Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)

As one of Shōnen Jump’s “Big Three”, One Piece is the King of Shōnen Manga and it rightfully deserves this title because it stands tall among hundreds of action-oriented and adventure-packed series.

Henceforth, everywhere you look on social media, you can’t help but recognize Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy may be that straw-hat boy who may seem like a klutz to many readers and viewers at the beginning of the series; yet, as you get to know him, he always pushes forward to seek the One Piece treasure and to become the Pirate King!

As a long-time fan of the series, it’s an honor to see One Piece explode in mainstream media again because it has reached its 1,000th chapter a few months ago. Having said that, allow me to present the 25 One Piece merchandise from Amazon!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from One Piece.

25. One Piece Stickers 100 Pack

Do you love stickers? Do you love decorating your journals, laptops, travel cases, or even water bottles with them? If you love anime and stickers, why not purchase these One Piece stickers? They come in 100 pieces in each pack, so it’s worth the deal if it’s this many, don’t you think?

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Stickers 100 Pack | Source: Amazon

From Luffy to Zoro to Sanji to Nami, there are all sorts of designs you can choose so you can personally decorate your items! So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of these waterproof vinyl stickers while they’re still available!

24. One Piece Logo Socks

If you wanna get that feeling on boarding a crew ship, why not wear these One Piece novelty crew socks? This 97% polyester pair is durable and bears The Straw Hat Pirates logo in its sleek black background.

While it’s true that most pirates are barefoot so they can prepare for stormy weather, the captain of the ship wears stockings so he can be at his best while raiding the loots and prized possessions of an enemy navy!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Logo Socks | Source: Amazon

That may be an over-confident method to show off, but the pirate captain needs to keep his feet warm if he wishes to continue with his raids. Aside from this fact, female pirates also wear silk stockings with leather boots.

23. One Piece Pirates Wanted Posters 10-piece set

Want to decorate your room with One Piece posters? Or better yet, their Wanted Posters? With this 10-piece set, you’ll get Wanted Posters for various characters like Luffy, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Pirates Wanted Posters 10-piece set | Source: Amazon

These posters may primarily be just for decorating your room. But make no mistake — huge fans of One Piece are astounded! At first glance, it may be because of their high quality and high-definition prints; but it’s also because of the characters’ updated bounties that these full-size posters are in demand!

22. One Piece Luffy Changing Coffee Mug

Tired of a boring coffee mug? Why not spice things up with this heat-sensitive reactive ceramic coffee mug?

When there’s cold water in it, only a boring black background appears behind Luffy. But when you pour hot water in it, smoke appears behind the founder/captain of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Luffy Changing Coffee Mug | Source: Amazon

Not only does it make the mug look extremely cool, but it’s as if Straw Hat Luffy just finished striking a powerful blow to his opponents!

21. One Piece Luffy Skeleton Pendant Necklace

If there’s one thing I love about One Piece, it’s how decent their cosplay costume accessories are!

Take for example this Straw Hat Pirates pendant. Not only is it flashy, but it poses that retro, hip-hop element to the wearer, especially with that cool Wanted Poster of Luffy who has a 300 million Berry bounty in him. It’s so edgy!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Luffy Skeleton Pendant Necklace | Source: Amazon

Whether you present this as a birthday or graduation gift, your One Piece fanatic friend can wear this as a rope chain pendant or a sweater chain! A very lovely pendant indeed!

20. One Piece Birthday Party Decorations 46 pieces

Having a birthday party? Why not celebrate it with your favorite One Piece characters?

With the unique designs of these party supplies, the birthday celebrant will acquire several treats: colorful balloons with Wanted One Piece Profiles in them, premium quality cake toppers, cupcake toppers, and one long birthday banner!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Birthday Party Decorations 46 pieces | Source: Amazon

The celebrant wouldn’t want for anything after acquiring this ideal One Piece DIY party decoration! So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate your awesome birthday with One Piece characters.

19. Yellow Sun Summer Straw Hat Cosplay Accessory

Think Luffy’s iconic hat is only for cosplay events? Think again. This Straw Hat may be the first thing you notice when you see a Monkey D. Luffy cosplayer in anime events. But this specially designed hat is truly made of straw and can also be used for summer wear!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Yellow Sun Summer Straw Hat Cosplay Accessory | Source: Amazon

That’s right! Love gardening or strolling outside but hate the beating heat of the sun? Well, this vibrant yellow hat works great to keep you cool whether you are strolling or gardening.

So, don’t take Luffy’s famous Straw Hat for granted. It is neat and useful apparel for many outdoor tasks other than cosplaying.

18. One Piece Luffy Figure with Night Lamp

As the son of a revolutionary leader (Monkey D. Dragon) and grandson of the marine hero (Monkey D. Garp), Luffy is a shining light to the world. And what better way to portray this than to position Luffy under a night lamp! There’s even a treasure chest to support the lampstand!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Luffy Figure with Night Lamp | Source: Amazon

This nightlight decoration will brighten your desk whether you study for exams or read several One Piece manga chapters! And while the Luffy figurine grins his wide smile under the lamplight, it can also bring a smile to many onlookers’ faces!

17. One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Flag T-Shirt

Can’t get enough of Luffy? Well, here’s a 100% cotton t-shirt to remind you of him and brighten your day!

We all know that Luffy eating the Paramecia Devil Gum-Gum Fruit made his body super-elastic. So, that’s why, whenever I see Luffy on a short-sleeved t-shirt, I’m often reminded of his flexibility because he’s in a flexible graphic tee that you can easily tumble dry during laundry time!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Flag T-Shirt | Source: Amazon

If Rubber Man Luffy being in on a t-shirt isn’t enough, then take a look at this t-shirt: Luffy’s holding the One Piece flag to sport the skeleton Straw Hat insignia! What’s cool about it is that he’s holding it to hide half of his face as he bears his wide grin!

16. Funko Pop! One Piece Empress Boa Hancock

Empress Boa Hancock is the unexpected beauty queen I never thought would be paired with Luffy! All this time, I thought it was Nami who’d eventually pair up with Luffy.

But, as the story progresses, I come to understand how Luffy’s sacrificial acts of his freedom to protect Boa herself and her sisters’ slave brands is an admirable quality she finds in a man! After all, Boa hates the Celestial Dragons more than anything else; so, it makes sense why she has the hots for Luffy!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Funko Pop! One Piece Empress Boa Hancock | Source: Amazon

Henceforth, I’m presenting this adorable Boa Hammock Funko Pop! Just look at her golden snake earrings and her sexy red outfit! Right now, we’re not certain whether Luffy also has the hots on Boa. (Let’s not kid ourselves, Luffy’s one true love is a faring sea adventure!). But this Boa Funko Pop! truly captures both Boa’s dignity and beauty!

15. Funko Pop! One Piece Portgas D. Ace

One could never have thought that this adorable Funko Pop! is the “Fire Fist” Portgas D. Ace himself! Just looking at Ace’s character portrayed in glorious vinyl here; it is going to make many One Piece fans very pleased!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Funko Pop! One Piece Portgas D. Ace | Source: Amazon

See how the fires blaze in his hands as well as the evil and depressed blue emojis detailing his brown hat? That makes this 3.75-inch figure all worth it! This amazing One Piece figure can be displayed on a shelf for others to admire because of the love and quality that the architects poured into making it!

14. One Piece Luffy Gear T-Shirts

This adult cotton One Piece crew t-shirt features Luffy in his base and Rubber Man form. So, with that sleek black cloth serving as the backdrop for a powered-up character like him, it makes him very sinister!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Luffy Gear T-Shirts | Source: Amazon

We all know how his ventures down the Grand Line to become the Pirate King is the main plot of the series. But add that to the goal of acquiring the One Piece treasure that the late Gol D. Roger (the former Pirate King) left behind, and we now have a super long battle-oriented Shōnen series that stands tall above the rest!

After all, over 1,000 chapters (or 96+ manga volumes) is no joke! Oda-sensei truly has an incredible work ethic! I just hope his health is still alright after over two decades of hard work.

13. Sanji Action Figure One Piece

We all know how Sanji (the third son of the Royal Vinsmoke) fights — with his legs! Just look how this 6.5-inch premium scale product is positioned: Sanji’s obviously not going to fight with his arms, but with his powerful legs!

And we all know the reason why this is: it’s because he’s protecting his beloved hands so he can cook delicious meals while he’s seafaring!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Sanji Action Figure One Piece | Source: Amazon

That’s why “Black Leg” Sanji is such an asset to the crew. Not only can he fight, but he can also feed many of Luffy’s crew with his delectable dishes!

This merchandise has over 16 points of articulation and 2 sets of switchable hands. With such character-specific accessories from Bandai, you can’t help but admire this detailed Sanji action figure!

12. Zoro Action Figure One Piece

As you recall, former bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro is the Straw Hat Pirates’ 1st member, and consequently, the 1st shipmate of Monkey D. Luffy! Zoro may now call himself a “Pirate Hunter”; but his undeniable love of swords makes his dream to become the world’s greatest swordsman.

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Zoro Action Figure One Piece | Source: Amazon

Henceforth, I bring you Bandai’s Zoro action figure. Not only does it come with switchable hands, but it also comes with three cool-looking cutlasses (or swords)!

If you analyze the fine details of those swords, you’ll notice gold plates on the hilts! What precision and fine details the artists have put in this magnificent Zoro figurine!

11. Luffy Action Figure One Piece

As the main character of this long series, it’s understandable why and how Luffy acquired so many rival pirate crews in the first place: The World Government placed a 1.50 billion Berry bounty on his head! That’s why enemies are coming left and right chasing after Luffy for over 1,000 chapters!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Luffy Action Figure One Piece | Source: Amazon

Be it dead or alive, Luffy is a wanted criminal. Since the government cannot put 100% of their logistical and human resources into chasing one man, it’s relying on many of Luffy’s rival pirate crews to capture the wanted man himself! That’s why he needs to escape every time he thinks he’s captured.

And to showcase his eagerness to escape, this action figure prepares Luffy just for those tasks! With 16 articulation points and two switchable hands, you can position Luffy to fight, be on the move, and in escape mode!

10. One Piece 2-piece Air Pod Case Covers

Can’t get enough of your air pods while listening to anime music? Why not secure those precious air pods with these cute case covers?

There are 2 air pods in this set with awesome One Piece art in them! You’ll have no fear of losing them if the One Piece characters themselves guard the air pods for you!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece 2-piece Air Pod Case Covers | Source: Amazon

In addition, the air pods come with a keychain and a wireless charging case! So, you can bring them on the go without worrying your music will stop playing.

9. Gol D. Roger One Piece Action Figure

Who doesn’t know the name of the legendary Gol D. Roger? It’s already been established by the D Clan that whoever has the “D” initials in their name has the potential to unleash their daredevil sides! After all, the “D” in Luffy’s name stands for “danger” or “devil”, right?

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Gol D. Roger One Piece Action Figure | Source: Amazon

In any case, you’ll be mesmerized in Banpresto’s rendering of Roger’s statue! Just look at the details the architects placed on his abs and muscles! Don’t even get me started with his mustache and hair! The fine details on this statue is simply divine!

This Gol D. Roger action figure comes with a stand and is 4.40 pounds. And even if it isn’t available yet until September 1, 2021, you can put a pre-order so you won’t miss your chance to acquire this fabulous merchandise!

8. One Piece Ace Fleece Blanket

Want more of Ace? Wait no more! This ultra-soft microfleece blanket features the sizzling hot and fiery Portgas D. Ace himself! It’s a fluffy, soft, and gentle fleece blanket that prevents the pilling or formation of small fluff balls on the surface.

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Ace Fleece Blanket | Source: Amazon

Best of all, this high-density, neatly-stitch, durable material prevents fleece loss and keeps your bed sheets clean from evening until morning! Moreover, its 50” x 40” size ensures you’re warm from your head to toes!

7. One Piece Zoro Roronoa Sculpture

We all know how Zoro practices the 3-sword style! That’s why in every social media you look at, you’ll find pictures of Zoro clenching a sword on his teeth and two swords in each hand!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Zoro Roronoa Sculpture | Source: Amazon

As part of The Worst Generation (alongside Luffy), Zoro is ruthless and reckless when it comes to fighting his major battles. He charges in without thinking of tactics that well, and instead, goes along with his “belief in fates”.

This sculpture represents this trait specifically. Although he cries a battle scream here, his left hand is already positioned at a hilt. Therefore, he can immediately draw one of his 3 magnificent swords even before assessing the enemies’ openings!

6. Marco Flame Wings One Piece Sculpture

Marco may be a calm and level-headed guy, but once you’ve irritated him, you’ll get a taste of his wrath. Just look at him swoop down at his enemies with his teal-flamed wings and talons!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Marco Flame Wings One Piece Sculpture | Source: Amazon

Marco, in this 8.4-ounce sculpture, is magnificent in his own rights! The architecture has done an awesome job in detailing the feathers, its flames, Marco’s facial expression, and even his jeans! Phenomenal! Don’t you think so too?

In any case, Marco’s sculpture here isn’t positioned like this just because this figure’s going on display. This statue is positioned as such so Marco can demonstrate his accuracy in his offenses while detecting his enemies’ attacks! A neat way to showcase one’s powers, right?

5. Portgas D. Ace One Piece Figure Dynamism of Ha

This astounding statue of Ace is detailed and colored so well that it’s even better than his anime and manga counterpart!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Portgas D. Ace One Piece Figure Dynamism of Ha | Source: Amazon

Just look at the blazing fire on his right hand! It’s as if the hot red-orange flames keep dancing around in his palm while Ace charges his enemies!

Other than that, we should praise the artists for their work on Fire Fist Ace’s 7-inch statue. This design is intricate from the hat to the iconic dagger! It’s simply marvelous!

4. Tamashi Nations One Piece Monkey D. Luffy

If there’s one thing I love about the Wano Country Arc, it’s Luffy’s monk-like outfit! This sculpture here is based on volume 91 of One Piece’s book cover where the Straw Hat Pirates are infiltrating the lone and mysterious lands of Wano!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Tamashi Nations One Piece Monkey D. Luffy | Source: Amazon

So, to see this magnificent, detailed, and painted Luffy statue come to life through the talents of many sculptors and artists is a treat to behold! Luffy is smiling his wide grin while he eagerly rests his hand on the hilt of his sword!

Yes, he’s ready for battle, but we all know that’s exactly what he wants to make his blood pump!

3. Thousand Sunny Hobby Model Ship One Piece New World Version

There are many ships in One Piece, but none so grand as the Thousand Sunny when Luffy and the gang cruised in the New World. So, today, allow me to present to you this 380mm long and 230 mm tall ship that the Straw Hat Pirates used on one of their adventures!

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Thousand Sunny Hobby Model Ship One Piece New World Version | Source: Amazon

This model is a DIY item that must be assembled. For One Piece fanatics, it’s deemed a collectible because of its interior spaces, cannons, rotating soldiers, machines, and removable sidewalks that are incorporated within it!

Without the fine care and detail poured out in making this model, the Thousand Sunny wouldn’t achieve this one-of-a-kind level!

2. Going Merry Hobby Model Ship One Piece

Here’s another DIY model ship that One Piece fanatics can paint and assemble before they see the Going Merry sail! This one comes with an instruction manual, a nylon cord, a foil sticker, a marking sticker, a water slide decal, and 11 runners.

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
Going Merry Hobby Model Ship One Piece | Source: Amazon

With it are 6 One Piece characters and other decorations for the ship such as a wooden box, a barrel, a gun, orange trees, a display base, and more. All the users need to do is apply proper priming and painting in it to ensure the Going Merry looks stunning!

1. One Piece Usopp 20th Anniversary Figure

Don’t underestimate Usopp just because he may seem like comic relief in the series. Despite being the weakest member of the Straw Hats crew, you can’t deny his compassion and kind disposition towards his friends.

Yes, he tells tall tales that are exceedingly absurd (like claiming to be captain and so forth). But it’s because of his laidback and funny disposition that people and many One Piece fans navigate towards him.

Top 25 One Piece Merchandise on (US)
One Piece Usopp 20th Anniversary Figure | Source: Amazon

Just look at this figure of Usopp I’m featuring right now. He looks like a DJ at first glance with the round purple shades, cool blue hues on his denim and jacket, as well as gold chains around his neck.

But he wears an unparalleled wide grin on his face that one can’t help but be drawn to! He’s magnetic, and all of us are supporting this positive side of him!

Also, take note that this figurine is a part of Figuarts statues to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the business. So, if you like Usopp’s design here, don’t forget to check out other Figuarts statues like Nico Robin, Sanji, and even Luffy sitting on a throne!

About One Piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997; and, it has been collected into 96 tankōbon volumes.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger.

The final words he said at the execution tower were, “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Look for it; I left all of it at that place.”

These words sent many to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line, searching for One Piece.

Thus, began a new age! Seeking to be the greatest pirate globally, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece.

His diverse crew is joining him along the way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright. This will be one memorable adventure!


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