Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Is it just me, or should there be a spin-off on Charles Boyle and his family? After this listicle, I’m definitely filing a petition to make a Boyle origin story. He is one character who can wear many hats at the same time (He just might do it literally and have a backstory to it.)

To be honest, I initially didn’t love the character much, but later, he grew on me. I think that’s sort of Charles’ personality. It grows on you once you understand it. He can be annoying to other characters sometimes, and that is hilarious.

Well, it’s time to pick the greatest showman Charles Boyle’s best moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Nope, a drum roll wouldn’t be enough. For Charles, you’ll need an entire orchestra.

15. Boyle Loves Chat Groups

Episode Name – The Fugitive Part 2 | Season 4 Episode 12

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Fugitive

One of Boyle’s annoying little habits is to text incessantly. We know this, and it was one of those moments that annoyed me when I first saw it. However, it was hilarious when I rewatched the episode while bingeing the series for the third time.

His desperation levels are exaggerated by the writers, just like most of his other qualities. But the part I loved the most was Joe Lo Truglio’s performance. He really sold those scenes and how!

14. Boyle Is NOT Physically Gifted

Episode Name – Pilot | Season 1 Episode 1

This introduction to Boyle was legit the funniest. I know there are many witty jokes in the show, but sometimes some old-school slapstick is pretty fun.

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Charles Boyle

All I can hear is, “Oh, my muffin. Oww, my head…” *Stepping on the muffin* “My head, my muffin….”

But you know what, I think that moment should’ve extended a little longer just so that Charles could dissect the inner beauty of the muffin he had under his foot.

13. Boyle Vs. Sergeant Peanut Butter

Episode Name – The Bet | Season 1 Episode 13

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Bet

Well, if you just thought Sergeant Peanut Butter was a man, then you should leave this list. It’s a horse who got the same medal of valor as Charles, but of course, the spotlight was on the horse (sorry) Sergeant during the entire event and even after.

If someone asked ever asked a question about what happens when you take two bullets in your ass trying to save someone’s life, I guess we now know. I know nobody would ever ask that, but I’m sharing information nobody cares about, just like Charles.

12. Boyle Hates Vegans

Episode Name – The Funeral | Season 3 Episode 2

Charles' Funeral Fun | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Charles’ Funeral Fun | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sometimes, it is for the best when you meet someone at a police funeral, have sex, and don’t call each other until the next one. There’s a sentence I think I’d never say. I wonder how does Charles manage to get his game on in situations like this.

Charles, who’s been sleeping with Lieutenant Singh, tries to know her, and it turns out she’s vegan. It’s a dealbreaker setting Boyle has. It looks like he loves food more than sex, and he doesn’t mince words when he wants to express that.

11. When Charles Didn’t Dress Up For Halloween

Episode Name – Halloween Part III | Season 3 Episode 5

Nobody loves Halloween likes Charles. Maybe Jake does so that he can flaunt how he’s an amazing detective/genius. I know I’m bringing Jake into a Charles listicle, but Charles would love that, wouldn’t he?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Charles Tries to Set up Gina (Episode Highlight)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Charles Tries to Set up Gina

But this time, Charles doesn’t wear anything, just so that nobody makes fun of him and thinks he’s stupid. I mean, he’s trying really hard to fit in, except this time the entire squad has dressed up and wants Charles to do so too.

P.S. It’s also one of the best cold opens of the show and perhaps even Charles’ best “stume.”

10. Charles Giving Everyone STDs

Episode Name – Tactical Village | Season 1 Episode 19

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Tactical Village

Imagine giving an entire precinct STDs before your marriage. It’s gross, disturbing, and hilarious. STDs, aka Save The Date invitation cards, are Charles’ new ways of drawing unnecessary attention.

Thank god Charles is not in charge of naming food recipes and dishes. It’d be difficult even to eat them while thinking of their names. But they’d make up for the most entertaining menu ever.

9. Boyle And Jake: Best Enemies On A Stakeout

Episode Name – Stakeout | Season 2 Episode 11

Stake Me Out Tonight | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Stake Me Out Tonight | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Too much closeness can make people drift apart or even become enemies. We see Charles shifting characters all the time. Sometimes he is smart and sophisticated, sometimes a maniacal chef, and sometimes one of the meanest people you’ve ever seen.

It’s refreshing to see this side of Charles as he picks on Jake’s teeniest and tiniest of annoying habits to a point where they both can’t stand each other. I guess some space helps even for the best buds.

8. Boyle Turns Chef Ramsay

Episode Name – The Negotiation | Season 5 Episode 13

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Charles Boyle

If you know Chef Gordon Ramsay, let me tell you Charles can be precisely and that or maybe even worse. With a knife in hand, Charles is the most dangerous person on this planet, and nobody can stand a chance against him.

No, he won’t kill you. You would wish he did because he’ll insult your existence for not being able to cut the bread properly. If you thought Amy had OCD, wait till you see Charles instructing Amy to cut a loaf of bread. It is savage.

7. Boyle Goes Full-On Matrix

Episode Name – Charges And Specs | Season 1 Episode 22

Boyle's Break Up Outfit | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charges And Specs

When Vivian broke up with Charles, it devastated him, and he decided to become the much less cool version of Neo from the matrix and a male version of Rosa. Honestly, though, I wish he had stayed that way or progressed in that direction because the confidence level was insane.

Too bad Rosa wanted to help him, and I guess that brought him back to square one. If you’re wondering what’s so cool about emo Boyle, it’s simple. His devil may care attitude, lack of humor, zest for life, and utter despair that he disguises by acting tough. I know that sounds bad, right? Then why do people like Rosa being that way? I wonder.

6. Boyle And Gina’s Shameful Secret

Episode Name – The Jimmy Jab Games | Season 2 Episode 3

Boyle and Gina had sex when they were too drunk, and then they did it out of habit. Their relationship is pretty hilarious, though Gina could’ve been a little less mean. Just a little, not much. I know I’m sympathizing with Charles, but this is a Charles listicle. It demands that.

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Boyle and Hitchcock

They were nearly caught, though, and the entire narrative around their escape is hilarious. It shows to what lengths one can go to stay FWB (Friends With Benefits). Nothing more, nothing less.

Their relationship goes on for a while across a few episodes, but my favorite one is when Charles leaves the tape in the office recorder and now needs to get it back from Hitchcock.

5. Boyle In The Magic Leather Jacket

Episode Name – Captain Kim | Season 7 Episode 2

Jake Lets the Dog Out! Is Terry Okay? - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake Lets the Dog Out! Is Terry Okay? – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Boyle is the perfect role-player because he always relies on costumes to change his personality. His confidence and suave attitude can slay girls. I mean, the barista is even getting his name right.

You don’t want to miss this version of Boyle because he is the office badass in this episode. Is it a crime to say he’s more badass than Rosa at one point? Well, I think I’ll let you decide.

4. Boyle AKA John Mclane

Episode Name – Yippie Kayak | Season 3 Episode 10

Well, maybe I was wrong. Boyle is pretty badass even without a jacket. Saving a bunch of hostages, along with Jake and Rosa, that too John Mclane style will make you question if he has a dissociative personality disorder.

Brooklyn nine nine - Yippie Kayak other buckets
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Yippie Kayak

When Jake and Gina try to solve a robbery and hostage situation, it’s Charles who comes to their rescue by knocking out bad guys and messing up the Die-Hard catchphrase.

Although, I wish there were an exaggerated version with Die-Hard music in the background as Charles smolders while walking in slow motion. It’d have been perfect.

3. Boyle Bingo

Episode Name – Thanksgiving | Season 1 Episode 10

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everybody knows Charles too well. In fact, they’ve all made their Bingos about what he’d say around Thanksgiving scenarios. This right here could just be a social media trend. Wait, I think the Bingo trend’s already happened but not on Boyle.

Oh, this again is also one of my favorite cold opens on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Maybe, the best cold opens on Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be a listicle in itself, right?

2. Boyle The Squash Beast

Episode Name – The Swedes | Season 3 Episode 9

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Boyle Offers to Play Squashball (Episode Highlight)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle Offers to Play Squashball

If there’s anyone who can get as competitive as Amy, it’s probably Boyle. But only for squash. His all-black outfit, utterly devastating trash talk, spanking on Holt’s ass is a treat for the eyes. Seriously, are we sure Boyle doesn’t have a split personality disorder?

When Kevin can’t make it for the club squash game, Boyle joins Holt, and the duo can be ruthless. Holt sure does know how to bond with anyone and everyone in the precinct. I’m thinking of the best Holt moments listicles already.

1. A True Boyle

Episode Name – 10 Little Boyles | Season 8 Episode 7

Top 15 Charles Boyle Moments In Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Game of Boyles

10 Little Boyles from Season 8 Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the best moments of Charles Boyle. The show is equally emotional and hysterical and takes us to the Boyle family, where Jake, Terry, and Charles solve a crime.

This moment is from the latest season, so I’m not going to spoil it for all you guys out there, who might not have watched it. (Seriously, why haven’t you.) But let’s just say you’ll get to know a big secret about Charles Boyle’s origin. So what are you waiting for? Go on watch it.

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Braugher has been nominated four times for the Primetime Emmy Award and has twice won the Critics’ Choice Television Award. The show has also received a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series portrayal of LGBTQ+ people.

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