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Ah! Nothing is as exhilarating as re-reading or re-watching the Naruto series. I mean, you have to admit that Naruto is one of those shows from your childhood that you’ve heard so much about. And whether you have children, you’ll hear kids and teens stumbling upon such a legendary series of the early 2000s!

After all, we’re talking about Naruto — a shinobi ninja who is also an iconic Shōnen Jump character! So, if you’ve neither binge-watch nor binge-read the series, don’t worry as you’ll likely see Naruto’s face on many, many anime products.

And that’s what this blog is for — to allow manga readers and anime viewers to become aware of the popular products of the series! So, without further ado, allow me to present the top 25 Naruto merchandise from Amazon!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Naruto.

25. Naruto Rings Uchiha Sasuke 10 pieces

In the Naruto fandom, we know how cosplay is a catalyst in boosting the series’ popularity. So, having these trendy 10-piece Sasuke Uchiha rings is sure to make the user swell with pride.

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Rings Uchiha Sasuke 10 pieces | Source: Amazon

These rings are made of high-quality zinc alloy with the Sharingan Akatsuki Organization insignias engraved onto them. It’ll make a fantastic gift for long-time fans of the Naruto franchise.

24. Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Throw Blanket

What’s great about this throw blanket isn’t just the fact that it’s made from polyester fabric or its neat Akatsuki Naruto Shippuden Ninja Cloud design! But with this high-quality wrapping, you can gift it to a fan of the series so they can rewatch Naruto Shippuden while wrapping themselves in it!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Throw Blanket | Source: Amazon

If you buy it for yourself, you can roam around the house on a cold and rainy day while snuggling on a couch; then, keep yourself warm all day while re-watching Naruto.

23. Naruto Shippuden Coffee Mug

Behold this red coffee or tea mug with Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village insignia on the coaster lid! Not only does this premium mug have an awesome design, but it’s also an eco-friendly item that uses 100% safe and healthy ceramic material!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Coffee Mug | Source: Amazon

We all know that there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee or tea every morning! And it’s spent better when we see our favorite anime characters like Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi as we prepare and re-energize for the day!

22. Naruto Shippuden Plush Throw Fleece Blanket

This Hinata and Naruto fleece blanket is one of the most fabulous anime merchandises I’ve seen!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Plush Throw Fleece Blanket | Source: Amazon

As a fan of the series, I’ve always supported these awesome characters! And seeing them holding hands is like icing on the cake, especially with that rose background emphasizing the romance between Naruto and Hinata!

In addition, this plush throw fleece blanket is made from 100% microfibers. Hence, it’s an awesome way to relax and snuggle with your loved ones as you rewatch those sweet Naruto and Hinata moments!

21. Itachi Shower Curtain

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Itachi Shower Curtain | Source: Amazon

Want an awesome shower curtain? Why not obtain this machine washable shower curtain with contemplating Itachi designs in them? Not only is this curtain made from polyester blend fibers; but it’s also durable cause the fabric is waterproof (hence, the clear and bright colors of Itachi on this 72×72 in shower curtain)!

Since the art is digitally printed on an environmentally friendly fabric, the Itachi designs also won’t fade away easily. It’ll be a perfect gift for an anime or Naruto fan!

20. Naruto Ramen 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Ramen 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | Source: Amazon

If there’s one thing I love about stay-at-home orders, it’s that I can focus my time on finishing this 1,000-piece Naruto jigsaw puzzle! This 19 x 27-inch puzzle shows Naruto Uzumaki smiling away while eating his ramen. And the best thing about it is that I can finish it with friends and families who are also Naruto Shippuden fans (hence, making this jigsaw puzzle a perfect collectible gift because of its colorful original artwork and memories that it can create with loved ones)!

19. Naruto Shippuden Collector’s Box

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Collector’s Box | Source: Amazon

This Naruto Shippuden Collector’s Box contains various things that the gift receiver can find useful. From 26-ounce water bottles to 60 x 45-inch 100% polyester blankets, stylish key chains, Akatsuki Cloud-engraved air fresheners, and blue Konoha-engraved shot glasses, these items will allow the user to display their love for the Naruto Shippuden franchise! This treasure box of Naruto collectibles will be a wonderful treat to the receiver!

18. Naruto and Sasuke HD Print on Canvas Painting Wall Art

My undying love for the Naruto franchise knows no bounds when it comes to Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship! Their confrontations and character dynamics in the franchise are summed up in this fiery canvas painting wall art that fans could display in this living room.

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto and Sasuke HD Print on Canvas Painting Wall Art | Source: Amazon

Just look at how Naruto and Sasuke glare at each other. Sure, they may be in the middle of a fight, but when have they not ever been?

The wonderful thing about Naruto is that he’s chasing Sasuke to save his soul! Naruto cares for Sasuke’s humanity very much that he’d go to the ends of the earth just to save his friend!

17. Naruto and Sasuke Eyes HD Print on Canvas Painting Wall Art

The wonder of this high-definition poster is not just the fact that it is waterproof and color-fading resistant. Rather, it’s a wall art décor made from modern oil flowers so users can decorate their living rooms or bedrooms with a canvas artwork pain featuring several angry eyes of Naruto characters!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto and Sasuke Eyes HD Print on Canvas Painting Wall Art | Source: Amazon

Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi’s eyes are certainly intimating in this art print! On the other hand, that’s what makes this wall art décor very appealing to many Naruto Shippuden fans: they are determined to finish their fights and will keep moving forward if it means achieving their goals!

16. Naruto Shippuden Naruto Sasuke Split Face T-Shirt

Don’t you find the split faces of Naruto and Sasuke here very cool? Just look how they glare back at their onlookers. Yes, their facial expressions may be distorted because of the distortion the split is creating. But their split-faced image on this t-shirt is no better way than, to sum up their relationship in the franchise!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Naruto Sasuke Split Face T-Shirt | Source: Amazon

Naruto and Sasuke are two sides of the same coin. Even if Naruto is the protagonist of the series, Sasuke has many followers, too! He’s the deuteragonist and Naruto’s objective in Naruto Shippuden.

As a side note, this machine-wash-cold and solid-color t-shirt come in 100% cotton, 90% heather grey cotton, 10% polyester, 50% heather cotton, or 50% polyester heather that the users can choose from.

15. Naruto T-Shirt Short Sleeve Sports Shirts

Naruto may have grown up, but his journey is immortalized in Masashi Kishimoto’s manga pages as well as other merchandise of the franchise. Take for example this shirt that beautifully showed his growth!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto T-Shirt Short Sleeve Sports Shirts | Source: Amazon

There’s kid Naruto, teenage Naruto, and adult Naruto when he finally achieved his Hokage dream! The yellow and orange hues only made the art on this 100% polyester t-shirt look glorious! And if that’s not enough, this shirt is short-sleeved and has a crew neck in it so wearers will have a wider range of motion.

14. Naruto Shippuden Ninja Adult Zip Hoodie

If there’s one iconic item from the Naruto series, it’s Naruto’s orange and black ninja outfit! And what better way to boast about his awesome apparel than to wear clothing like that ourselves!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Ninja Adult Zip Hoodie | Source: Amazon

Of course, we won’t be wearing the actual ninja jumpsuit like Naruto. Rather, we’ll be wearing apparel that uses his clothes’ color schemes as the base.

Take for example this Naruto Shippuden ninja hoodie. Not only will you be able to wear it for cosplay events, but you can also use it for everyday wear even without wearing the headband sewn into it!

13. Kakashi Shirt 3D Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Want an awesome Kakashi t-shirt? Look no further, because this monochrome t-shirt features a double-sided print so Naruto fans can see Kakashi at the front and back of your cool apparel!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Kakashi Shirt 3D Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt | Source: Amazon

Not only will this t-shirt feel good against your body because it’s 100% made from polyester. But it’s also a lightweight shirt made from cotton that gives you that loose style so you can just laidback while you rewatch several Naruto episodes!

This t-shirt is also great for gym wear, workouts, sports activities, and even streetwear! It would even make a gift to a loved one who’s also a fan of the Naruto franchise!

12. Funko Pop! Naruto Hokage Figure from Boruto

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Funko Pop! Naruto Hokage Figure from Boruto | Source: Amazon

This highly detailed Naruto Funko Pop! will remind fans of Naruto’s journey up to his fatherhood. Yes, Boruto may be the new protagonist of the Naruto sequel. But at the end of the day, we long-time fans still craved for Naruto’s adventures even if he already has a family!

Henceforth, this Naruto Hokage Funko Pop! figure will serve as a constant reminder of Naruto’s status right now. While it’s true that he’s an all-time powerful Hokage, he’s laying the groundwork so his son can take the stage as the Seventh Hokage of the Konoha clan one of these days!

11. Funko Pop! Kakashi Toy Figure from Naruto Shippuden

Kakashi Hatake has been my favorite since the formation of Team 7 in the early episodes of the Naruto franchise. He just gives off this mysterious aura that is attractive to female fans! That is why even if he seemed aloof at first, he’s so magnetic girls from left and right are making several fanarts of him!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Funko Pop! Kakashi Toy Figure from Naruto Shippuden | Source: Amazon

Jokes aside, this 3 ¾-inch stylized Kakashi Funko Pop! is the perfect collectible gift for any Naruto fan! And because it’s standing sturdily, you can even position it in your car as an adorable decoration! It will surely put smiles on people!

10. Hatake Kakashi Dagger Big Knife Collection Statue Decoration

Fans already saw Hatake Kakashi became a top-tier character in the Naruto franchise. But seeing him pose in this 15.50-cm statue with a dagger behind him just speaks volumes! It’s truly a collector’s and a prize to behold!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Hatake Kakashi Dagger Big Knife Collection Statue Decoration | Source: Amazon

Furthermore, this statue only amplifies his popularity in the series. Just look how Kakashi’s clothes seem weathered and realistic! The scar on his face is also vivid, making this statue boast an exceptional quality!

9. Uchiha Sasuke Figure Statue Figurine

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Uchiha Sasuke Figure Statue Figurine | Source: Amazon

This Sasuke Uchiha collectible is a perfect birthday present for any Sasuke fans. Just look at the details placed in this figurine! With so much love and care, no wonder this 3.80-inch is praised for the architect’s craftmanship!

If you want to gift this collectible as a birthday gift, make sure that the receiver is informed that this needs to be assembled. And although it has a little bit of DIY mechanism in it, it’s a high-quality figurine that a fan can display on his desk alongside other Naruto collectibles.

8. Naruto Shippuden Vibration Stars Gaara

This 2-pound Gaara figurine is one rocking toy! Just look at how Gaara positions his hands and fingers. I call it “stealth mode”, but we all know this fighting stance he’s showing in this statue has a proper name according to the Naruto Shippuden franchise.

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Vibration Stars Gaara | Source: Amazon

With that aside, I should comment on the architect for the dark black lines he drew around Gaara’s eyes. As a long-time fan of Gaara’s character, I feel so fulfilled that he has come to life even as a toy figurine. There’s more life to him, and that’s what makes this an amazing statue!

7. Naruto Sage Mode

One thing I love about this figure is how Naruto is using his ultimate move, “Rasenshuriken” to fight his enemies. Not only is it uniquely designed, but it’s highly detailed and painted enough that you can see how Naruto is wary of his enemies!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Sage Mode | Source: Amazon

Don’t you think this 7-inch statue would be a perfect collector’s item to display at the office or your home? As a bonus, it comes with a stand, so it won’t stumble when it’s on display.

6. Jiraiya Action Figure

There are several things I’d like to praise the architect in designing this figure: Jiraiya’s clothes, his stand, and the ice behind him. The level of details on those objects is just phenomenal!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Jiraiya Action Figure | Source: Amazon

This vivid statue is impressive and may just be one of the exquisite models in your Naruto collection. Not only will it be a perfect gift for teen’s birthday parties, but it’s also a good present for a figurine collector!

5. Action Figure Naruto Uzumaki Shippuden

Praise the architects for doing a fabulous painting job on this 8.7-inch Sennin-mode Naruto Uzumaki statue! Just look how they applied the fiery yellow and red-orange hues on Naruto’s jacket! It’s exquisite and makes me feel as if this statue is an ethereal item.

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Action Figure Naruto Uzumaki Shippuden | Source: Amazon

Naruto’s smile is just too awesome! The way he swings one of the poles across his back does make him look as if he’s a delinquent. But as we all know, he’s an awesome ninja who just wants to pursue justice with his righteous right hand.

4. Gaara Statue from Naruto Shippuden

The modeling team just went above and beyond when they created this Gaara statue from Naruto Shippuden! Just look how detailed Gaara’s expressions are as well as that enormous stand he’s on!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Gaara Statue from Naruto Shippuden | Source: Amazon

While it’s true that this statue may require partial assembly, we can’t deny the fact how even the wrinkles on his clothes are awesome! Just the paint application and stance alone make this figurine a recommended item to several Naruto fans!

3. Kakashi Figure Model Table Desk Decoration

Here’s another magnificent Kakashi figure model that you can display on your table desk. What’s lovely about this decoration are the blue water-like whirls coming out of his right hand!

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Kakashi Figure Model Table Desk Decoration | Source: Amazon

I’m praising the modelers for this intricate design because of the care they placed on this Kakashi figure. Kakashi looks stunning in his pose, especially that awesome facial expression he is giving off!

In addition, you can ensure that this figure will display beautifully on your shelf because it’s accommodated by a stand.

2. Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki | Source: Amazon

So, here’s a connectable 7.40-inch figurine emphasizing Naruto’s impressive powers. If you think the figurines before I mentioned are detailed, wait ‘til you see the exquisite level of details in the ripples that are coming out of Naruto’s hands. It’s magnificent and breathtaking!

Not only do the ripples give gorgeous effects that make this statue stand out. But the paints on this Naruto statue make it more stunning to look at, especially on the swirling black stand it has!

1. Sasuke Uchiha Figurine

You must admit that Sasuke is one of those guys in the show that still get sufficient screen time even if the Naruto series ended. I mean, with all the chasing that Naruto has done in the main series, it’s no wonder fans are inclined to know whether Sasuke will acquire a happily-ever-after with Sakura in the Boruto series.

Top 25 Naruto Merchandise on
Sasuke Uchiha Figurine | Source: Amazon

This 8.50-inch Sasuke figurine tells how incredible our boy is. Even if this stance that Sasuke is showing comes from the Naruto Shippuden franchise, we can’t help but still admire his determination to face his fears and blast us with his powers!

To top it off, that icicle-like energy coming off from Sasuke’s left hand is exhilarating! The detailed ripples that the designers placed on such an intricate energy blast leave me speechless! This Sasuke statue is truly an awesome display amongst your Naruto collection!

About Naruto

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Its publication began on September 21, 1999, and ended on November 10, 2014, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump. The manga has collected 72 volumes in tankōbon format.

Naruto Shippuden is Part II of the anime series, which follows an older Naruto as he attempts to save his friend Sasuke while at the same time – addressing the looming threat of the criminal organization – Akatsuki – who are targeting him for their grander schemes!


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