re missing out on some fantastic tunes.

For the sake of its growing fandom, the franchise released something pretty dope, and you’d be thrilled after watching it.

Tribe Nine anime has released two music videos for its captivating opening and ending theme songs. The anime will make its debut in January 2022.

The OP is called ‘Strike it Out,’ performed by MIYAVI. The song and the music video fit perfectly, giving us a masterpiece that I’ve been playing on loop all day.

アニメ『トライブナイン』オープニング映像:MIYAVI「Strike It Out」
Animation “Tribe Nine” opening video: MIYAVI “Strike It Out”

The video starts by introducing the three protagonists and prominent members of the Minato Tribe: Shun Kamiya, Haru Shirogane, and Taiga, along with Saori Arisugawa.

It then introduces the other Tribes such as Shinagawa, Adachi, Taito, Ota, and the Chiyoda Tribe with the King of Neo Tokyo as one of the members.

Various screencaps and glimpses from the show are shown while the other supporting vital characters and some cool XB gear are introduced.

It concludes while focusing on an XB ball in different hands, showing just how crucial that sport is in the world of Tribe Nine.

The ED is called ‘Infocus,’ performed by Void_Chords feat. LIO. Unlike the OP, this one has a more robotic and cyberpunk touch, making the song a bop that you can groove to.

Anime “Tribe Nine” Ending Video: Void_Chords “Infocus”

On the contrary, the music video has a more gloomy vibe which surprisingly fits the entire theme. But isn’t that the cardinal rule of anime or J-pop songs? The music and the video are always polar opposites.

This upcoming sports anime based on Extreme Baseball has got everyone thrilled. While we know that the sport is just an upgraded version of baseball, we’re curious to see how the show will practically implement it.

Moreover, there will be lots of action, mystery, and drama that I just can’t wait for.

About Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine is an upcoming cyberpunk-themed sports anime under the Tribe Nine Project by Akatsuki and Too Kyo Games. The plot is set in the year 20XX at a fictional location called Neo-Tokyo, where young people build Tribes and battle through games of extreme baseball.

The story revolves around Haru Shirogane, a weak-minded person, and Taiga, an ambitious individual. One day they meet Shun Kamiya, leader of Minato Tribe, as the Tribes throughout Neo-Tokyo face a major threat.

Source: Tribe Nine Official Website

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