TenSura: 12 Strongest Characters Ranked, Based on the Light Novel!

In the crowded realm of isekai narratives, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime stands out for its quality and creativity. Initially, the premise of a slime protagonist might seem odd, but the series quickly surpasses such preconceptions with its engaging plot and robust cast. 

It’s a fantasy adventure teeming with powerful entities like demons, vampires, and magical creatures. To help fans navigate this strength-based hierarchy, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 strongest characters in TenSura.

12. Carrera

Carrera | Source: Reddit

Carrera, also known as Primordial Yellow, is a dynamic member of the Primordial Jura Tempest Federation recruited by Diablo. Her delinquent demeanor is reflected in her carefree and battle-loving nature, where she delights in using her Nuclear Magic. 

Though she can be self-centered and quick to anger, Carrera shows respect for strong adversaries, as seen in her clash with Tatsuya Kondou. Overall, she excels at making fast strategic decisions and utilizing her raw strength and Nuclear Magic, making her one of the most powerful characters.

Ultimate SkillExtinction/Death King Abaddon and Divine Edge

11. Rudra

Rudra | Source: Fandom

Rudra Nam Ul Nasca, the Eastern Kingdom’s founder and emperor, started as a noble hero with faith in humanity. Over a millennium of competitive games with his friend Guy, who was skeptical of humanity, Rudra’s focus shifted to winning at any cost. Regalia Dominion’s power allowed him to control others, even manipulating the weakened Veldora.

Ultimate Skill  Heaven’s Gate, Armageddon (Army of Angels)  

10. Diablo

Diablo | Source: Fandom

Diablo, formerly Kuro, is a primordial demon of immense power and an intimidating presence. Comparable to Sebastian from “Black Butler” in his gentlemanly demeanor, Diablo is fiercely loyal to his master.

In combat, he stands unrivaled, surpassing Rimuru’s other companions in might. His resistance to magic and swift, lethal attacks make him an adversary few can withstand.

Ultimate SkillAzazel, Lord of Temptation

9. Velgrynd

Velgrynd | Source: Fandom

Velgrynd, the Scorch Dragon and one of the five True Dragons is Rudra’s devoted partner. Her powers include continent-scale destruction and infinite stamina. Linked to Rimuru through Soul Corridor, she transcends life and death. 

With superior combat skills and strategic abilities, she can target actual forms beyond clones, giving her an advantage over Veldora, despite their close power levels.

Ultimate Skill  Flame God Sovereign Cthugha, Charity King Raguel    

8. Veldora

Veldora | Source: Fandom

Veldora, the formidable storm dragon, was imprisoned in a cave by a legendary hero centuries before. In the series’ beginning, Rimuru encounters and liberates Veldora, who resides within Rimuru’s form courtesy of the Predator skill. 

Eventually, Rimuru creates a human clone for Veldora to inhabit. Transformed into a mighty human warrior, Veldora’s power is nearly unmatched, with only a handful in the world capable of withstanding his fury.

Ultimate Skill  Investigation King Faust  

7. Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson
Guy Crimson | Source: Fandom

Despite a calm demeanor, Guy Crimson is recognized as one of the mightiest beings in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. His power is so formidable that Luminous Valentine suggested it could annihilate humanity if unleashed in full. 

Rimuru himself concedes that Guy’s abilities are unparalleled. Lucifer’s supreme skill, an evolution of Pride, was attained following his battle with the Frost Dragon Velzard.

Ultimate Skills  Abyss God Nodens, Napalm Burst    

6. Velzard

Velzard | Source: X

Velzard, the White Ice Dragon, ranks as the second mightiest True Dragon, following Veldanava, and allies with Guy Crimson.

Once bested by Veldora, her newfound strength from Rimuru’s influence now surpasses even Guy’s formidable combat abilities, giving her an edge in their battles.

Ultimate Skills  Patience Lord Gabriel, Envious Lord Leviathan  

5. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest | Source: X

Rimuru Tempest, the slime protagonist, started with a few key skills and grew exponentially stronger by absorbing others with his Predator ability. This granted him vast magical powers and forms, sometimes wielding a katana in battle. 

As a titan in his world, Rimuru stands unchallenged, surpassing even demon lord Clayman. Yet, he remains a kind and selfless leader, focused on creating a harmonious and inclusive society rather than causing harm.

Ultimate Skills  Azathoth, God of the VoidShub-Niggurath, Lord of HarvestRaphael, Lord of WisdomBeelzebuth, Lord of Gluttony  

4. Milim Nava

Milim Nava
Milim Nava | Source: Fandom

Milim Nava is recognized as an overwhelmingly powerful dragonoid, unmatched in strength, speed, and resilience. Even without engaging in combat in the Scarlet Bond movie, she’s known to be invincible, even to Rimuru. 

Her transformation into a winged beast form and her devastating Drago Nova spell makes her a formidable force Rimuru would rather not confront.

Ultimate SkillsWrathful King Satan, Dragon Nova  

3. Feldway

Feldway | Source: Fandom

Feldway, Veldanava’s inaugural angel, turns vengeful against humans and demi-humans after mistaking Veldanava’s death for abandonment. Despite his strength, he pales compared to Ivaraj and requires significant assistance to challenge him. 

In a pivotal moment, Feldway casts Rimuru into space-time, suggesting a strategic choice rather than fear and hinting at a grander scheme.

Ultimate Skill  Justice King Michael  

2. Chloe Aubert

Chloe Aubert
Chloe Aubert | Source: Fandom

Chloe Aubert, summoned from another world by the Western Nations, is a true hero with the gift of eternal youth and endless regeneration. Her thought processing is exceptionally rapid, and she possesses the power to eternally seal her foes, a fate she once bestowed upon Veldora. 

Her ability to control space and time allows her to subdue even the mightiest True Dragons. As a Demi-God, Chloe’s ability to override the world’s laws secures her a prominent status.

Ultimate Skills  Absolute Severance, Unlimited Imprisonment  

1. Veldnava

Veldanava | Source: Fandom

Veldanava, father to Milim, imparted most of his power to her pre-birth, weakening himself. He then made a dragon for Milim and shed his faltering form. 

Reincarnated as a human, he possesses remarkable skills such as TenSura, Omnipotence, and Omniscience, underscoring his powerful presence and unique story role.

Ultimate Skills  “Justice King” Michael, “Covenant King” Uriel  

About That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime is a Japanese manga series written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah. It was serialized online in 2013 but was later shifted to Micro Magazine as a light novel in 2014. It currently has 21 volumes.

The story of Tensei Shitara Slime follows the journey of Satoru Mikami after he died and reincarnated as a slime in fantasy land. A slime is a creature that reproduces the form and powers of anything that it absorbs or eats.

Satoru starts eating all the magical herbs and crystals in the cave he woke up in and stumbles upon a dragon who had been captured and couldn’t move due to a barrier. Since both of them had nothing else to do, they befriend each other. The dragon accidentally makes Satoru a named monster, and Satoru promises him that he’d find a way to break the barrier. Hence, an unknown journey begins with this unusual friendship.


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Most of this info is incorrent because of:

a) These stuff are info from the Web Novel, which isn’t part of the canon. The LN is the main canon and the manga and anime are adapting it. The Light Novel diverged a lot from the WN, to the point that Velda doesn’t exist and Yuuki is not the main villain. It’s not a gag that Yuuki is never placed on top 10 of strongest characters because in the canon version(LN and it’s adaptations) of the story he isn’t worthy of being there.

b) There’s a lot of headcanon info. Dagruel never awakened as a true demon lord. His “true form” is powerful because it’s a fusion of him + his two brothers, but that also doesn’t matter because the LN didn’t get to the last arc yet, where Dagruel will probably fight.

c)That image under the title “Veldanava” is not Veldanava. That’s Veldora’s design from the manga. Veldora is supposed to have 2 pairs of wings and have 6 or 7 fingers on each hands. The anime design is horrible and ignored the LN text so only in the anime Veldora has 2 wings. In all the other medias Veldora has 4 wings.

Please, take care when using the fandom wiki as a source because most of it’s pages are WN content, which where removed or changed in the LN. A more reliable source would be visiting the /r/Tensura discord server and asking the people there.

Hey! In the introduction, it is mentioned that the characters will be ranked based on the Web Novel of TenSura. So I don’t see how the list or the content is incorrect. While the Light Novel and manga / anime may be valid sources of information, one should also consider the web novel. All the sources are canon, just think of them as based in alternate universes.

LN continuity=/=WN, not only their not the same story one of them isn’t even canon and was disvow by the author.

This article contain information from both LN and WN, have head canon and is just plain wrong on every lvl possible.

This was done by someone who never touched any of the tensura material in their life.

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