Top 10 Strongest Gunners & Shooters in World Trigger, Ranked!

Shooter Class is packed up with variations and is one of the coolest classes in World Trigger. Ashihara himself would like to be a Gunner. Although the Border established the Shooter class first, it is now considered to be a Gunner subtype. So, let’s see some strongest Shooters and Gunners in World Trigger!

10. Kazuma Satomi

Type – Gunner

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Kazuma Satomi | Source: Fandom

Not much is known about Kazuma, but he is the No. 1 Gunner in the Border. He is a part of the Kusakabe unit which is peculiar since the leader is an Operator. During the B rank wars, Kazuma was busy recruiting members and hence didn’t have any peculiar appearance other than in chapter 180 of the manga.

9. Shuji Miwa

Type – All-rounder

Miwa is an A-ranker emo boy, but in a Gakuran, he was one of the Border agents who played a minor antagonistic role in the series. People have mixed opinions about Miwa because of his character motives and deep hatred for the Neighbours.

He’s one of the candidates for Fujin, and Miwa has used it in the Aftokrator invasion arc by creating six ribbons. Since he can fight efficiently in close range, Lead bullets provide an advantage while in battle; he uses them to slow the enemy down as moving around with them is a difficult task as each lead bullet is 100kg.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Shuji Miwa | Source: Fandom

His battle tactics are superior; he could harm Hairein and Mira, who are Aftokrator invaders and black trigger users. Despite his villain-like tendencies, he is a good leader and somewhere inside, he is a nice guy. After knowing about Jin’s family, he falls into a moral dilemma about Neighbours; hopefully, he will come around and support Yuma.

8. Rei Nasu

Type – Shooter

Rei is our calm, collected and dependable Onee-san who fits perfectly for the role of a leader. Her real body is weak and sickly, but her determination and fighting are top-tier. Her teammates love and respect her, Rei is the type who attracts people due to her personality, and this is also why she has many secret admirers.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Rei Nasu | Source: Fandom

Most of the shooters act as a support for the team; however, it is different when it comes to Rei; she is her unit’s ace. Besides Izumi, Rei is the only individual who can customize Viper’s trajectory, which has intricate patterns and is difficult to trace.

Rei is the real deal in battles; she uses her surroundings as a cover while predicting her opponent’s next moves. Rei can create a composite bullet, Tomahawk, which shoots its target with any visual contact. It is speculated that she is one of the best shooters in Border.

7. Mitsuru Tokieda

Type – All-Rounder

Mitsuru always carries his unimpressed deadpan face. If his hair color were black, he would look exactly like a Japanese doll. Even if you throw an alive octopus on his face, he’ll probably casually put it aside and walk away.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Mitsuru Tokeida | Source: Fandom

Mitsuru is very levelheaded, and this quality helps him come up with ideas that can save him whenever he is in a pinch. His fighting style is flexible, and he usually has complete control over the battlefield.

Due to his personality, he can act quickly; he saved Kitora from Izumi’s attack with his shield and protected Jun and Kitora from bailing out many times while fighting. Mitsuru is one of the best supporters in the Border.

6. Nozomi Kako

Type – Shooter

Kako is the leader of the A-rank Kako team, and she is also a candidate for Fujin. Her love for the letter ‘K’ knows no bounds; it explains why all her team members’ surnames start with K, and she also wanted to recruit Yuma Kuga, possibly due to his talent and love for the letter.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Nozomi Kako | Source: Fandom

She is easy-going most of the time, but she becomes serious when it comes to her job since she respects her work. Although she is a Shooter, she is skilled with the Scorpion Trigger as well.

Most of the time, her prediction ability is accurate; she can sense her opponent’s next moves. Kako’s Hound is customized to take the form of orbs that can hit the target by going around the Shield.

5. Kyosuke Karasuma

Type – All-Rounder

Kyosuke teasing is a little devil when he deals with Konami, he enjoys fooling and teasing her, and she gets fooled every time. While Kyosuke alone is overpowering, he is also a member of Border’s strongest unit.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Kyōsuke Karasuma | Source: Fandom

He used Viper and Asteroids in battle while putting on Escudo in a fight with Neighbours. Currently, Kyosuke is Osamu’s mentor, Ai Kitora was another trainee under him, and this became another reason for Kitora’s rivalry with Osamu to increase.

Rabbit can be defeated with a team of atleast 4-5 A-rankers, but Kyosuke destroyed it single-handedly. As a Tamakoma 1 member, he has a personalized Trigger called Giest, which has special functions like enhancing Kyosuke’s combat ability for less than 5 mins before bailing out.

4. Jun Arashiyama

Type – All-Rounder

If World Trigger were your typical isekai anime, Jun would have been the hero class. He is the face of Border for a reason; there have been instances where people have underestimated the Arashiyama unit because of this reason, but time and time again, Jun has proven it otherwise.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Jun Arashiyama | Source: Fandom

Jun is one of the candidates for Fujin and the leader of an A-rank team. When Jun uses Asteroid and teams up with Mitsuru, they become unbeatable.  Kyosuke recommended Osamu to learn from Jun since he has better techniques when it comes to shooting. His analytical skills are remarkable, and it becomes evident while he worked as a commentator in the B rank wars.

3. Reiji Kizaki

Type – All-Rounder

Reiji is too overpowered; I mean, he’s called the Perfect All-Rounder, and for obvious reasons, he is the No.1 All-Rounder. He is the ideal older brother everyone craves throughout their lives. Give him any trigger; he will use it to its utmost value. It is estimated that each of his triggers has above 6000 Usage Points, and he is probably an agent with the most Usage Points.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Reiji Kizaki | Source: Fandom

While he is the Border’s Strongest unit, Tamakoma First’s leader, he alone holds the power of an entire unit in battle. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, Reiji and his whole team are A rankers.  He also has a specialized Trigger Holder, which can store 14 triggers at once, and he is known for combing them and attacking in unforeseeable ways. Yeah, he is a walking reverse uno card!

As for Reiji’s shooting skills are considered, he uses Minigun to overpower his opponents. His defensive power and tactical skill are great enough to predict the enemy’s moves while using Hound to his advantage by shooting it in upward directions. From whatever is shown up until now, we know for a fact Neighbours are crazy strong, and despite that, Reiji stalled two of them and extracting a useful piece of information.              

2. Izumi Kouhei

Type – Shooter

The debate of who is stronger, Izumi or Ninomiya, will never be over. Still, we have decided to rank Izumi 2nd due to fewer trion levels and Usage points than Ninomiya. Even though Ninomiya is technically the No.1, he pleaded with Izumi to train him; this is enough proof that his techniques are exceptional.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Kohei Izumi | Source: Fandom

In World Trigger, strong and weird always go hand in hand, and Izumi is a little crazy to lure Jun out; he almost destroyed the entire area with his Meteor. During battles, his intelligent strategies and flexibility to adapt in any given situation make him a formidable enemy; even Hairein, the Aftokrator team’s captain, wished to make Izumi his subordinate.

Generally, Shooters cannot score individual points, but Izumi is an exception. His intelligence level does not stop at tactical skills; Izumi can fire all types of bullets and produce composite ones. The man can fuse two Asteroids into a Gimlet in mere 2 seconds!

1. Ninomiya Masataka

Type – Shooter

Ninomiya is the strongest Shooter of them all! He is Border’s No. 1 shooter and overall No. 2 fighter.  Being the leader of a former A-rank team, he has quality leadership skills and talent; however, since he is a lone wolf, he tends to fight his opponents alone while relying on his team members for defense.

World Trigger: Top 10 Gunner/ Shooter
Ninomiya Masataka | Source: Fandom

Although he is impudent, Ninomiya is charismatic due to his bad-boy image even his Trion Body appears as a suit giving out a Host persona. If not for Chika, Ninomiya would still be the Golden Bird of the Border, his trion level is 14, and he uses it to its maximum power. Overall in his Border Briefing File, his parameters total up to 62 points, including his attack power which is 12.

Ninomiya has a high survival rate throughout his time in Border; he has only bailed out twice, plus he is capable enough to overpower his opponents alone. He outwits his enemies most of the time and completely traps them by dividing his trion cubes into larger and smaller bullets; the chap doesn’t even lift his fingers to create trion cubes.  Flash who? It is Ninomiya who is the fastest when it comes to bullet manipulation, and creating composite bullets like Salamander and Hornet is one of his specialties.

Honorary Mention – Hiro Kitazoe, type: Gunner with 9728 usage points.

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World Trigger, also known in short form as WorTri, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and later transferred to Jump Square in December 2018.

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