Top 15 Funniest Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine Nine

The squad at the 99th precinct has made us laugh, cry and smile, sometimes all at once. I can’t believe it is ending, but again, it is best to end it at a good time than to drag it.

But that does not mean we cannot rewatch or rebinge our favorite episodes once again, especially with such well written comedy at our hands.

So as Brooklyn Nine Nine, arguably the cleanest and most progressive comedy on television comes to at end, here’s looking back at some of the most hilarious episodes of the series.

15. Season 2 Episode 7: Lockdown

Season 2 is personally my favorite season and quite a few episodes from this season made to this list. For instance, “Lockdown”.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine

The name actually means a lot more to us that just being a sitcom episode, having seen real time lockdowns being implemented all over the world. But I assure you, the episode is nothing of that sort and promises to make you smile.

So basically, Jake aka “the king of respectfulness” is taking charge of the precinct leads to a series of ecstatic events in this episode. Soon the discovery of a powder was made so it had to be tested for anthrax.

This in turn was the reason for all kinds of people such as perps, lawyers, delivery men and many other civilians to be in lockdown.

Along with the bonding between Captain Holt and Sergeant Terry this episode also potrays the way everyone in the comes together to make it a successful day of taking over it!

14. Season 2 Episode 18: Captain Peralta

In this episode, we get to know more about Jake’s absentee father and his relationship with him. It also involves a mind triggering riddle for the rest of the precinct members.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
Captain Peralta

I included this not for being funny in the strict sense of the term, but because this shows Jake’s deep rooted issues and why he uses humor to cope with it. Chandler Bing vibes right there!

Jake’s constant need of proving to his father that he is an excellent detective leads to a series of twist and turns. Boyle’s protectiveness about his best friend also makes us smile wide.

This episode is a must watch as it an episode of a huge character development for Jake and the rest of the precinct members!

13. Season 8 Episode 7: Game of Boyles

This recent episode from the final season of the series had to make it to the list because if you really want to laugh, this is one episode that will make you sure you don’t stop laughing!

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
Game of Boyles

In this episode, Terry and Jake, along with Charles visit the Boyle Family Farm. No points for drawing a parallel from The Office.

So the Boyle cousins are an interesting bunch: they dress only in beige, they kiss each other, they have seven hour long zoom calls and love each other massively. But all’s not well, because apparently a Boyle has committed a murder to inherit Pappy Boyle’s property.

We have some hilarious mystery solving and quite a few doses of laughter! But again, that is not all.

We cannot just not mention Holt trying out dating apps after Rosa’s insistence while Amy and Rosa convince him to get back into dating to beat Kevin at therapy. Holt even ends up going out with chirpractor.

While Amy and Rosa are disappointed as it is going well (like us, they’re Holt-Kevin shippers too), Holt again pulls out a prank with his no-nonsense face and reveals that he was just playing them!

12. Season 2 Episode 4: Halloween II

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
Halloween II

This episode marks the second try at the Halloween heist introduced by New York’s finest! The episode starts with the whole precinct ‘helping’ Boyle in choosing a Halloween costume.

The episode is filled with laughter, excitement qnd unpredictability with many twists and turns in the way of Jake getting to Captain Holt’s watch. It is literally all about how you should never challenge your boss!

11. Season 2 Episode 8: Uspis

An episode that is mostly remembered due to the hilarious relationship between the USPIS and NYPD, is not in this list solely because of the central plotline.  

“Die-Hard” (pun intended) fans will know that in this episode we can see Amy trying to quit smoking with the help of the team. It was really fun to watch everyone trying to help Amy in their own unique way.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Charles Have a Meeting with Danger

From exercising, ice baths to meditating- they end up trying it all. Seeing the perfectionist Amy battle her addiction was really inspirational, but also deeply funny.

While meditating, she half climbs out of the window to just have a smoke. While exercising, Amy goes into a portable washroom and starts smoking. I think her fight with her demons was written in a rather brilliant comical way.

Personally it reminded me a lot about the “One Last Cigarette” episode from How I Met Your Mother, but with a more contemporary twist.

Also, we cannot overlook the brilliant Ed Helms in this episode. His performance as the incompetent but ready to take the praise Jack Danger was exceptional. While his incompetence nearly cost Jake a criminal, later, his folly in the crime scene seemed like a sweet sweet ending.

10. Season 5 Episode 12: Safe House

In this noice episode from Season 5, Seasmus Murphy threatens Kevin. So Holt devises a rather elaborate plan to hide him in a safe house. What I like about this episode and the show in general is that in spite of the very real danger at hand, our favourite characters have us in splits.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
Safe House

Captain Holt’s exaggerated security measures and the unlikely pairing of Jake and Kevin, which was the show stealer of this episode was hilarious to say the least. Captain Holt crawling on the floor and keeping only 1 small square of space for standing is just so typical of his character.

Meanwhile, one of the funniest scenes was when Jake made Kevin watch so-called “pop culture” films. Kevin’s star of the show dialogue also comes to mind-  Do you know what it means to “clap back”, Raymond? Be-cause-I-do.

9. Season 5 Episode 19: Bachelor/ette Party

In this episode, Jake and Amy finally have their bachelor/ette parties. Now Boyle’s plan involves an overly-elaborate scavenger hunt, which does not seem to excite Jake, Terry and Holt.

Boyle is then “kidnapped” and gives the gang instructions for the next 6 hours to find clues around the city. Finding in his mail the final destination, the guys decide to spend time eating and drinking instead, ditching Boyle.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Bachelorette Party | Wedding Band S05E19
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Bachelorette Party | Wedding Band S05E19

All this time, Holt’s “bro” attitude leaves everyone in splits.

To spice up Amy’s party, the girls play “never have i ever”. But fun begins when we get to know Amy’s little scandalous secret: the lead singer of her wedding band, which Jake booked, is actually her ex!

The rule abiding, oh-so-perfect Amy actually ends up picking a fight and burning up a legal document. Also, angry Amy is the most entertaining Amy, we all know that, don’t we?

Special mention for VelJohnson’s unique way of declaring Jake his “enemy for life”: He threatens Jake that he plans to tell Jake’s idol aka Bruce Willis that he sucks. What a revenge.

8. Season 1 Episode 3: The Slump

Season 1 actually gave us some really good episodes, such as this one. In “The Slump”, Jake is frustrated since he has many pending cases on his list and cannot solve them.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Slump

It is so much fun to watch being more and more convinced that there’s a curse on him.The others of the squad worry about his losing streak rubbing off on them, which is another whole new scenario.

In this one we also see Amy take the help of Rosa and Gina when Holt asks her to lead a case. Amy trying to please Holt so hard will never seize to make me laugh.

Holt is impressed with Gina’s work. But though she was expecting a raise, she gets promoted to being Holt’s assistant. Chelsea Peretti’s expressions are a must watch here as Gina shines in her eccentric element.

Though my favourite scene is hands down when Jake informs Holt that his slump is over and takes a selfie with him. He also realizes that this whole slump thing was a prank by the no-nonsense Holt.

7. Season 4 Episode 17: Cop Con

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine

In this episode, the 99th precinct gang went to a Cop Con in Rochester. It is basically like a spoof of Comic Con; a huge gathering for cops for them to see the latest developments and stuff in their field. But the fun begins when the gang decides to throw their own party after the actual plans are cancelled.

Holt, being the guardian of the gang tries to scold them but obviously it does not work. And as expected, they get badly drunk and can’t remember a thing that happened the night before. There are some really delightful moments throughout that will definitely make you smile. Also, drunk Peralta is the best Peralta. Wink!

6. Season 5 Episode 9: 99

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The Crew Goes on a Cross-Country Road Trip (Episode Highlight)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Crew Goes on a Cross-Country Road Trip

In this Season 5 episode, the squad attends the funeral of Captain McGintley, the former Captain of the precinct. But things go haywire when they miss their flight back to New York because Jake decided to stop at a shoot location of his favorite film Diehard.

The squad’s struggle to find a place to stay is quite an entertaining watch. Amidst all the fun, Rosa also comes out as bisexual to Charles while the gang sleeps at Boyle’s cousin’s cattlefarm. The episode is a perfect blend of laughter and emotions.

5. Season 7 Episode 5: Debbie

The central plotline of “Debbie” will not sound funny as you hear it, but if you’ve watched the episode, you know why it’s part of this list!

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine

Basically, Debbie (played by Vanessa Bayer) has been taking bricks of cocaine and machine guns from evidence and selling them to a criminal called Silvio Nucci. When she is asked to testify against Nucci, she refuses.

So it’s time for Jake to come up with a plan to take Debbie down. In this laughing riot of an episode, Jake and Rosa pretends to be members of Nucci’s gang to discover where Debbie hides the drugs. Meanwhile, Amy and Holt has a competition as to who can win in speed reading.

4. Season 6  Episode 9: The Golden Child

This is one of the best episodes of the series IMO. Apart from making us laugh, I think it is also really relatable in many ways for a lot of us.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Golden Child

In “The Golden Child”, Jake is about to join Amy for her family dinner. But she is upset because her brother David is going to join them and he has always been “the golden child” of her family for her parents.

All those who have siblings, relatable much?

The dinner starts as expected but things kind of turn around when David is arrested for having cocaine in his desk. Although Amy is quite happy to see her brother’s perfect image get destroyed, David quickly reveals that he is actually on an investigation.

David and Jake work together, and things get better when Amy resolves the rivalry with her brother. Nothing much, just some pure fun seeing Amy being Amy and Jake’s tirade against Amy’s mom being the cherry on top.

3. Season 2 Episode 17: Boyle Linetti Wedding

This one is full of classic unadulterated fun and one worth binging again and again with some ice-cream. So Lynn Boyle aka Boyle’s dad and Darlene Linetti aka Gina’s mom is up and Gina and Charles want to make it the perfect wedding.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
Boyle Linetti Wedding

Along with Chelsea Peretti at her best, we also witness Raymond Holt deliver quite a grand speech at the wedding, after which Kevin and Holt discuss marrying again. Aww!

But what makes the episode freaking entertaining is the whole wedding ring fiasco. So when Jake goes off to help Amy solve a case at hand, he ends up losing the wedding ring, which he was trusted to keep in the process.

After he retrieves it, the ring gets stuck on his finger and Terry has to come to the rescue and pull it off his hand. LOL. Nevertheless, the wedding went as planned and along with being funny, it is a heartwarming episode as well.

2. Season 1 Episode 12: The Pontiac Bandit

Ahh, how can we end without the classic nemesis of Jake Peralta aka Pontiac Bandit. In this Season 1 episode, Craig Robinson makes his first guest appearance in the series as Doug Judy, who has been arrested by Rosa for identity theft.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Pontiac Bandit

But the twist is, he has information about the Pontiac Bandit, a car thief Jake has been chasing after for long. This is the beginning of one of the funniest running gags in the show as the Pontiac Bandit makes his returns to annoy the hell out of Peralta.

The tension between Rosa and Pontiac Bandit is totally worth watching, especially the part where she pretends to be his girlfriend. Charles Boyle’s return to the office after being shot in his butt and the struggle with his cast is quite a scene as well.

You’re misisng out if you don’t give a “hoot” about this episode!

1. Season 6 Episode 1: The Honeymoon

Phew, this was tough. But finally we’re down to number 1 and what is better than the iconic honeymoon episode! After getting married in Season 5, Jake and Amy are seen to be enjoying their honeymoon in this episode.

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Honeymoon

But things turn funnier when they meet a depressed Captain Holt, who has been trying to get over losing the title of the Commisioner to John Kelly. It is a riot of laughter to watch Holt interfering the Jake and Amy’s romantic moments with his sad stories and wallowing.

The show stealer moment from the episode is when Amy, unaware that Holt has been trapped in their hotel room, comes out of the washroom dressed as Holly from DieHard ie Jake’s favorite film. The rose petals on the bed make it even more romantic!

Besides, who can forget Peraltiago’s obsession with coconuts and how Jake got excited when he realized he could get any drink inside a coconut!

Apart from the honeymoon fiasco with Holt, Boyle’s iconic words “And where does my nose belong if not between out parents” will never NOT be funny!

Special Mention: Season 1 Episode 16: The Party

It’s damn hard to choose only 15 episodes from this hilarious sitcom, so I had to cheat and add in a special mention. This one is my personal favorite. In this hilarious episode, all of our beloved characters from the 99th precinct are invited to Captain Holt’s birthday party by his husband Kevin. (Also the time we meet Kevin for the first time!)

Top 15 funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Party

In the party, every one of our beloved characters seem to real and naturally funny. Amy, being the people pleaser and teacher’s pet tries to know more about Holt to impress him. I laugh out loud everytime Amy goes, “Hummus, thoughts?” Gina is the flambouyant chic and we see her having the time of her life in the party as she gets all the attention. It is also when she delivers one of her iconic lines – “I am the Paris of people.” All in all, this “grown-up party” has some hilarious moments and is one of the most wittily written episodes in the series.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

The show stars Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti, Andre Braugher as Captain Holt, Dirk Blocker as Michael Hitchcock, and Joel McKinnon Miller as Norm Scully.

Braugher has been nominated four times for the Primetime Emmy Award and has twice won the Critics’ Choice Television Award. The show has also received a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series portrayal of LGBTQ+ people.

The series revolves around Jake Peralta, a talented but immature NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt.

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